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0:00 Intro
0:40 QOTD
1:16 Skins
1:45 Rell - New Champion
1:59 Bami’s cinder - Nerfs
2:46 Sunfire Aegis - Nerfs
2:50 Frostfire Gauntlet - Nerfs
2:55 Turbo Chemtank- Nerfs
3:04 Seeker’s Armguard- Nerfs
3:51 The Collector- Nerfs
4:13 Eclipse- Nerfs
4:52 Duskblade of Draktharr- Nerfs
5:11 Muramana - Nerfs
5:32 Galeforce - Buffs
6:22 Zeal - Buffs
6:30 Phantom dancer and rapidfire cannon - Buffs
6:45 Infinity Edge - Buffs
7:24 Essence Reaver - Buffs
7:27 Mortal Reminder - Buffs
7:31 Lord Dominik’s Regard - Buffs
7:35 Mercurial Scimitar - Buffs
7:59 Bandleglass Mirror - Buffs
8:33 Imperial Mandate - Buffs
9:19 Moonstone Renewer - Buffs
9:33 Shurelia’s battlesong - Buffs
9:41 Locket of the Iron Solari - Buffs
9:48 Zeke’s Convergence - Buffs
10:36 Ardent Censer and Staff of flowing water - Buffs
11:00 Luden’s Tempest - Buffs
11:14 Everfrost - Buffs
11:34 Kayle - Nerfs
12:10 Pantheon - Buffs
13:13 Irelia - Buffs
13:37 Nasus - Buffs
14:13 Kayn - Nerfs
14:58 Warwick - Buffs
15:12 Wukong - Buffs
15:24 Rengar - Buffs
15:36 Ekko - Buffs
15:50 Nidalee - Buffs
16:26 Lee Sin - Buffs
16:52 Gragas - Buffs
17:10 Ivern - Buffs
17:37 Karthus - Nerfs
18:04 Taliyah - Nerfs
18:35 Fizz - Nerfs
19:04 Morgana - Nerfs
19:27 Annie - Nerfs
19:48 Anivia - Buffs
21:21 Talon - Buffs
21:36 Seraphine - Buffs
21:56 Yasuo and Yone - Buffs
22:17 Samira - Nerfs
22:51 Jhin - Nerfs
23:06 Twitch - Buffs
23:37 Lulu - Buffs
24:08 Conclusion
24:26 Outro
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تعليقات 100
DeltaPrism 20 أيام قبل
You didn't talk about one thing........... 2021 refund token
Ethan Hung
Ethan Hung 29 أيام قبل
13:45 morde is ekko now o.o
Star Fox
Star Fox أشهر قبل
yasuo didn't need a buff
Animorte أشهر قبل
Who else died as Pantheon before knowing the change?
Phat Thach
Phat Thach أشهر قبل
Ofcourse more skin for female champ
PlasmoSpasmo أشهر قبل
Zeke's is bugged. I consistently bought it in a lot of games and tested with my bounded mates, how much damage the item counts when my mate attacks a stunned target. I feel like you can only procc the passive once after the stun and not multiple times. Kind of like a Leona passive but only on cc targets. Is this intended?
Tristan Kristan
Tristan Kristan أشهر قبل
The karthus on the timeline bar says Karthus-Nerfs @proguides challenger League of legends guides
PlayerOne Lycren
PlayerOne Lycren أشهر قبل
Is there anyway to let riot know to fix bloody supports??? This season has shafted them completely. Enchanters and tanks are useless cause they just can get items fast enough or even find ways to make gold unless they BM and take ad cs. The only support types that are fine are mage supports cause they can take kills and get items from that to snowball and gain more items. Played tanks and enchanters and can barely get 2 or start a 3rd before the match is over. But if im a mage i can get a 3rd by the time its over. Riot has completely ruined supports this season. Item to expensive and having a gold intake nerf is stupid.
Shamrock Irish
Shamrock Irish أشهر قبل
Thus far the Fizz nerf is a joke, played against him quite a few times since the patch and mana isn't a problem he has. He still has more than enough mana to delete pretty much any champ if the dude playing him is smart. The problem with Fizz is his insane mobility on top of his insane damage on top of having a get out of jail free card on top of an ult with a hit box that's practically the entire lane. I get that he's an assassin and suppose to be able to one shot squishies I do. He needs a nerf to either his mobility or his damage. Personally, I'd like to see every get out of jail free ability removed. If you do something stupid you should suffer the consequences.
Gljesa أشهر قبل
~yone and yasuo buffs~
Ozymandias أشهر قبل
23:40 Lulu is what??
Dénes Kun.
Dénes Kun. أشهر قبل
Mortal reminder is not really a situation item, there is too much healing ingame
RevivedSoul أشهر قبل
In the end liked the changes esp the crit items and jungle changes. Taliyah jgl is uniqe and inovative. since one of my fav champs is Yasuo. Got top 500 with him. Sup buff deserved, tank items not lowering dmg is bit weird doe. Think its dmg patch. Anivia is op doe. The nerfs on range champions with assasin items seems fair. Pantheon sadly nerfed at sup but buffed in top. Overall good patch.
AlchemisTiamo أشهر قبل
Why the fuck are they buffing yasuo again?? Why must he be so strong???? This game stressed me the fuck out!!!
RPenguin أشهر قبل
Just bring the aoe back to Taliyah’s q riot
Jay أشهر قبل
13:44 ekko visual rework
Nikola Marjanovic
Nikola Marjanovic أشهر قبل
i dont like that kayn got nerf but the rest of the jungles got buffed
Sun eating sinner
Sun eating sinner أشهر قبل
Am I the only one who thinks support is getting perma fucked?
Nate أشهر قبل
The worst change in my opinion is trinity force. A lot of the champs that built it needed the mana and I just find myself backing way more often on split push champs.
Nate أشهر قبل
And a split pushers effectiveness is measured by how long you’re out of base and applying pressure
Draven Pascual
Draven Pascual أشهر قبل
Wtf I thought karthus was already op
Gus Horton
Gus Horton أشهر قبل
in terms of changes I don't like, it feels like the new thing with ADCs is supposed to be lethality rather than crit. that's fine and all if itemization was ready to go off the bat, but it wasn't, and so it's a little rough trying to wait out the patches that'll bring things together better
Σά ββας
Σά ββας أشهر قبل
dudeeeee lee sin will be fucking broken now come on
Jakex أشهر قبل
When i watch these videos i find the little titles on the scroll bar for the video useful so instead of watching the whole video i use those and as i was skipping through i noticed at 18:20 it is marked as taliyah nerfs... i was so confused haha just a mistype tho
Lvke أشهر قبل
They butched samira. So now she wont dash with her passive?
Alex Wallace
Alex Wallace أشهر قبل
Players:find fun creative and diverse builds that actually work Roit: your only allowed to build the way i want you to build
Penguinable أشهر قبل
Why new champion again GIRL!!! ??? xD
M1ch4Ł أشهر قبل
where are my qiyana buffs?
Bryan M
Bryan M أشهر قبل
13:45 timestamp shows nasus but the video tag says ekko but the champion is mord o.o
JustAlex أشهر قبل
Is riot literally full of idiots? what's up with all this dmg , WHAT tf do you even nerf , nerf the freaking goredrinker , Kayn isn't op due to his armor , for god's sake , is cause of that freaking item that makes him immortal , is hopeless ...i am probably still gonna play this game but not even half as much as before , i am sick of getting one shot as anything other than tank
Keith Garcia
Keith Garcia أشهر قبل
that intro tho :
an Hylian
an Hylian أشهر قبل
ahh yess, base ad buff for irelia, already loving it
MademoiselleRia أشهر قبل
i am kind of excited for battle queen qiyana but she reminds me of lolly poppy
Ryan Djidi
Ryan Djidi أشهر قبل
5:31 ok but they forgot corki right?
Ramazan Eraslan
Ramazan Eraslan أشهر قبل
Riot we buff all Champs which are nit balanced and nerf Champs like JHIN BECAUSE JHIN MAINS HAVE ONE TIME FUN. 3 Words FCK U RIOT
Trond Lewis
Trond Lewis أشهر قبل
where did the Qiyana Buffs go?!?!?
Sina أشهر قبل
Wait did i miss it or where is kat nerf and i just heared they buff lulu Lmao
Nerlant أشهر قبل
Buff Sona!
Can Pinarbasi
Can Pinarbasi أشهر قبل
13:44 EKKO??? haha it's Mordekaiser :D
Ahmad Afiz Zubairee
Ahmad Afiz Zubairee أشهر قبل
i like the adc item buffs. but then I remembered *Draven 2 shotting me with full build and collector* not to mention I built armor and Hp against him.. still getting 2 shotted
Chloe K
Chloe K أشهر قبل
Oh no.... windshtter buffs means more people playing the feeding monkeys.... rip my LP
Qyd0roTV أشهر قبل
ITEMS nerfs: Bami Cinder family, Armguard, Collector, Eclipse, Duskblade(r), Muramana(m) buffs: Galeforce, Zeal family, IE, Mandate, Tempest, Everfrost CHAMPIONS nerfs: Kayle, Kayn, Fizz, Morg, Annie, Samira, Jhin, buffs: Pantheon (the utility is dead tho), Irelia (yes, ikr!?), Morde, Nasus, WW, Kong (jg), Rengar (jg), Ekko (jg), Nida, Lee, Gragas, Ivern, Kart, Tali (^jg), Anivia, Talon, Seraph, Yasuo&Yone, Twitch, Lulu
Betesee King
Betesee King أشهر قبل
Riot is really trying to temove the assassin rengar :(
Silas Pleuser
Silas Pleuser أشهر قبل
Sorry, but in my opinion riot is missing out the problem at all. 1. I feel like the game is way to snowbally, if you fail one time, it feels like impossible to get back in the game. 2. I guess thats the most significant point; there is way to much dmg, you die way to fast even if you build tanky items (which is a litle advice to reduce the dmg of tank items but give them resistance since its their job). And last but not least there is so much CC. I have had a lot of games where i just got hit by a six second CC chain, sorry but thats just not fun at all. Of course you could dodge, but there are a lot of point and click cc spells and aoe cc spells that are making it impossible. Which means you cant carry games; if you dont want to get hit by cc, you need to wait till your team dies or engage by your self and hope that your team abuse the cooldowns.
Sorest أشهر قبل
6:31 the graphic for phantomdancer buff is the old buff and not the new one.
Jack Daniels IV
Jack Daniels IV أشهر قبل
13.51: Thats morde not ekko
The Steel Legion
The Steel Legion أشهر قبل
Drip Cyplex
Drip Cyplex أشهر قبل
anyone else noticed that they put Ekkos name instead of mordes name when talking about his Q LMFAO
Amir Stephen
Amir Stephen أشهر قبل
Nooooo why reduce the size increase? :(
Rafael Philip Hernandez Laqui
In the description taliyah is “nerfed”
Robert Enescu
Robert Enescu أشهر قبل
What about qiyana?
Zenolegor أشهر قبل
What about the armor pen on Pantheon's R? If that doesn't go through I'm gonna be fuming
Matt Moreno
Matt Moreno أشهر قبل
QOTD: Favorite part: Gale force Least favorite: tanks :(
Alex flare
Alex flare أشهر قبل
Ah nice, No qiyana Buffs again...
Trond Lewis
Trond Lewis أشهر قبل
so u are telling me that Qiyana who has been weak in the meta since January does not get a buff.. -.-
GodOfSuicide أشهر قبل
"i like the new items spice things up and more fun" me that basicly quit cuz of the new items and broken stuff xD played normaly 4 hours a day for 3years+ wasted 5k
E Cruz
E Cruz أشهر قبل
Literally the best way to nerf morgana is to reduce her Q’s root time. People can max her q and root you for 3 fucking seconds and it is literally the most annoying thing in the game. Her Q is overtuned. Needs to be nerfed down to 2 seconds at max level instead of 3!!!!!!
Luca Matei-Bora
Luca Matei-Bora أشهر قبل
2:20 FINALLY!!!
Lauritz Gaard
Lauritz Gaard أشهر قبل
Can we get a new rumble skin, thank you rito
No u
No u أشهر قبل
Where gnar buffs thou
KOS MOS أشهر قبل
Jordan Lifts
Jordan Lifts أشهر قبل
Idk why but league is boring to play now
Kami أشهر قبل
yeah riot please spam nerf adcs that already are the worst role.. fiasko balance team. FInally when early game adcs are solid they nerf them down with lethality soon to be worthless again. We are getting into the same problem as last season with adcs that only got impact late game with a full crit build while the game lenght is 20-25 min at max..
John Salonga
John Salonga أشهر قبل
Jfc riot make up ur mind u buffed ekkos clear then nerf it then buff it?
Tenshi DKT
Tenshi DKT أشهر قبل
again nothing for kindred
Fanficologist أشهر قبل
Riot''s logic: - ADC mythic items are so trash that ADC needs to buy eclipse->collector->crit items to be remotely relevant early to mid game "Let's keep the ADC mythics as is and nerf eclipse for ADC."
Lucas Franco
Lucas Franco أشهر قبل
Incredible, they are nerfing the ONLY 2 "VIABLE" ADCs of season 11. great job riot
mypastlife أشهر قبل
I hate mana on liandrys. And urgot feels off no matter what you build. So not sure there.
valaquenta أشهر قبل
I really don't mind kayn getting nerfed in order to turn him into a strong champion instead of a busted one, but please riot, don't overdo it, he's so fun to play.
timezero أشهر قبل
Gurl kayle is a lategame hypercarry, like kaisa, vayne and Yi. Like nerf kayle and all her items meanwhile master yi can dive lvl 6 1 item fuck that shit. Nerf tank damage its fucking ridiculoua
Y4QB3K أشهر قبل
nerf jhina wrrr
Mihai Zmeu
Mihai Zmeu أشهر قبل
Nerf damage
PokeKid5000 أشهر قبل
Meanwhile as a Diana player it's too much that we want a 1 sec lower CD on W, let's just ignore her as usual
Killer Fish
Killer Fish أشهر قبل
13:47 ah yes ekko the iron revenant
CActor أشهر قبل
"Irelia has been underperforming in the preseason..." Me, an Irelia main with 68% winrate: KEKW
Oskar أشهر قبل
:Morgana doesn't use W for damage :constant nerfs to AP support have entered the chat Also if they are nerfing ad items for ranged champions (adcs) they should nerf ADC's item for melee champs as well...what's up with these constant trynda, yasuo buffs by default
Justin Thorne
Justin Thorne أشهر قبل
Just reduce irelias ult cool down at lvl 1. It’s crazy that hers is 140 seconds while ekko and tryndameres is 110.
Killua zoldyck
Killua zoldyck أشهر قبل
I play sera mid and i have to say she is pretty good in that lane. Eventho i hate her
JL أشهر قبل
Twitch is doing bad rn. Sure, buff him. But how about Aphelios? He doesn't have to be op but rn he's virtually unplayable.
Andre Navarro de Aquino
Andre Navarro de Aquino أشهر قبل
RIOT STOP BUFFING THE FUCKING WINDSHITTERS. How is it possible for them to get shieldbow and automatically win lane? This shouldn't be allowed.
Mike Musters
Mike Musters أشهر قبل
Finally skin for ornn
Alessandro Mariani
Alessandro Mariani أشهر قبل
My favorite is : None My "least favorite" is: All. Just kidding, i only like the jungle item path removal. :) But i dislike the remove of the 2 stating jungle items.
dastorm15 أشهر قبل
Ah yes eclipse nerf so dravens best item
itsDelYT أشهر قبل
Sad for kayle
Laxbasket101 أشهر قبل
Let’s go! Talon changes !
DeLTANinJaNicK أشهر قبل
Akali nerfs? Hello?
Silas Marquez
Silas Marquez أشهر قبل
Nidalee one shotting great
__co.u.ne__ أشهر قبل
QOTD:I like new items because we cantry out new things an build,least is Tank meta i Hate it
BrickbuilderX أشهر قبل
Hopefully some of those item changes will get amumu back under control...he does way to much damage with the items...
Matija Milosavljević
Matija Milosavljević أشهر قبل
Wow another buff for irelia guess she really is unskilled anymore
Facepaint Realism
Facepaint Realism أشهر قبل
Nerfing Muramana wth. New Rework Archangel staff is shit. Highly cost, and doesn’t do much then waste a slot in your inventory and gives flat AP and doesn’t felt like you have a powerspike. The lack of respect for Support Role “Supports living on scraps anyway”... bothers me too...
Anthony أشهر قبل
Sunfire EEEEEEEE gis????????
Sty }
Sty } أشهر قبل
Nuh uh, mordekaiser is cancer not weak
TheBirdsDen أشهر قبل
If they wanted sera to be mid lane why did they build her kit to be so strong as a support?
Fighterlm 1234
Fighterlm 1234 أشهر قبل
Get a life before you get a wife
Zinedine shaco
Zinedine shaco أشهر قبل
It's just insane how champs that are hated by most of the players and are just waiting for a stable build are getting huge buff besides the fact that they were nerfed last season and now they get even more power and I just don't get the ekko buff like wtf
Ryan Djidi
Ryan Djidi أشهر قبل
He sucks in jungle so they buffed his jg clear
Oh Yeah Yeah
Oh Yeah Yeah أشهر قبل
RevivedSoul أشهر قبل
Refreshing items aswell the chroma (didnt get chroma doe, since bad kid :/ hopefully later) havent tried all but, duskblade, divine sunderer, dash item is fun.
Nathan Choi
Nathan Choi أشهر قبل
eclipse shield nerf...? jhin already had no good mythic items...
Ricardo Penaloza
Ricardo Penaloza أشهر قبل
The death of tank sup 😔
Robin Andrew Tuzon
Robin Andrew Tuzon أشهر قبل
Yay Samira’s annoying passive finally got nerfed.
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