PRESSURE COOKER | 6 Dishes Tested by 2 Chefs

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You guys have been asking us to test out a pressure cooker for ages now, so we got our chefs, asked for your fave pressure cooker recipes, and gave it a go! Do you have a pressure cooker? What are your fave things to cook in it?
This is the pressure cooker we used: amzn.to/2ToVH0T
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SORTEDfood أشهر قبل
Find out about our BRAND NEW cookbook A.M. Menu: bit.ly/buyAM
jean pomelo
jean pomelo 26 أيام قبل
Dear Ben and James @Sortedfood, when using pressure cooker you have to wait for it to "steam/whistle" then decrease the temperature of the hob to maintain the steam/temperature, then start timing on that signal. So pork can be tender within 30mins from that hissing sound, then oxtail with bones will last for 45-1 hour. I hope this helps
Null Null
Null Null 28 أيام قبل
@SORTEDfood please do oven toaster
Blank Core DevilBCD
Blank Core DevilBCD أشهر قبل
Pressure Cooker battle i want to see what Jamie will make lol
Beatriz Zacharias
Beatriz Zacharias 8 ساعات قبل
Crazy to imagine you guys do stuff as beans, lentilles, etc without a pressure cooker cause in my country this is pretty much the way to go; my mom still have the one she got on her wedding, so over 3 decades old and working perfectly. lol
katie paris
katie paris أيام قبل
Have you ever tried recipes that using crock pot cooking?
sarthak rawal
sarthak rawal 2 أيام قبل
Instead of water put sand/salt in pressure cooker and a small stand to keep tray half inch then you will get the desired cheesecake for sure...it's tried and tested...dont add any water
Carsten Koch
Carsten Koch 2 أيام قبل
I'm not a big fan of pressure cookers. Both of my grandmas and a friend had one (my grandmas were from WMF and my friend had one from Tefal) and after around 7-9 years of use the valve would have a malfunction, where you couldn't release the steam (probably because bits of the food and grease clogged it up) In one case my dad opened one of the pots after hours of being off the stove and just a bit warm on the outside. But apparently the soup inside was still more than boiling hot in the middle and when he opened the lid the wall of steam burned his face. He didn't suffer any permanent damages but he wasn't far from it. So I'm not a big fan of those :/
Hannah 2 أيام قبل
Try the instapot please!
Tamim Al Thonayan
Tamim Al Thonayan 3 أيام قبل
Pressure cooker is a staple in our kitchens in Saudi Arabia especially if you have a busy day and wand a fresh food for lunch or dinner. Our most national dish in SA Kabsa has a recipe for pressure cooker as one of many verity for it.
Ulrich Petri
Ulrich Petri 4 أيام قبل
Interesting that you guys never used them. Here in Germany pressure cookers have been a staple in many kitchens since at least the 80s (probably much earlier even)
Summer Noybn
Summer Noybn 4 أيام قبل
Your gran had a pressure cooker, why dont you???
gorilla glue
gorilla glue 5 أيام قبل
Are instant pots as good at pressure cooking?
Carol Tucker
Carol Tucker 5 أيام قبل
Oxtail could be better. go Caribbean instead of Asian
Hannah Kalter
Hannah Kalter 5 أيام قبل
If you’re wondering about a New York cheesecake, my mother makes an amazing one, and it takes like 2 or 3 hours at a low temp to cook. 10 minutes for the crust, add the filling, cook for an hour, drop the temperature, cook for an hour or two (I can’t remember). Then it’s ready. It ends up dense, creamy, and absolutely amazing. In my opinion, that’s the only way you can make a true cheesecake
Eleanor W
Eleanor W 6 أيام قبل
My parents cook a great lentil and veg soup in a pressure cooker. The lentils go to absolute mush and it’s so delicious with a lovely smooth texture
Momma Wendy
Momma Wendy 6 أيام قبل
I love you pressure cooker.
Summer Hassan
Summer Hassan 7 أيام قبل
We do stuffed grape leaves in the pressure cooker.
Beau Peep
Beau Peep 7 أيام قبل
Potatoes taste a *1000 times* better from a pressure cooker ( really tastes like [jack-] potatoes)! Always put the pot under cold running water at the end, opposed to pushing the valve.
mariahxworld 7 أيام قبل
Instapot pleaseeee
JaxMerrick 7 أيام قبل
"What's wrong, James?" "I looked into the trap, Ben."
Buchanan _MJ
Buchanan _MJ 8 أيام قبل
"We enjoyed playing around in the kitchen with new stuff and experimenting". Mmhm.
Ibet Saucedo
Ibet Saucedo 8 أيام قبل
Poor James had something in his hair. I can’t stop looking at it
Magalamb 8 أيام قبل
Awww James is so cute ☺️
Vincent Productions
Vincent Productions 8 أيام قبل
we use our pressure cooker so much, to the point my mother cares more about it than about us haha.
S Koue
S Koue 9 أيام قبل
Glad you used stove top cookers. They are more affordable than the electric and are great as pots in general. You pretty much hit the things a stove top cooker is really good at. Lentils cook pretty fast anyway and are not pre soaked a lot of times. Where you see really significant savings is beans. The site "hip pressure cooking" and book of the same name have the most reliable times/ instructions I have found. America's test kitchen, normally pretty solid did a total fail when they did pressure cookers and their book is completely useless. Somewhere they got the idea that the timing should start from when the burner is lit??? Anyway Great Job. Not too many good videos on the PC. Beans: quick presoak 3 min on high pressure, natural release ~10 min. Rince. Cook 6-10 min (depending on the texture you want), natural release. So you can go from dry pinto beans to finished refried beans in under 45 min. Custard is another win. I use ramekins and do six in a 6 qt cooker. They cook in 5 min. @ high, cool for 5-10 min release. Chill them down and serve. If you like really soft custard probably not your first choice. Though maybe at low pressure for longer? At 4 min. I found them a bit uneven in texture. Oh and another great use is stock. Chicken stock in about 45 min. RE: electric ones. I don't hate them and will probably get one because of the versatility and the fact you don't have to babysit it at all.
Jilly 9 أيام قبل
Any consultation, I've watched Bobby Flay use a pressure cooker to infuse flavor and cook extremely fast on his t.v. show " "Beat Bobby Flay" and people love his food.
kris m
kris m 10 أيام قبل
try an electrick pressure cooker it is a lot more precise with the temp of the cooing
Orella Minx
Orella Minx 10 أيام قبل
From the title I expected this whole video to be an InstaPot advertisement, but am pleasantly surprised.
Pillmonger 10 أيام قبل
This is cultural. As a Cuban our main dish (lechon) is made this way. There are some truly great dished done this way.
Rhazael Ancheta
Rhazael Ancheta 10 أيام قبل
i 💖 oxtails especially the oxtail soup here in hawaii 🤙🏼
Krisnna De Mille Mariano
Krisnna De Mille Mariano 10 أيام قبل
Grew up with a lot of food cooked in a pressure cooker... If you know how to properly time a pressure cooker it could be a game changer
FlyDorsch 10 أيام قبل
My Grandma always used her pressure cooker for the potatoes and they were always perfect. But I still use a normal pot and the 20min really don't bother me, I just love potatoes :D :D
nobeans please
nobeans please 10 أيام قبل
I use an electric pressure cooker. The best laksa ever, curries and stews. Haven't tried desserts but now I will😊
Den I//Noble Russkie
Den I//Noble Russkie 10 أيام قبل
Everything looked damn tasty, may have to invest in a pressure cooker it seems (Before or after the sous vide? 🤔) I couldn't help but think those potatoes could have really been elevated with a quick sear in a hot pan just to crisp the edges a little
BurningLynx 10 أيام قبل
love pressure cooker recepies with really aromatic and strong flavors they stay nice and tasty and they are easy to make, and can presear just about anytyihing.
ToudaHell 10 أيام قبل
I use my pressure cooker for broths and stocks the most. I can get THE best stocks from anything in just 1 hour. I've read that 1 hour in a pressure cooker equals 4 hours of simmering. Also, the fewer ingredients in stock the better it is.
Emily O'Neill
Emily O'Neill 10 أيام قبل
You should do a slow cooker test
Janelle Walker
Janelle Walker 11 أيام قبل
Seriously need to use the instapot for full meal
ChrisCK 11 أيام قبل
Upvote for the Little Britan Reference !
Hugo Mendes
Hugo Mendes 11 أيام قبل
"This generation thinks cooking potatoes take too much time to cook" *looks at his ragu simmering for the 3rd hour* I guess I'm a baby boomer then?
Leigh Luke
Leigh Luke 12 أيام قبل
Who burnt the worktop?
Spects 12 أيام قبل
I dont have an oven...
Finding Jesca
Finding Jesca 12 أيام قبل
Does anyone know the lentil recipe? What kind of cider did they use? Hard apple cider, or nonalcoholic? It looks tasty and I want to give it a try!
Kheldaurus 12 أيام قبل
Risotto, the worst food ever. Yeah, I hate rice.
taufiq suraman
taufiq suraman 12 أيام قبل
how about make a ultimate cooking all 3 of them use only presure cooker?
DeathlyHallows 13 أيام قبل
Can you guys try the George Foreman-grill?
Ashley Reusora
Ashley Reusora 15 أيام قبل
Make Bento Boxes!!!! BEN-to Box :D
Mouth 16 أيام قبل
0:20 Ian!!??
Lady Berd
Lady Berd 16 أيام قبل
James' indignation and sulkiness seriously is the best way to loosen up after a shitty day, I mean the man snatches all my uwus
dnlkr 17 أيام قبل
So can we get some of these recipes?
Masca Trails
Masca Trails 17 أيام قبل
In Brasil, we use a pressure cooker almost every day... and pretty much solely to cook beans. Often, just for the cooking step, with a further seasoning step after the beans are soft... basically saute up diced onions and garlic, throw in the beans and the water they cooked in, salt, pepper and some oil. DELICIOUS. Sometimes for a bonus treat we'll throw in a sealed can of sweetened condensed milk while the beans are cooking under pressure. Pull the can out and let it cool, then crack it open and you've got some super easy doce-de-leite... or more commonly in spanish, dulce-de-leche
Sophie Adam
Sophie Adam 17 أيام قبل
Have you done AirFryer?
Piyush Saini
Piyush Saini 17 أيام قبل
Pressure cooker is used everyday in North india and there are thousands of recipes from savoury to sweet ones.... Check recipe of chef sanjiv kapoor... Or even a book comes along with a prestige company's cooker check that out...... And I love your chanel
Kianna Saengsawang
Kianna Saengsawang 17 أيام قبل
James has something in his hair and i couldn’t stop staring at it 😂😭
Liz Kerr
Liz Kerr 17 أيام قبل
“All the cool kids are doing it … it’s got a good bit of wobble to it”
Cande Laguela
Cande Laguela 17 أيام قبل
Chefs trying an air fryer?!
Abraham Hernandez
Abraham Hernandez 18 أيام قبل
Stove top pressure cookers are widely used in Mexican household. We use it mainly for cooking beans and beef stews
Sarah Ca.
Sarah Ca. 19 أيام قبل
Where can i get those recipes in written form? I couldnt find the one for the pulled pork on your website so i had to put on the video.
Alexandre Martins
Alexandre Martins 19 أيام قبل
That was pretty interesting. The risotto idea was brilliant! I'll have to try it!
Jay 19 أيام قبل
*rubs hands* time to experiment with some new pressure cooker recipes
ritika katariya
ritika katariya 20 أيام قبل
That's not how u cook potatoes in a pressure cooker
Douglas Young
Douglas Young 20 أيام قبل
please do more pressure cook ones also what two kitchen gadgets or techniques that you have used would you combined like would you use something and then a pressure cooker or use them both for part of meal
Frank Voss
Frank Voss 20 أيام قبل
"i was talking to the potato council" what a brilliant sentence
Gengar Savage
Gengar Savage 21 أيام قبل
Bring back gooey in the middle please
The Daily-ish Vlog
The Daily-ish Vlog 21 أيام قبل
Max Bip
Max Bip 21 أيام قبل
Love the new intro guys! Keep it up. 👍
fprosk 21 أيام قبل
Test an Instant Pot!
Susan Mehler
Susan Mehler 21 أيام قبل
The thing with the cheesecake- If you have an electric pressure cooker, you don't have to worry about temp fluctuations in the oven. It regulates temperature for ALL cooking, which is what makes them so amazing. I didn't even know stove top pressure cookers still existed. Made a chocolate cheesecake in mine a few months ago, it was amazing. I didn't have to watch it, I didn't even have to think about it. Pop it in, leave it, and delicious cheesecake.
Secret Forreddit
Secret Forreddit 22 أيام قبل
4:40 "You end up with Yahweh"? Must be pretty godlike then!
DatCreepyUnicorn 23 أيام قبل
You should try a Thermomix. I guess they're not very common in England but in Germany they are a plague! And personally I really dislike them (seeing James hating on a pressure cooker, I think he will as well) but it could be interesting to see something extraordinary made with it rather than just...dips.
Aishwarya Natesh
Aishwarya Natesh 23 أيام قبل
Also great in a pressure cooker, meat biryanis. Roasted marinated meat, browned onions and rice layered within, topped with saffron water. Lid on and cook. Release naturally, fold softly. Melt in the mouth delicious.
Aishwarya Natesh
Aishwarya Natesh 23 أيام قبل
In India, we let the pressure release naturally at its own pace, that’s the extra minute of cook you are wanting on everything.
Vardhan Shrivastava
Vardhan Shrivastava 23 أيام قبل
Well more than time look at it as this.. It saves energy and water. That's good always. And yes, please give it standing time off the hob, not all food needs a quick release. When you remove it from the hob, the heat dies down but the food cooks slowly the remaining way due to the remaining pressure.
Martin Renvoize
Martin Renvoize 24 أيام قبل
Awesome, you noticed my suggestion :) Great video as ever lads.
Thaís Sato
Thaís Sato 24 أيام قبل
In Brazil we eat (or at least used to) rice and beans almost every day, and pressure cookers are very popular for that reason. Cooking beans in 30 minutes instead of hours is so much more practical. You can cook like a kg at a time and freeze it in portions. I use it a lot to cook meats as well. And cooked condensed milk, of course. What can't we do with condensed milk? :D
CgyMomof2 24 أيام قبل
Instant Pot!!!
Mf Collette
Mf Collette 25 أيام قبل
I miss the "I'm gooey in the middle, baby let me bake"
Marthe Tanghe
Marthe Tanghe 25 أيام قبل
I'd buy a pressure cooker just to do the lentils
Karen Page
Karen Page 25 أيام قبل
12:40 his ears go up and down when he smiles and rests his face. Figured I would point that out. Also he has a wonderful smile. :)
Karen Page
Karen Page 25 أيام قبل
I do my potatoes in the pressure cooker for 5 total cooking minutes. Perfect every time
Izzy Cordova
Izzy Cordova 25 أيام قبل
does anyone else find James incredibly attractive? He's so cute and manly at the same time! 😍
Susi O
Susi O 25 أيام قبل
What happens to the nutritional content of vegetables cooked under pressure?
Mary Munarin
Mary Munarin 24 أيام قبل
Susi O Nutrients stay in the food instead of evaporating.
Keziah Yates
Keziah Yates 25 أيام قبل
00:25 has mike leaned into a sink or bath? 00:30 ben's collar. Ever since i started working in a kitchen ive noticed peoples 'whites' more and more!
Lea Hartmann
Lea Hartmann 25 أيام قبل
LOL!! Best Dad Joke of the Week yet!!! 😁😂🤣😂😁
Lea Hartmann
Lea Hartmann 25 أيام قبل
How about testing some recipes in a multi-cooker (aka, Instant Pot)?!? 🤔 I make rice, especially brown rice, in mine a lot and it always turns out perfectly. So I'd love to see your risotto and others tested in an Instant Pot! Thanks, guys! I love all of your videos! 😋 🤠 Lea from Longview, TX! 🤓
Nick Labelle
Nick Labelle 25 أيام قبل
@SORTEDfood bring back the old intro.
PlanettesOrigin 25 أيام قبل
14:18 James says saucepin instead of saucepan 😂
UsernamesForDummies 26 أيام قبل
I’d love the recipe for that pork shoulder (proper amounts). Where can I get it? Please help!!!
Manfred Schaefer
Manfred Schaefer 26 أيام قبل
I make a cheesecake in 28 minutes in a pressure cooker.
Evie Addy
Evie Addy 26 أيام قبل
not one for babysitting slow cooked meals if i'm inclined for a stew or pulled pork or other bits and pieces i'd just pull the slow cooker out fry everything off and throw it in the pot and leave it on low and skip off to work. or whatever else i could be doing :)
Skade 26 أيام قبل
Yeah, you might laugh at the no oven, but I've lived without one for over a year now and no oven in sight for probably 3 more #studentlife
Joris Cleeren
Joris Cleeren 26 أيام قبل
Could soaking time on chickpeas be reduced to ???
Zeraglud 26 أيام قبل
Could you guys please put the recipes for the food next time ? 😢
Prieynca Chauhan
Prieynca Chauhan 26 أيام قبل
A pressure cooker is an essential kitchen utensil at Indian homes and you can most definitely create Risotto in it. We make Khitchdi in it which is pretty similar consistency. Just need to be careful about the timing and the amount of liquid added to cook.
T Stormer
T Stormer 26 أيام قبل
like the vid but hate the new intro song
Kuroda Cursus
Kuroda Cursus 26 أيام قبل
What I learned: Add a minute to everything.
whooopdeedo 26 أيام قبل
can we get the recipes for the 5 that were a pass? i have a pressure cooker but only make rice with it currently and would love to make more with it!
Teri Scallon
Teri Scallon 26 أيام قبل
yum yum
Miki Gain
Miki Gain 26 أيام قبل
Your cheesecake - do the Cheesecake #17. Turns out really well with the correct texture and does not have an eggy flavor. Also, get yourselves an Instant Pot. Love mine because sometimes just pulling out everything for stove cooking is too much at the end of a work day on my feet.
Billy Morgan
Billy Morgan 26 أيام قبل
You're supposed to boil oxtail in water and dump the water after an hour, to get all the nasty stuff out..
Renita Meares
Renita Meares 26 أيام قبل
I have several pressure cookers, both standard and electric and I love them! There is a learning curve but success is so sweet!
Winston Weber
Winston Weber 26 أيام قبل
I'd love to see you guys do air fryers.
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