Huawei: Who Is Huawei? East Meets West

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Huawei won the hearts of customers in the west with innovative and quality products & services rather than low price. That wasn’t all. Huawei focused on the so-called less desirable areas around the world; took risks for and with customers; invested in local talent so employees could give back to their own communities, and more. Most of all, the Huawei team was never satisfied at doing good work, but strive to improve in every way possible.
Watch this Who Is Huawei video to learn more about Huawei’s development in the 2000s.

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2019/12/ 6



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Leon Li
Leon Li أشهر قبل
Huawei is not an auxilury of China. It is far more ambitious than that. It is subverting the very definition of a company or an organization. Luckly for you and me, this formidable entity is a friend of humanity. By going against our biases and stereotypes, it is trying to earn the right and entitlement as man's default slave and servant.
Sunita UD Singh
Sunita UD Singh أشهر قبل
It's a Trojan horse.
Amit Kumar
Amit Kumar أشهر قبل
Don't tell us who meets who. Rather tell us whether Xi Zinping owns Huawei or not!😂😂
Huawei أشهر قبل
Huawei is a private company owned solely by our employees. For more information, we've created an explainer to provide more details on our company's ownership structure: tinyurl.com/yxaunj52 (best viewed on mobile)
ArK AWM أشهر قبل
China lovers like me😁
L Gamer
L Gamer أشهر قبل
I love Huawei I have Huawei y9s
SandMasta Bryan
SandMasta Bryan أشهر قبل
Huawei hates hong kong independence
Aaron Radeke
Aaron Radeke أشهر قبل
Free Hong Kong. WWG1WGA
haid weng
haid weng أشهر قبل
Its 251
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin أشهر قبل
Free Hong Kong! Delete this comment if you lack balls Huawei!
Romulas Ex
Romulas Ex أشهر قبل
So many chicom shills. It would be a shame if some trolls got in here. Free Hong Kong
方伟杰 أشهر قبل
l lie
l lie أشهر قبل
BTSislife أشهر قبل
Ben Aukerman
Ben Aukerman أشهر قبل
Start by being honest with your customers about the nature and true shape of the Earth, the fact that satellites do not exist, the fact that the sun DOES revolve around the Earth. Share this information with your patrons. This is how to imrpove.
Big Gunchis
Big Gunchis أشهر قبل
Ben Aukerman so you’ve been to space and saw the shape then?
Ben Aukerman
Ben Aukerman أشهر قبل
@Big Gunchis 😂 it does because you've seen it. Just like you've been in space and seen the spherical Earth for yourself? Lmao
Big Gunchis
Big Gunchis أشهر قبل
Ben Aukerman the earth revolves around the sun buddy
Jason Liang
Jason Liang أشهر قبل
Why don't you tell us who is the real owner of your company?
Dreamingdragon أشهر قبل
Why you have this stupid question? If the company is not state owned, it is private. All the high tech companies in China are private companies, because the government is stupid with all party dummy idiots who have no knowledge about high tech what's so ever. If you don't listen to western bullshitting and go to China, you will find out this truth by your self. No one in government is willing to invest in such high risky area, unless they don't want their jobs. That is why Jack MA was begging everyone to borrow him money with no luck from Chinese regime.
Huawei أشهر قبل
We realize that our inner workings can be complex, so we've created an explainer to clear the air. More here (best viewed on mobile): tinyurl.com/yxaunj52
health Gayanam
health Gayanam أشهر قبل
Hello♥️ muuuuhhhhhhaaaàaaa
Anna Vajda
Anna Vajda أشهر قبل
Hey China stop abusing your citizens and invading peoples personal information.
MD Shahid
MD Shahid أشهر قبل
Weiming Feng
Weiming Feng أشهر قبل
Anna Vajda by the way, you should say you know some Chinese guys, instead saying “ I know Chinese people. “ Even I am a Chinese I don’t think I know the Chinese people. We have 56 ethnic nations , we are all different among cultures, food, language...etc. but we are united .
Weiming Feng
Weiming Feng أشهر قبل
Anna Vajda the truth is I am living in the southern China and I don’t need a gas mask and blue sky here everyday. Even Beijing nowadays blueSky most of the day, Chinese government have been fighting for pollutions for years ,now the story have been changed. And two years ago we stop the garbage shipped from the western countries. Guess what , a province here in china is bigger then the whole Europe. When you say china something, it doesn’t mean the whole country have the same issue.
Anna Vajda
Anna Vajda أشهر قبل
@Weiming Feng I know Chinese people. Go there yourself don't forget your gas mask.
Weiming Feng
Weiming Feng أشهر قبل
Erick Benavidez show me your evidence then, it’s not about values ,it’s all about interest. If your media’s are right, China has been collapsed 1000 times. Have you ever been to china ? If not how can you so sure about your judgement? Don’t be silly ,you are not qualified to represent the human values. I’ve been lived in Europe 10years and I am go backed here in China, We have a better living then you! The west just so under developed nowadays.
Rain Colden
Rain Colden أشهر قبل
l lie
l lie أشهر قبل
施柳吟 أشهر قبل
Motorolla would regret so much that they did not buy out Huawei in 2000s
Stan Mathers
Stan Mathers أشهر قبل
Huawei ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
GreaterBayArea Hero
GreaterBayArea Hero أشهر قبل
The Huawei Mate30 pro is brilliant phone. There are a few feedback to Huawei to improve their lead in the mobile world and to address the problems that I see: 1. Work on a universal cloud platform to rival iCloud for their phones. This platform must SUPPORT Multilanguage. They must look to globalize their products. Don’t let language hold them back. Example: Wechat is being held back because all the Wechat apps are just too local and others cannot use it outside of China. 2. Security must be the theme throughout. Market it to say it is NSA safe and people cannot snoop on you. 3. There are 2 things most people outside of China uses religiously, Google search, gmail and youtube. Huawei needs to support a universal free email which rivals gmail. It must also improve the search engine to search anything globally. Look to make Tik Tok better than youtube and have all the contents of youtube. 4. Make a Killer user interface which is so SIMPLE to use but also providing killer apps. If they have answers to them and can have a one touch migration to the Huawei phone most people can easily not be tied to Apple or other phones. Good luck Huawei.
elizeu adriano Machado
elizeu adriano Machado أشهر قبل
Huawei, grande exemplo de desenvolvimento das empresas chinesas. Mas agora sofre pela protecionismo dos gov americano. Pq agora? Pois durante tanto tempo forneceu produtos para empresas americanas e várias outra no mundo! Será pq agora ela se tornou referência, destaque Mundial? Se realmente ela eh todo esse bicho de sete cabeças, se realmente coloca em risco a segurança nacional, q então mostre abertamente para todos, q todos vejam e tirem suas próprias conclusões, pois afinal tem se falado muito e mostra pouco ou nada!
Joel M
Joel M أشهر قبل
Huawei is successful because they listen to their customers. Through their customers, they learn what they want and what to improve on. That sets them apart from most companies like Verizon and AT&T.
汪洋 أشهر قبل
The Huawei Journey is a blending with the opportunity from China's opening up and economic reform as well as the correct strategy, humble and open mind as well as dedication. Don't look at what the news say but observe what we really do.
ThatAwesomeDude أشهر قبل
I love huawei ❤️
Elaine Lee
Elaine Lee أشهر قبل
❤️ Huawei. I hope everything works out with the issues you're having with the US.
Ndiema Simon
Ndiema Simon أشهر قبل
I love Huawei ❤️
Jekabs Karklins
Jekabs Karklins أشهر قبل
I worked with several people form China here I Europe, and I can say their dedication towards work is admirable.
Austin Lee
Austin Lee أشهر قبل
Huawei is a real deal
jane jane
jane jane أشهر قبل
Hey huawei, when are you gonna release mate 30 pro in australia?
Hullo Pillow
Hullo Pillow أشهر قبل
This is the coming of age story of China.
Romulas Ex
Romulas Ex أشهر قبل
Free Hong Kong. Revolution of our time
Jimmy Chan
Jimmy Chan أشهر قبل
Love Huawei from Hong Kong
Kaiser Wilhelm II
Kaiser Wilhelm II أشهر قبل
Cursed comment
Rush Popovich
Rush Popovich أشهر قبل
Please Huawei go into the Video Game console business using your new OS..from Ghana
Chuck Andy 3D
Chuck Andy 3D أشهر قبل
They're already, you must not have realized that the smart phone is killing off the desktop computer and game consoles.
Love you huawei ❤
Dexter H. Cheung
Dexter H. Cheung أشهر قبل
Love Huawei from UK
Land of pîss and pôôp
Land of pîss and pôôp أشهر قبل
What? A tower at Mount Everest? Amazing! The mathematician was 20yrs old and now 30. Ren doesn't reveal his name. Smart.
lds lee
lds lee أشهر قبل
A Isreal young boy. News paper revealed him many times.
Jun Shi
Jun Shi أشهر قبل
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