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Bon Appétit Test Kitchen Manager Brad Leone is back for Episode 30 of "It's Alive." This time he makes giardiniera, a delicious and versatile condiment that's easy to make and is the perfect addition to sandwiches, salads, and more!

Join Bon Appétit test kitchen manager, Brad Leone, on a wild, roundabout and marginally scientific adventure exploring fermented foods and more. From cultured butter and kombucha, to kimchi and miso, to beer and tepache, learn how to make fermented and live foods yourself.
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Brad Makes Giardiniera (Italian Pickle Relish) | It's Alive | Bon Appétit

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تعليقات 2 345
Brad Leone
Brad Leone 11 أشهر قبل
Now that I've shown you wha'whomanadu tell me wha'yuwanmeado!
Marcy Latimore
Marcy Latimore 8 أيام قبل
i think i had a stroke reading this
DRay xx
DRay xx 12 أيام قبل
Do me brad :((
Alex Mindes
Alex Mindes 19 أيام قبل
Brad Leone not sure if you've done this yet, but how about some picked ginger? Like the kind they use with sushi.
Dennis Tzo
Dennis Tzo 29 أيام قبل
Grace Downes
Grace Downes أشهر قبل
framer523 I think he says in another video that it was discontinued :(
Mohammad Rio
Mohammad Rio 15 ساعات قبل
Seeing Brad there, makes me really want to work there... 😅😅😅
Matthew Boston
Matthew Boston أيام قبل
I want a knife like that!
painhellemental 9000
painhellemental 9000 3 أيام قبل
*B R A D S A I D W A T E R!!!!!!*
radical adequacy
radical adequacy 4 أيام قبل
he would look very good in a dress
Abigail Williams
Abigail Williams 7 أيام قبل
I'm making mine in a crock. Since I can't see the veggies, is there a way to tell it's gone far enough or should I taste it after a few days and go by flavor/texture? I make sauerkraut all the time but I haven't tried lactofermentation of other vegetables. Thanks!
Lorenzo Losi
Lorenzo Losi 10 أيام قبل
that's not a giardiniera that's an abomination
Marc Lenray Magdaraog
Marc Lenray Magdaraog 10 أيام قبل
Ugh I just saw Moriarity .. from Sherlock... 3:48
Calvin Gurnick
Calvin Gurnick 11 أيام قبل
can I add fruit at the beginning like mango or peach or does fruit have too much sugar for it
Tony Stark
Tony Stark 11 أيام قبل
Anyone had any luck without using an airlock for this?
Itsbikezombie 12 أيام قبل
Brad is a certified cure for depression.
Montell Watson
Montell Watson 12 أيام قبل
Sounded like jingle bells
PhotomastaCM 13 أيام قبل
I think he's pronouncing it "would'er" - maybe a subconscious tie over from a previous relationship... We've all wondered " Would 'er parents like me?"
madmawsupreme 17 أيام قبل
we need to see vinny doing some cooking , need a petition for that
madmawsupreme 17 أيام قبل
great duo, brad is authentic and funny and we can feel vinny's humor and freindship through his edits, love the food and good vibes guys
HighPotency 18 أيام قبل
*cut green beans into pieces* *this is giardiniera*
skip davis
skip davis 20 أيام قبل
zero science, zero classical lacto fermentation. ur supposed to just add salt to the veggies, a little krauthammer action, plenty of time... not so much here.
lydia kamwine
lydia kamwine 21 أيام قبل
Can I use apple cider vinegar instead of white vinegar
Jeff Kidd
Jeff Kidd 24 أيام قبل
When I first saw this I thought Brad was making giardia. His actual recipe is much tastier (and less dangerous)!
Blunt A Day
Blunt A Day 25 أيام قبل
That’s an Italian at Panera bread lmao
Saskia R.
Saskia R. 26 أيام قبل
Noodling would be fun to watch!
ThoseWhoBelieveInCircles OweItToTheMoon
I love Giardiniera !
Kristoffer G
Kristoffer G 28 أيام قبل
"still got big crunch"
Robin G
Robin G 29 أيام قبل
Man the captions were on point this episode, love it
Bryan Clark
Bryan Clark أشهر قبل
Is this recipe written down somewhere? I can't find it and Brad isn't very specific about the amounts of ingredients he uses.
becca moses
becca moses 29 أيام قبل
bc there aren’t specifics, really? 3.5 percent salt for the brine by weight, the spices are all given in amounts, however much of the veggies you like
Jaime Perez
Jaime Perez أشهر قبل
@5:56 was that vinny?
Never Mind
Never Mind أشهر قبل
cant wait for the pickled onions
MondoMonkeyMan أشهر قبل
still waiting on that noodling video
Kyle Reynaert
Kyle Reynaert أشهر قبل
8:33 that moment when you know Brad has never fisted anyone
The Fare Player
The Fare Player أشهر قبل
Next, put your giardinera on an Italian Beef!!!
George R. O'Connor
George R. O'Connor أشهر قبل
The Fare Player the perfect pairing!
Sierra Palomaki
Sierra Palomaki أشهر قبل
I'm allergic to garlic :c
Lenny Leopere
Lenny Leopere أشهر قبل
Am I the only one who gets annoyed with the annotations highlighting this mans verbal quirks he seems like a really nice dude why point out these things I don't think its bad that he has them but it kind of annoys me that they do it.
Lenny Leopere
Lenny Leopere أشهر قبل
Abbey Roberts idk the text flashes on the screen when he fumbles when he speaks. I mean it's quirky and awesome but why point it out.
Abbey Roberts
Abbey Roberts أشهر قبل
What do you mean
Jaimee-Louise Warner
Jaimee-Louise Warner أشهر قبل
They gutted the bread..
Actual Garbage
Actual Garbage أشهر قبل
*suspenseful orchestra hit*
Lezrleia أشهر قبل
Jar a' 'narra
Okie Jewels
Okie Jewels أشهر قبل
Vinny !!!! 👋🏼👋🏼👋🏼👋🏼 He does exist!
PTSDthiccestboi أشهر قبل
I like how long it took for the editor to make the chalk board bigger
Jack Rousar
Jack Rousar أشهر قبل
I want to know what Vinnie looks like lol
James Yoo
James Yoo أشهر قبل
That jar of leftover liquid would be incredible in a vinagrette dressing.
Spooky Stone
Spooky Stone أشهر قبل
ChocolatTherapy أشهر قبل
i legit wondered how the salt and water shaking could make such a loud sound, but i finally figured it must be the editing lol. hi, yes, i'm new here, pls don't mind me
Actual Garbage
Actual Garbage أشهر قبل
Welcome to the family 😃
John Law
John Law أشهر قبل
Late to the party but I see a Team Dream Team chubby bobcat sweater on Knowlton there!
Ceará Yuè
Ceará Yuè أشهر قبل
Aww, it sounds like Brad has trypophobia-- a fear of holes (yes, it's real and most people actually have it but are unaware).
Teresa Villagomez
Teresa Villagomez أشهر قبل
Ceará Yuè I dont think so he did a bee honey episode and the holes didn’t trip him
theMcWOPPER أشهر قبل
What was wrong with the water bowl?
TOM D أشهر قبل
Got this cool Chantix ad with a turkey innit
david mcintire
david mcintire أشهر قبل
Your pouring it to fast barley tilt slightly enough to let the and water pour out and just watch.
1344662 أشهر قبل
Why is that cauliflower so yellow?
herrerabrew أشهر قبل
WTH is allison lol?
Ceará Yuè
Ceará Yuè أشهر قبل
It's the chemical allicin found in garlic.
Jessica W
Jessica W أشهر قبل
Question: I’m not from the states, is all cauliflower there yellow cause mines white?
Amy أشهر قبل
Man, watching these videos again, they were so silly hehehe. Vinny did so much editing and effects! Oh.. et tu, Vinny!!!
super wolfpack
super wolfpack أشهر قبل
I love Brad he's so charismatic and unintentionally funny!
Kat Danger
Kat Danger أشهر قبل
Chicago giardiniera is not amused.
mojoandfriends أشهر قبل
Lost it at 'and some... WOTTER'.
MariJayne Deal
MariJayne Deal أشهر قبل
we just saw vinny for the first time (im so late to watching this lmao)
ayumew11 أشهر قبل
What’s the knife Brad’s using please?
Austyn Fletcher
Austyn Fletcher أشهر قبل
I don’t kno who edits these videos but they need to edit every video on AR-vids it would be so funny the world would be a better place
Tom Haflinger
Tom Haflinger أشهر قبل
What I like about giardiniera is that its name is so similar to that of the parasite you'll get if you do this incorrectly.
Firmicute s
Firmicute s أشهر قبل
"8:44 well baybe, always be safe, wear gloves if you stick you hand in dark hole, you dont want anything to bite ya ;) also don't start with a fist, the whole pot will break.
Colloquial Captain
Colloquial Captain أشهر قبل
It's a good thing we have this editing, because if we didn't I'd well.. die. Ok that may be a bit extreme but it's still a fantastic video!
Devin Peterson
Devin Peterson أشهر قبل
Dirty leeks into the ferment!
Pace Marshall
Pace Marshall أشهر قبل
How long must I wait for a noodling episode?
ChunandRice أشهر قبل
Hold the phone was that Vinny at 6:00
Luísa Comim
Luísa Comim أشهر قبل
Sweet notes from the vegetables
Chelsea Divel
Chelsea Divel أشهر قبل
Why was the cauliflower so yellow
Noah Schalles
Noah Schalles أشهر قبل
Brad you have inspired me to test my cooking skills and try something outside the box. I have now made about 7 recipes from your videos and its slowly changing my life. Thank you! This recipe will be number 8, and I am thrilled! Keep doing you
Allie Knobloch
Allie Knobloch أشهر قبل
I laughed and instantly hit Like when you said, “ if you don’t like garlic; stop watching the show.” Hahahahaahha
Gabe Quecedo
Gabe Quecedo أشهر قبل
Does brad know how to chop anything? I’ve seen him do this in so many episodes and it’s hilarious.
Kriste Isopahkala
Kriste Isopahkala أشهر قبل
10:44 From his reaction I thought there were maggots or something in his bread. I really enjoyed how gutted he was for the gutted bread, pun intended.
Shogun أشهر قبل
Kim Reuwer
Kim Reuwer أشهر قبل
brad is bae!
Adrian D
Adrian D أشهر قبل
Why would the vinegar in the brine make it a not so great starter?
Jennifer McD26
Jennifer McD26 أشهر قبل
Anybody else have a low key crush on brad
JoshR008 13 أيام قبل
Aira Mae Revilla
Aira Mae Revilla أشهر قبل
Response Loading, Please Hold.
Aira Mae Revilla no. Vinnys instagram is @vincentcross he has picture of himself there.
Trentelenten أشهر قبل
Every scientific thing Brad says makes me not believe it because he says it so poorly
Bigolbitch أشهر قبل
I didn’t read the title and this entire time I thought brad was saying he was making a “jar o’ nair”
Victoria N
Victoria N 2 أشهر قبل
Where those weights... lip shaped?
Byron Clark
Byron Clark 2 أشهر قبل
If you're not a huge fan of garlic... stop watching the show😂
Adam Elsert
Adam Elsert 2 أشهر قبل
I just love that knife, anyone know what brand it is!?
Michael Horodowicz
Michael Horodowicz 2 أشهر قبل
I like how you call them coins.
Michael Nichols
Michael Nichols 2 أشهر قبل
I think given the steps and ingredients, I'll buy mine at the grocer..
Alexandria Sullivan
Alexandria Sullivan 2 أشهر قبل
The editing in this video is so pure I’m living for it.
TheOfficialCzex 2 أشهر قبل
3:10 "Cut green beans into pieces." THIS IS MY GIARDINIERA!
Jack Schuler
Jack Schuler 2 أشهر قبل
Did we finally see vinny
Ash McDonald
Ash McDonald 2 أشهر قبل
LOL, I forget yall think that much snow is that bad
Oompa Loompa
Oompa Loompa 2 أشهر قبل
I like how nobody comments that we finally see Vinny for like 2 seconds.
Oompa Loompa
Oompa Loompa 28 أيام قبل
+Rithika Bhaskar thanks
Rithika Bhaskar
Rithika Bhaskar 28 أيام قبل
+Oompa Loompa @vincentcross
Oompa Loompa
Oompa Loompa أشهر قبل
+Stefanie Wolf is it like VinnyBA or something?
Stefanie Wolf
Stefanie Wolf أشهر قبل
Vinny has an instagram account where you can see him.
Johnny Martin
Johnny Martin 2 أشهر قبل
Why can’t i just pop a few holes in the lid?
Emily Prime
Emily Prime 2 أشهر قبل
what’s stopping it from continuing to ferment and erupting in the jar??
Rosa Mello Jones
Rosa Mello Jones 2 أشهر قبل
Vinny has been spotted
Abusedpigeons 22
Abusedpigeons 22 2 أشهر قبل
Video idea Brag makes ghonorrhea
Ali3n 2 أشهر قبل
5:59 vinny?
Alex Andra
Alex Andra 2 أشهر قبل
Vanessa Van Downen
Vanessa Van Downen 2 أشهر قبل
"I'd wear a dress... ALRIGHT VINNIE"
TheQuietTiefingBard 2 أشهر قبل
6 minutes in was thay the man behind the camera the god himself vincenzo?
Lawrence Scales
Lawrence Scales 2 أشهر قبل
Watching this on Wednesday the sixth a year later is spooky
w 2 أشهر قبل
What size fermentation jar do you use Brad?
James Dooling
James Dooling 2 أشهر قبل
I buy the clean, crisp-looking brand in the jar... They make pepperoncinis as well. Well-chilled, it's as good as I can make.
Alessandra Jago
Alessandra Jago 2 أشهر قبل
Maggie Buchanan
Maggie Buchanan 2 أشهر قبل
i lost at “lactic funk”
Mariko van Veen
Mariko van Veen 2 أشهر قبل
you should really try pickles based on ume vinniger
Rosa L
Rosa L 2 أشهر قبل
brad pls im allergic to garlic do I have to stop watching
Ileen Carston
Ileen Carston 2 أشهر قبل
Oh my gosh Vinney is cute!
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