Everything Wrong With the Batman in 26 Minutes or Less

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The Batman! A 10 hour superhero movie where it rains all the time and it's awesome. Oh, and it has sins too. Duh.

Thursday: Animated adventure sins.

Remember, no movie is without sin. Which movie's sins should we count next?

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Obinna Onyeije
Obinna Onyeije 14 أيام قبل
Y'know, I actually liked the fact that the movie was 8 hours long. I mean, I get that some people might get bored or lose focus or want to go to the bathroom sometime in that 9 hour period, but I thought it was good for the pacing of the story, and I had a good 10 hours to spare that weekend, so why not? If anything, I think more studios should be willing to commit to 11-hour runtimes.
TimeBucks أيام قبل
I love how throughout the video, the movie got progressively longer
Ben Gilhooly
Ben Gilhooly أيام قبل
Colin Farrell was honestly one of the best parts of this movie. I heard that he was playing the Penguin but when I saw him on screen I didn’t even think that was him because it looked nothing like him. Probably one of the best portrayals of a DC villain in live action
Lord Drakkon
Lord Drakkon أيام قبل
In my opinion I think this movie was created just because of the fact that people forget that Bruce/Batman is also a detective. The previous movies often forget about that fact, and just focus on him being a crime fighter. This movie mainly focuses on him solving various crimes around the city rather than going out there and fighting crime
ClockFink أيام قبل
Fun fact: Bruce aggressively buys Gotham real estate so that he can instal cameras, gear caches, technically not be trespassing when he lurks, and YUP, install skylights to sneak and/or dramatically burst through.
Jeff LePage
Jeff LePage أيام قبل
I'm kind of disappointed you didn't sin the fact that the police force had him unconscious on a table in the police station and nobody thought to unmask him or even take all of his gadgets away. He's still a criminal.
Oversoul Gaming
Oversoul Gaming 14 أيام قبل
I just like that the Riddler was basically Jigsaw in this movie because that's pretty in line with how he is in the Arkham Games. Not only does he place a bunch of riddles around the city that you have to figure out but he kidnaps people and puts them in traps that you have to save them from. Which... also involves solving riddles/puzzles.
Coolidge Dollar
Coolidge Dollar أيام قبل
As someone who remembers seeing Paul Dano play young asocial weirdos in a handful of films 10-15 years ago, and thought he had faded away, having him as the Riddler in a Batman film was perfect for me. It's like all my teenage years led up to this.
Suraj Krishnaa
Suraj Krishnaa 14 ساعات قبل
The part where the thug yells "who the hell are you supposed to be?" is actually in context with the Halloween night. The thug might've thought it's someone dressed up as the batman, and with him attacking, everyone immediately realize that's it's the real deal!
Luke Moses
Luke Moses أيام قبل
I agree. Michael Giacchino's score rules like his work on The Incredibles, Mission Impossible, Up, and other movies. His score really shines through in a movie that is nearly a black screen.
Ben Murray
Ben Murray أيام قبل
I liked how this film had that dark gritty feel, similar to the video games. Reminds us that Batman is not a superhero, he’s a dark vigilante who does things to inspire fear.
Julian Mack
Julian Mack 19 ساعات قبل
In the 3 months it took for me to watch this movie, I was thoroughly impressed with the cinematography of it all… Definitely A+
In The Basement
In The Basement أيام قبل
I love that the movie got longer every time he mentioned the runtime
Cameron Fraser
Cameron Fraser أيام قبل
For Sin 93, I have to argue that the Riddler didn't go after Bruce directly for the same reason that he didn't go after Falcone himself despite pretty much knowing who he was (With the theatrics surrounding Colson being part of his MO of not just giving people the answers). Both of them are pointed out as social recluses with one staying in the private section of a heavily protected criminal den and the other living in what has to be a similarly very secure home. Add to it, Riddler has no chance to scope them out and find out their daily schedules and habits, so for Falcone he relies on Batman and the Police to bring him into the perfect place for him to be taken out...it seems like Bruce was just a bonus target for him. He talks about Bruce's father, he resents Bruce for being an orphan with billions of dollars and a home of his own and he lumps Bruce in with everything he hates about Gotham; but in the end I think that Bruce was less of a necessary target and more of a personal one for him. That was why he relied on something so impersonal and imperfect, because he didn't really mind if it failed as long as the message accompanying it got to Batman.
Dixie Normous
Dixie Normous أيام قبل
Sin 5: Actually, yes; that's exactly how they do it. It's a long pole with a hook (or whatever tool is needed based on the skylight) on the end. Some of them even have a pully mechanism like window blinds, where one direction opens it and the other closes. It's like being flabbergasted by the idea of how anyone reaches any sort of high place; we have many tools and mechanisms for such tasks.
Philip Alexander Hassialis
This movie did a few things right for the character. I liked that he was seen openly working with the police, that he was a first responder and acted as a hero helping people get out of the rabble at the end, his brutality when he has to be brutal - and Riddler wasn't half bad either. But, seriously, there was so much fat, a more concise script could have all the same beats and story points in 1 hour less. Plus the final idea of the Riddler pulling a Dark Knight Joker thing and attempting to "see the world burn", well, that was utter bs. Props to Kravitz, she did pull a good Catwoman and Pattison did a good job given the material.
theGameReaper أيام قبل
Fun Fact: they do in fact have a certain tool to open that skylight, if you consider it NOT being a ladder due to the position.
Batman_Fan_F أيام قبل
I really liked this movie. I really hope they make a sequel. I want the main villain of the sequel to be Hush (Thomas Elliot), because I think that this type of a Batman could do Hush some justice. It would also be nice to see a villain in a Batman movie that we haven't seen in the movies before. I am getting tired of them recycling villains. Batman has such a huge rogues gallery, why not use someone different instead of recycling the same five villains everytime you make a new trilogy?
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
Sins aside, Pattinson did a damn good job as Bruce in this movie
Andrew Neilson
Andrew Neilson أيام قبل
I’m fairly happy with this sin count for such a great movie! But sinning the worlds greatest detective for being a nerd was just rude
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