I'm Gay - Eugene Lee Yang

The Try Guys
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Eugene comes out as gay in his original, deeply personal music video, featuring music by ODESZA.
Written, Directed, & Choreographed by Eugene Lee Yang
A Moment Apart” & “Intro Instrumental” - listen now at odesza.lnk.to/amaYT
Set Photography by JD Renes Photography
Executive Producer - Cathleen Cher
Producer - Sally Sujin Oh
Director of Photography - Adam Lee
Production Designer - Matt Soko
Editor - Jonas Thorhallsson
Colorist - Jakob Thorhallsson
Hair - David Dang
Makeup - Arianna Chaylene Bean
Stylist - Farren Jean Andrèa
Stylist Assistant - Kali Mackay
Hair for Ensemble - Cayla Solomon
Makeup for Ensemble - Kasha Lassien
Oscar Utiérre
Farren Jean Andrèa
Malan Breton
Eugene Lee Yang
Sister - Grace Yoo
Brother - Intae Kim
Mother - Terumi Shimazu
Father - Gary Murakami
Girl - Sophia Oddi
Boy - Joshua Blaine
Kim Chi
Jazzmyne Jay
Rhea Litré
Mayhem Miller
Curly Velasquez
Arisce Wanzer
Jason Beaubien, Ryan Blake, Sol Deleo, Mitchell Flores, William Fryt, Mario Godiva, Delaney Goodman, Carter Lee, Jake Mason, Ava Minett, Loretta Minett, Rene Punzalan, Hector Sanchez, Donavan Sanders, Daniel Suarez, Aus Wang, Roman Young
Hind Boa, Justin Chen, Isaac Chu, Felicia Coito, Maiquel Denee, Kate Duffy, Alexandria Herring, Gideon Jacob, Samuel Johnson, Dyan Jong, Aris Kakkis, Danny Lam, Jeremy Lam, Shantell Lamb, Doinelle Macabugao, Lesha McBride, Annie Nguyen, Pat Nguyen, Robyin Nguyen, Devin Parker, Nick Rufca, Alyssa Santos, Zain Shami
Assistant Director - Clyde Goins
2nd AD - Dolly Gray
Music Supervisor - Cathleen Cher
1st AC - Dawson Taylor
2nd AC - Oscar Martinez
Gaffer - Devon Wilson
Best Boy Electric - Vince Valentin
Key Grip - Huan Manton
Best Boy Grip - Justin Lee
Art Director - Spencer Trent
Set Dresser - Devin Parker
Crane Operators - Ryan Elliott, Mike Pusatere
Production Assistants - Delaney Goodman, Izzy Mojamiid, Sergio Ochoa
Catering - Humberto's Catering
Weho Dodgeball
Now More Than Ever Artists
East West Players
Virtual World Arcade
Adam Foley & Ninja Tune

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Bree Fish
Bree Fish 37 دقائق قبل
Incredible! I've rarely been moved this intensely. I felt your struggles and triumphs watching this and the raw emotion from this made me want to jump through the screen and be by your side. You bloody legend.
realoaded z
realoaded z 55 دقائق قبل
Eugene is becomming a icon.
Anton Bluearmy
Anton Bluearmy ساعات قبل
I hate gay
Alexis’ shame death's destuction
You go Eugene!
SeekInferno 444
SeekInferno 444 2 ساعات قبل
The emotion in this made me cry, I’m a mess🥺
Vlademž Malček
Vlademž Malček 3 ساعات قبل
very deep ! like it
Aaron G
Aaron G 3 ساعات قبل
Omg this is just wow ♡♡♡
Broke gamer301
Broke gamer301 3 ساعات قبل
I'm gay and its hard because I'm so young and life at school I have a boyfriend who's 14 I'm 11 Andi have no regrets I just wonder about my later sexual life anyway my dad doesn't like me after I came out which led to him leaving me and my mom and i feel like no it is my fault that he left us and it hurts on the other hand my mom still loves me whether I'm gay or not although my older brother who also hates me now that I came out lives with my dad now and we used to get along really well and now he hates me ever since I came out my dad doesnt even want to see me anymore so please pray that my dad and brother will start to get some senses back to them so they'll stop hating me (+_😭😭😭
Moody Narwhal
Moody Narwhal 3 ساعات قبل
Wow this is very deep to watch
Robodreambk 4 ساعات قبل
Yessss I’m so happy!
tae au
tae au 4 ساعات قبل
Eugene. I love you so much. I'm writing this trying my best to cry my heart away. I live in a family of nothing but sociopaths and narcissists, and only my dad understands me. But i can't live with him because he's not my real dad. My family hates the lgbtq, and many people have it like me. And we are not alone. We know this. Thank you so much, Eugene, I am still young teen, and can't go out of my way to show my respect for you. But I just hope one day when you look back, find this. You have an impact on me. On millions. Once again, Thank you for being here for me, through my small little phone, when the people around me couldn't. I'm going to start saving up. Not at the moment because I don't get allowance or anything. But the moment I get a job. But soon. I promise Eugene, that I will become what I will work towards, and make you proud. Show you that you change lives. I will try everything I can. Even if that means receiving beatings, or just fighting for what I need to do. I'm so happy to be apart of it. Even though I'm just young, the representation you've brought here is relatable to the last digit. I am pride. We are pride. Thank You. -Tamia 💕
The Side Project
The Side Project 4 ساعات قبل
We are all in this together ❤️🧡💛💛💚💙💜
Savanna Hogan
Savanna Hogan 4 ساعات قبل
F u if you pressed the dislike button he worked so hard to make this video
Seoulgirl897 4 ساعات قبل
David Poa
David Poa 4 ساعات قبل
This was very beautiful!
Frisco 1937
Frisco 1937 5 ساعات قبل
So powerful and beautiful omg 😍
Francisco Endi
Francisco Endi 5 ساعات قبل
That Forza horizon 4 music thought
redcrest5 5 ساعات قبل
Wow... that was a truly powerful expression of the lgbtq+ experience. Coming out and accepting yourself as queer means embracing and taking on all of that as well... It really is an act of immense courage to come out, both to the world and to yourself.
Bellatrix Soleil
Bellatrix Soleil 5 ساعات قبل
Jessica Wakefield
Jessica Wakefield 5 ساعات قبل
Omg i didn't know he could dance! He's amazing
Vanessa Murray
Vanessa Murray 5 ساعات قبل
This video made me cry, it’s so beautiful and moving. I love you Eugene, thank you for your art💖
Earth Worm Sally
Earth Worm Sally 5 ساعات قبل
Um yes.
Atlan Seals
Atlan Seals 5 ساعات قبل
the parallel between the beginning shot and the final scene. family can be made. stay strong my brothers and sisters.
Darwin the masshole 2002
Darwin the masshole 2002 6 ساعات قبل
Good for you 👍🏼
deondrew forsythe
deondrew forsythe 6 ساعات قبل
master piece
Ryan Pace
Ryan Pace 6 ساعات قبل
I am proud of you Eugene.
Kelly MacArthur
Kelly MacArthur 6 ساعات قبل
So....I'm a little bit confuzzled. I don't mean to be offensive btw for anyone that does take offense with my comment, but I though Eugene had already come out??? Before this particular video was released, whenever I scrolled through the comments of a try guys video, I always saw people talking about Eugene's sexuality (as a gay man) like it was a confirmed thing, so I always took it as that (don't worry, the comments weren't anything bad). I was under the impression that he came out years ago on his Instagram or something?? (Sorry only follow them on AR-vids cause don't have other social media, so I just read this off a comment). Then, I got news that Eugene just came out (btw I know I'm posting this a month later, but I did watch it when it came out). Can someone clear this up for me?? Like, did I miss something? Did I misunderstand?
RuTHLess_AllOy 7 ساعات قبل
why do you care
why do you care 7 ساعات قبل
im wordless this is a masterpiece
Sofia Strange
Sofia Strange 7 ساعات قبل
The scene where he dances with the girl, then with the boy. Honestly my favorite. I love the routine and what is represents. Seeing this scene made me realize that it's okay to not be only attracted to men (as a woman). I've felt great coming to terms with this. I also feel for the second scene, being in a religious family.
Omar653 7 ساعات قبل
Basically, I’m gay. GIVE ME YOUR MONEY
iamTHEsheep 7 ساعات قبل
I'm happy you could come out as gay. 🌈 There are some people in this world who are blinded by their stupidity and can't except that people are gonna be who they wanna be. I think that you are very brave and inspiring to a lot of people who are still trapped in a place where they feel like they won't be excepted by those that care deeply about them. I love that you did this 😊 #beyourself #beproud #loveyourselfSo many people think that gay men are mostly made up of smaller more feminine type of guys. I'm so sick of that stereotype 😒 I love people who are open-minded and are able to speak with a hint of pride and confidence manner. There are tons of ignorant people who are just trapped in their own little world of broken opinions and “Only I'm right” personalities. To those that are gay/lesbian/transgender/non-gender/whatever else is out there, just please be yourself and never let anyone break you down. ✌😊
ew ew
ew ew 8 ساعات قبل
Wow I really don’t watch dance videos but there was such a huge story portrayed in this keep being you never let anyone tell you that you can’t be you
Carelesssnowman 435
Carelesssnowman 435 8 ساعات قبل
Please do a bloopers video for this
2Woke 4U
2Woke 4U 8 ساعات قبل
Was it no obvious
Fact: Beagles Are Best
Fact: Beagles Are Best 8 ساعات قبل
Cool did a great job on making a video. But why does being gay have to be so immensely associated with stuff like this... I am gay. I grew up playing hockey and still do I love it. Never desired nor found drag or this stuff attractive or fun. This only fits into claiming gays are purely some queer entity of itself. Straight people can vary so much but gay folk have to like to dance, do show tunes, cross dress, be like the girls, and this other crap? If that’s you that’s cool, but it also doesn’t have anything to do with actually being gay. A good video, but I think there are so many representations here of why is millennials don’t grasp how to come together WITH society rather than APART from it in societal senses...
Woah 7 ساعات قبل
Fact: Beagles Are Best you might think that all gay people in this are cross dressing because he doesn’t actually label them besides the people who support him, and the people who don’t. The people in black (supporters) never show what they’re sexuality is because they’re the same people no matter what sexuality. People who are doing drag or like to cross dress are people who are apart of the lgbtq community. If there wasn’t any of them in this video, he wouldn’t be representing everyone.
Woah 7 ساعات قبل
Fact: Beagles Are Best Eugene is most definitely not portraying all people of lgbt to be cross dressers or drags. Eugene is simply a gay man who also likes to do drag. He’s done many appearances on drag shows and loves to do it. That’s why he’s proudly doing drag at the end. He made sure that not every person that isn’t straight, isn’t doing a cross dressing theme. In the yellow scene, the man that Eugene dances with is wearing pants and is very masculine. In the purple scene you can see a variety of people who support him. Whether they’re all part of lgbtq or not, the majority isn’t all glam. He’s not portraying all gay men being feminine at all. As for the millennial part, they were the ones who started the movement of accepting your sexuality. Maybe not all of them accept it, but that generation is what started it. Please do not try to stereotype them. As for any age.
Fact: Beagles Are Best
Fact: Beagles Are Best 8 ساعات قبل
I am not dismissing the artistic beauty this story told, but can we please just accept this is a PERSONAL expression of a merging of cultural, sexuality based, and other aspects of the individuals life. Just like I can relate to aspects of a similar video relating to the struggle and evolution of a periodontal artistic story of some white republican Jewish Armenian... This isn’t ABOUT LGBTQ folks. We aren’t all rainbow cross dressing “queens”. You hurt ALOT OF GAY people when you make pride and being Gay about being a cross dressing diva queen... In the modern climate it’s this stuff that reminds me of I were him and did my own version I’d get attacked by a lot of folks. Being gay as a hockey player it wasn’t that I wanted to wear a skirt. When I was old enough to know who I was it wasn’t about emasculation rather being more comfortable with not mentioning my attraction to men- which has NOTNING TO DO WITH FEMALITY OR SKIRTS. Videos like this directly associate being gay with being effeminate...
spooky chees cake 101
spooky chees cake 101 8 ساعات قبل
No hate but I have a question... Why is it that ALMOAST all the beautiful people come out as gay or lesbian???
spooky chees cake 101
spooky chees cake 101 6 ساعات قبل
@Woah k
Woah 7 ساعات قبل
spooky chees cake 101 everyone has beauty, but a lot more people are coming out now because it’s more accepted now.
Alejandra Rojas
Alejandra Rojas 8 ساعات قبل
First, sorry for my gramatical errors but I’m trying my best (English is not my first language, sorry :’) Secondly... I’m from a country where religion is one of the most powerful forces on people mindsets and, I was actually part of it for a long time. Living under certain parameters and without the freedom to express myself as I wanted. I started watching your videos and projects you made with such a powerful meaning. But this video in particular made me tear up, mostly because I felt a connection with every single second of this masterpiece, being bisexual and without following the ideal type of feminity here in my country is harsh, is so difficult for me internally to stand proudly and be myself for the first time. The pressure of be wrong and this continuous fight between what I was told to believe for many years and what my heart and mind are trying to convince me is just terribly painful. I’m not even out of the closet with most of my family, even some people who I came out to (my father for example) decided to ignore my feelings and just told me to be who I was supposed to be when I was born... just a phase, a sin, curiosity, hormones, puberty, desire to be special. Is amazing to see how you are so sincere without words, expressing every single tear we dropped for the impotence of not finding any solution to our problem. In conclusion, I just hope for this suffering to end... not even on the most “progressive” countries but in the ones we need this representation. You are a fighter. Everyone is, and we just need to do our best to be able to finally find some sort of happiness Thank you 💚
Dying Emptiness
Dying Emptiness 8 ساعات قبل
3:58 A bunch of belligerent speaking with little points of the subject that's personal based opinions of which if the respected significant other was there would shot them all down with raindow bullet
Reagan Sheeley
Reagan Sheeley 8 ساعات قبل
Why am I crying
Reagan Sheeley
Reagan Sheeley 8 ساعات قبل
Because it is so beautiful
Madison M
Madison M 9 ساعات قبل
I never thought a AR-vids video would make me sob. Give me goose bumps like this. Thank you Eugene.
Keith 9 ساعات قبل
what is scary about this video is that i can relate to every aspect of this. all of it.
hannah wetzler
hannah wetzler 10 ساعات قبل
that was awesome! I loved it! I myself might be a lesbian because recently I've felt more attracted to women than men, I've only told my mom about this because I felt like she would be the only one in my biological family to support me, and she has supported me as she always has with anything that I've told her I have an interest in, you can't pick the family your born with but you can find and choose a new one, I'm glad you found yours Eugene, I only wish I had the courage to show everyone and go for what I want, and not let anyone tell my what I "should or shouldn't" do, I hope I find that courage soon because I'm not doing so hot:/
Baby Blanquita
Baby Blanquita 10 ساعات قبل
I understand why people cry watching this. As a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, I felt every single part of this. I fear of coming out to my Dads side of the family, but my mothers side I’ve come out to, at least 2 people. I’ve already came out to my friends, because they already accepted me, but I am scared for my family. Such an amazing video. Love it all.
CuteMusicAddict 10 ساعات قبل
No matter how many times I watch this I always end up crying. This is such a beautiful and powerful video. I'm so happy for you and just know youre an inspiration for everyone in the LGBTQ community and for people who aren't in it as well. The story telling was amazing and I felt all the emotion from each scene. It's extremely sad that there will always be people who don't accept this, but I'm hopeful because there are people who do. Love and peace ♥️💘💛💚💙💜
Blayne Cooper
Blayne Cooper 11 ساعات قبل
What’sMy Name
What’sMy Name 11 ساعات قبل
yoshi Barrera THE OG
yoshi Barrera THE OG 11 ساعات قبل
Beatiful ♥️♥️♥️♥️
Timeless 11 ساعات قبل
This video is really beautiful and just amazing. Sometimes, I just wish that I could have someone to talk to, but at the same time I push everyone away because I'm scared. Even talking to people who accepts my sexuality is hard because I'm not used to physically speaking about it. I'm so used to talking about my sexuality to people who I became friends with on the internet rather than people in real life because I'm scared. I wish I can be proud of who I am, either it be my sexuality, artistic talent, or something else.
Killakobes3 90
Killakobes3 90 11 ساعات قبل
Wait it wasn't obvious?
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