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Let's look at menus from US and UK school! Who wants PB&J?
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Thank you so much for watching! Hope you enjoyed it!

If you're new to my channel and videos, hi! I'm Evan Edinger, and I make weekly "comedy" videos every Sunday evening. As an American living in London I love noticing the funny differences between the cultures and one of my most popular video series is my British VS American one. I'm also known for making terrible puns so sorry in advance. Hope to see you around, and I'll see you next Sunday! :)

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Tinna Gigja
Tinna Gigja أشهر قبل
I love how horrified Noah looks when Evan is describing the pre-portioned meals.
Traci M
Traci M 23 أيام قبل
I love how horrified he was by mozzarella sticks as a meal 🤣
GonnaCatchMeMeming 25 أيام قبل
Daniel Smith
Daniel Smith أشهر قبل
Sounds like aeroplane food!
swagaw3some أشهر قبل
@Amy Hissong Now y'all understand how a country as big as ours has an obesity rate of 90%
helen edgington
helen edgington أشهر قبل
That’s not food 🤬
Sustainably Crafting
Sustainably Crafting أشهر قبل
It's really common for schools in the UK to have nut-free kitchens. I'm amazed PB&J is such a staple from the point of view of allergies, even if it probably is one of the more nutritious things on the menu!
Kelly H
Kelly H 4 أيام قبل
Our school serves sunbutter but still usually call it pb&j
HappyBeezerStudios - by Lord_Mogul
We never had any special rules on what to bring for breakfast in school. And I had all kinds of things over the years, depending on what I prepared for the day. From whole bread sandwiches to snickers and coke.
Tidal VII
Tidal VII 15 أيام قبل
At least at every school I’ve been at the PB&Js are pre packaged as well such as uncrustables
Dan H
Dan H أشهر قبل
@Simber In the UK you can't bring nuts into school with your packed lunch either - if a teacher/dinner lady spots you've got something nutty, they'll ask you not to eat it until the end of the day and just mention it to the parent when you go home as a reminder that nuts aren't allowed
Simber أشهر قبل
I was really shocked about that! our school cafeterias in the US never served nuts and where I work now lots of the classrooms are nut free. I brought peanut butter in my lunch but the cafeteria didn't serve it
wyntermyst أشهر قبل
I love how Noah gets more and more horrified by US school food.
Contentful 10 أيام قبل
@Paul Guise Taste wise no, health wise ours is just generally better
Stewed Fish Productions
Stewed Fish Productions أشهر قبل
@Paul Guise- I love bacon, liver, onions, mash and gravy - Yum! Yum!
Paul Guise
Paul Guise أشهر قبل
It cant be as bad as liver and onions like what we got
Rebecca Smith
Rebecca Smith أشهر قبل
I teach in a UK primary school and am always astounded by the food available. Our children get: A free bagel (funded by a charity, to be served first thing in case they missed breakfast) Free milk (government funded- only for reception age so children and 4-5) Free fruit for playtime (government funded- all KS1 children so age 4-7) Free dinner for KS1 children with the option of hot dinner, vegetarian, jacket potato or a sandwich plus dessert, fruit and a salad bar. Prices are kept low for KS2 children and children whose parents earn below a certain threshold get free dinners. Dinners are all paid for online by parents so there's no concern about making it obvious who is getting free food. The lunch options are very "adult" and I occasionally have to ask the cook what they are before I read the menu to the children in a morning 😂 Everything is cooked on site daily and is always delicious!
•𝐢𝐜𝐨𝐧• 19 أيام قبل
Doctor Cookie
Doctor Cookie 21 أيام قبل
my first primary school was proper posh and instead of collecting food, you'd like up by the kitchen, order your food, and sit down in the main hall, waiting for your lunch. Then the dinner ladies would come round and give it to you.
Psychedelic Kitten
Psychedelic Kitten 22 أيام قبل
That’s actually really good, my primary school did nothing like that (I’m almost 26 now though so this is going back a while) if you didn’t have money for food or a packed lunch, you went without. I remember having a little snack sized pack of party rings taken off me at break time because the teacher said they were “unhealthy” cause I guess they’d rather kids have no food to eat at all than eat a couple of biscuits 😹
PeNg Alpha
PeNg Alpha 26 أيام قبل
everything was true except the fact that they tasted good
Sarah Bowman
Sarah Bowman 26 أيام قبل
Not really free though is it, let's be honest
RosLanta أشهر قبل
As someone who went to school before the Jamie Oliver thing, I can confirm that we were never as bad as the US sounds. There were always multiple options and they felt like meals not snacks. They just didn't always contain a lot of veg etc.
KRY MauL 21 أيام قبل
@Lukas Cohen r/shitamericanssay
Lukas Cohen
Lukas Cohen 21 أيام قبل
To be clear, this video was made by an American from the heavily Italian influenced state of New Jersey (which is just as much of a corrupt basket case as Italy itself). This means that a lot of the state's school budget is generally written by mob bosses and their associates and that affects the quality of the food and the education the kids get. What I grew up learning and dealing with in California (which is a lot less corrupt but has a lot more red tape) is very different from Evan's upbringing. There's essentially 10 regional school menus: New England (Boston area), Mid Atlantic (NYC and Philly), The South (Atlanta, Charlotte, Nashville), Florida (Miami), Louisiana (New Orleans), Texas (enough said), the Midwest (Chicago, Detroit, Milwaukee, St Louis, Kansas City, and Minneapolis), the West (Denver, Seattle, Portland, Phoenix, LA, Vegas, and San Diego), Alaska, and Hawaii. The territories also have their own menus due to their different cuisines as well.
Kyla Luv
Kyla Luv 22 أيام قبل
@KRY MauL So true, the US's priorities always seemed askew.
KRY MauL 22 أيام قبل
@Kyla Luv Well, the US likes to under fund education and double down on manufacturing. However, current manufacturing requires people to be a skilled worker, so the department of education needs more funding.
Andrew Bottomley
Andrew Bottomley 25 أيام قبل
@sianchild Yep, in the canteen. Tbf there was a bit of choice but my school was weird and had 3 floors - the chip floor, the fairly normal floor (stuff like pies so more lunch like but still pretty unhealthy) and the salad floor. But obviously lots of people chose the chip floor then even more people chose it because that's where their friends were. The salad floor was basically just teachers and about 10 pupils (I only went there when I worked to earn money as a lunchtime supervisor during y12).
Joe Bleasdale
Joe Bleasdale أشهر قبل
When it comes to Jamie Oliver, there’s a massive generational divide in how he’s viewed. Most of the vitriol, I’d say, comes from younger millennials who knew the trashy turkey twizzler days at first, and then had broccoli stems shoved down their throats post-2005. I’m Gen Z and me and my peers enjoyed the lunches, like the ones Evan was describing, and geriatric millennials / older kind of wish they’d had that at school. What I will say, however, looking back, is that the way Jamie went about a lot of his food education was VERY classist. His mantra was about “clean” and “dirty” foods, i.e. cheap foods were bad because they were cheap. Jamie’s School Dinners was, ostensibly, a piece of entertainment for Channel 4, aimed at his middle class audience who could laugh at the kids of Kidbrooke and Rotherham for eating “turkey bleedin’ twangers” while their kids were being fed the exceptionally healthy burgers, bangers, gingerbread and mince pies he was shilling for Sainsbury’s as part of that 11-year advertising deal when I was growing up. It’s good kids are being fed proper food, but you don’t combat obesity by calling for a ban on 2-for-1 pizza deals.
Tyrannosavage Rekt
Tyrannosavage Rekt 7 أيام قبل
I was born in '91, so I was in school when this "revolution" came about, but I was always on board with it. Even when the healthy food was introduced, there was still sometimes an unhealthy option, like fried chicken or something, on the menu as like a special treat every so often. I guess it helps that I was raised with a good relationship with food starting at home, so healthy meals to me were just what I was used to anyway. I definitely think that some of Oliver's attitudes are classist, though. He seemed much more intent on lobbying the government to introduce a "sugar tax" on sweets and fizzy drinks than he did about making healthy options more affordable for families, or doing something to promote food education for parents.
Deag Edwards
Deag Edwards أشهر قبل
Tax unhealthy foods and use that tax to subsidise healthier foods.
ddlee84 أشهر قبل
I grew up well before Jamie's crusade on cheap manufactured meals full of chemicals and preservatives. I see the good in it now as an adult, but the way he went about it was very much taking the piss out of people who couldnt afford in either time or money to go to Sainsburys every day to by fresh meat and veg and take an hour to make a dinner. If all you have time for is a 20 mins throw it on a tray in the oven meal then that should be good enough.
Sarah Hoops
Sarah Hoops أشهر قبل
But he wasn”t middle class his dad ran a pub. He worked in the kitchen. Think in terms of clean & dirty, it was in the manufacture he was talking about. Turkey twizzlers & chicken nuggets are all the crap bits leftover mushed together, rather than proper bits of chicken. I expect if you were being fed that stuff at home then it was normal to eat that. I went to a lower end private school we were fed spam fritters were they any better?
Rainbow Pearl Vlogs and Animations
I remember about halfway through my primary school days we had the sudden switch from low quality unhealthy food we all still loved, to healthier food… which ironically also dropped in quality after a year or so. It got to the point where the food would be sent in large taxis every morning from the secondary school a mile or so away to be barely reheated at our school, and we weren’t allowed drinks other than water or dips of any kind because of the healthy eating rules… Apparently after I moved on from that school the students campaigned for not just healthy food, but quality healthy food at a reasonable price for all families, which though I don’t know if it worked, I find admirable.
Heather S
Heather S أشهر قبل
"It's America, we love cheese" well guess what Evan, in France too we love cheese. But we still know how to make a real meal 😂😂😂
Daisy Sanders
Daisy Sanders 26 أيام قبل
@Simon Waters I love French cheese! Undoubtedly my favourites come from France, but oddly enough I learnt the other day that Britain produces a lot more varieties of cheese than France and it's widely exported, which is strange news to me because I've never heard much about our cheese
Heather S
Heather S أشهر قبل
@Stewed Fish Productions So true ! but even without considering the process (industrial or not) we know how to make food without cheese. Though it's even worst when you put it in that perspective 😱
Stewed Fish Productions
Stewed Fish Productions أشهر قبل
@Heather S - The difference is, the French (and British too - 🇬🇧), KNOW how to make cheese... Unfortunately, what Americans consider 'cheese' is, in the main, a processed, industrial version full of additives, which bear no resemblance to the traditional actual 'real deal'! As an example: 'American Cheese' (the generic version added to/used in most commercial food meals), contains 21% sodium (salt) versus E.G. Swiss Cheese 2% or a 'higher salt' content per volume of say, Cheddar Cheese, but still only 8% Imagine ALL those meals that contain cheese (never mind all the foodstuffs it is added with, plus their 'salt' content) and that appeal to American kids: Pizza, pasta & sauce, cheeseburgers, dips, processed chicken and similar every day - WOW ! Not a healthy diet - SMH
Simon Waters
Simon Waters أشهر قبل
@John Smith I love French cheeses, but I think people are mean to British cheeses just because most of them are hard. But you can get a perfectly fine mature cheddar very reasonably which can be used to cook all sorts of food. That said at the cost of the primary meals served at our local school real cheese wasn't featuring heavily.
John Smith
John Smith أشهر قبل
Ah, the land of epoisses, roquefort and brie de Meaux. Let’s be honest, Evan never *really* ate cheese growing up although he might think he did.
SteeJans91 أشهر قبل
"there's no such thing as Jamie Oliver in the states" actually there was, he went over there and did a whole documentary about trying to get healthy food in schools like he did in the UK and he left crying... parents were literally throwing McDonalds over the gates to their kids so they could eat what they wanted.... Edit: the show was called Jamie's American Food Revolution
Rebekah Spears
Rebekah Spears 22 أيام قبل
America’s equivalent would be when Michelle Obama tried to get healthy lunches in all the schools.
PWallie2 26 أيام قبل
Weren't they also throwing Macdonalds over the fence in the UK, though?
Laura D
Laura D أشهر قبل
Yes! My favorite bit from that show was when he tried to get the kids to chant "meat and 2 veg". I was watching it with my roommate (we're both American) and I had to explain what he was trying to get the kids to say.
Niamh Perreault
Niamh Perreault أشهر قبل
I remember it vividly having just moved to the US in 06. It was so grim. I seem to recall Jamie repeating the pink slime experiment in the US and the kids still wanted to eat the nuggets awful.
Soph G
Soph G أشهر قبل
Left crying 😂 ffs I shouldn’t laugh but
Mona Elisa
Mona Elisa 29 أيام قبل
"That looks like adult food!" Well...should they look different? 😅 Our (Czech Republic, around 2008-2012) lunches are served on plates (how do you mix anything on those trays you have??) and were all like "adult food", just smaller portions. Just off the top of my head: schnitzel with mashed potatoes, chicken with rice and brown sauce, sweet dumplings with fruit filling, pork with bread knödel slices (you told the lunch person how many slices you wanted, I usually got four), hard-boiled eggs with dill sauce and potatoes, fish fillet - usually Czech (or adjacent) dishes and no fries/chips or pizza. Also, soups!! Always a soup and a main course. (there was some odd stuff too, because there were a ton of options throughout the year, but it would still be a proper portion at least) Only sometimes there was random extra stuff ("dessert", I guess) such as: an apple, a little bowl of carrot/cucumber/red beet salad, a square piece of cake, a Kinder Pinguí etc. 😂
Tyrannosavage Rekt
Tyrannosavage Rekt 7 أيام قبل
Yeah, at my schools in the UK we nearly always had food on plates and with proper utensils, etc. unless it was a day where we'd opted for just a "light" lunch like a baguette sandwich, instead of a meal. We always got the choice.
Alice Conroy
Alice Conroy أشهر قبل
One of the reasons the UK dinners are more nutritious and like an adult meal as well, is because for some kids, that's the only hot/proper meal they get a day! They've always had an emphasis on it because of that. Another thing I remember about primary school dinners was we had special birthday lunches! If it was your birthday, you would get a special table and you could invite your friends onto that table and choose which dinner you would like (almost always fish and chips lol) and we'd also get special red trays (the usual ones were yellow).
elliewescott 27 أيام قبل
We didn't have that in 2001-2006 but we had a headteacher table where you got to sit if you got the headteacher award along with other teachers it was very odd
Latle lat
Latle lat أشهر قبل
That's why we have the free lunch thing. Same issue but yall solved it better 💀
Jay D
Jay D أشهر قبل
To be honest pre Jamie Oliver meals were pretty similar to America school lunches. I remember behaving dinosaur chicken, potato smiley faces which baked beans. And cake and custard for desert.
Simon Waters
Simon Waters أشهر قبل
​@Victoria Posada I live in idyllic and mostly wealthy village, and you can't predict the parents having a hard time paying, it only takes one parent to have a serious medical issue or some other random misfortune and the tide can turn quickly. Especially given the kinds of rents or mortgages people have these days.
Sofia Golpe
Sofia Golpe أشهر قبل
myrskykeiju أشهر قبل
I don't think I've ever been so grateful for the free Finnish school lunches than I am watching this video... I'm also so baffled by the amount of desserts, like, we would have a dessert like once a month on a special occasion??? having a dessert everyday seems so bonkers to me. We always had a proper warm meal with a salad and you got to serve yourself rather than the food being preportioned, even in the first grades. My fave was definitely spinach pancakes (which are savoury) with lingonberry jam, usually with a greek salad. The true Finnish school lunch icon, however, is the rye-based crispbread. No matter what the meal for the day was, there'd always be a mountain of crispbread waiting for you. Even on the days when the meal they served wasn't your favorite, every kid would just be munching away on crisp bread and arguing over which side of the bread you should butter (the holey side, obviously). I think I need to go make myself a crispbread now.
Phalaenopsisify 6 أيام قبل
Seems like Finnish and Swedish school lunches are very similar. We had regular knäckebröd not the rye version but other than that I recognize a lot.
A 26 أيام قبل
In the UK desserts are a big deal, they're one of the better parts of British cuisine! So we would have them every day, but honestly the portions were quite small and they actually didn't have as much sugar as you'd think. They'd often be things like fruit crumble or rice pudding, much less often chocolate or ice cream. And I wouldn't get dessert at home.
ashashtaylor أشهر قبل
in the US we dont get desserts like that either unless middle school/high school if your school has a snack line then you can get slushies, cookies, snacks and etc. the worm dirt dessert evan showed was a elementary school dessert that wasn’t served in lunch at my school lol we only made it in our classrooms like once a year if your lucky. although in elementary from like 2005-2008 they used to give us the push up water ice at lunch.
JUMALATION1 أشهر قبل
I was just about to say what you already very elegantly put into words about Finnish school lunch food. I do feel like there has been a slight change in quality towards the better since I went to elementary school (gotta love those spinach pancakes tho). I worked in a school for a year not too long ago and had school lunch every day, and some dishes tasted better than I remember 🤔 Maybe a sign of becoming an adult and more tolerant haha
Leenapanther أشهر قبل
Coming from Switzerland, eating at the school is such a weird concept. Here everyone is expected to go home. Schools do offer lunch but pay 40$ per luncn. In high school most go home. The students who stay at the school either bring their own lunch or just buy something in the super market. I once read a post on reddit from an american woman who thought it's strange that teenager aren't supervised.
Sliced Bread
Sliced Bread أشهر قبل
Yeah those menus were just like my uk primary school, we had three mains : meat (except on Mondays which were meat free), vegetarian and a jacket potato option every day. The American ones seemed a lot more similar to what my secondary school offered us where it would just be like a chicken burger or other junk food and drinks with no required fruit or veg and every element: dessert or drink was paid for separately with money our parents gave us online that was linked to a thumb print scanner
Robyn Daniels
Robyn Daniels أشهر قبل
I hated those damn thumb scanners! We had to bring in money though, youd put it on your account by scanning to log in to one of the thumb scanners in the corridors, then just feeding the money in. At lunch you'd pay by scanning your thumb at the till :)
Maribeth Bristol-McCord
Maribeth Bristol-McCord 15 أيام قبل
I went to elementary in the state of Idaho in the US and my lunch experience was extremely different than Evans. We always had multiple protein options, veggies and fruits and we had a salad bar area and yes milk options as well. This was Aug 95' - May 02', when I went to elementary. Very interesting though, especially the difference in my country and the UK. 🙂
Jen Jen
Jen Jen 21 أيام قبل
i once reliably informed by a dinner lady that the "secret brownie"'s secret ingredient was beetroot- apparently they also snuck loads of veggies into other foods too
SoonerSaoirse أشهر قبل
My daughter goes to a public school in Spain, I wish I could show you her weekly menu because the level of healthiness and yumminess is absolutely crazy and unbelievable
shinyshinythings 15 أيام قبل
Same here, only I teach, in a small school, in an area where seafood is abundant. Comida casera … it is often some kind of shellfish, and you can smell it all over the school when they’re cooking in the school kitchen. (Too bad I don’t get to eat any!)
onyx stewart
onyx stewart أشهر قبل
I went to a really small primary school with less than 100 pupils, so I feel like our school meals were pretty good as they were able to cook us better quality stuff. My absolute favourite was around Easter when we got lamb, mixed veg and mint sauce. It was SO good
Imogen Rippeth
Imogen Rippeth أشهر قبل
Attending Primary School post Jamie Oliver, the meals on a whole were fairly good. There were iconic dishes like the sprinkle cake which was often served at my first Primary School and fudge tart at my second. Also they used to serve this really nice lemon cake at my second. Although I heard that when I left, the meals went downhill. I'm not sure what the food's like now.
Jeff Morse
Jeff Morse أشهر قبل
Grew up in the 70s. We had "lunch ladies" who actually cooked hot food and much of it was from scratch. Main course, side dish, veggies, salad, bread, dessert and milk. The school lunches in our run of the mill small town in Northern California rocked. I can still remember some of my favorites to this day. I feel sorry for kids now with the crap they feed them.
mary davis
mary davis 22 أيام قبل
the two schools I went to in Vermont, we had lunch ladies aka some parents of the students cook the food.
Kyla Luv
Kyla Luv أشهر قبل
Grew up in the 80s here and I enjoyed school lunch because it was all made from scratch un house. I was so disappointed in the slop my kids were served.
MarvelousSandstone أشهر قبل
German school food is definitely more like in the UK as well and we ate from real plates. Could always choose from a few different options as well and my school had salad as an option every single day. Pretty sure we had like 5 different things you could choose from every day. As I said we didn't get kids specific lunches we just ate what everyone here eats pretty much.
Caeilia أشهر قبل
Did you also have school lunch in primary school? Because for me it only started in secondary school as the primary school day ended around noon anyway 😅
Nadean Simmons
Nadean Simmons أشهر قبل
When i was young in England we had delicious food. Meat, potatoes and greens with delicious gravies and sauces. The puddings were lovely too. I always remember the cook rapping on the table with a metal spoon to shout "Who wants seconds'
grahvis 29 أيام قبل
@Paul Queripel . I have a UK school cookbook from 1947. It states that green vegetables and potatoes should be served as soon as possible after cooking so as to preserve vitamin C. Cabbage should be cooked using as little water as possible, the leaves being added, starting with the outer leaves first and cooked for 20 minutes.
Tasha أشهر قبل
@Paul Queripel That's so sad the best part of school life for me was always the dinner and you better believe when I had the chance to join my daughter at her school for their child/parent dinners I was the first in line.
Paul Queripel
Paul Queripel أشهر قبل
@Stewed Fish Productions We didn't actually have cooks at the school, just people who dished it up. No kitchen, so everything was made at the nearest secondary school and transferred over.
Stewed Fish Productions
Stewed Fish Productions أشهر قبل
@Paul Queripel- Sadly, you obviously had bad COOKS at your school, to dish up what you describe, every day..? You can't account for being a bad cook - SMH!
Paul Queripel
Paul Queripel أشهر قبل
The greens at my school were cooked almost to mush, mashed potatoes were invariably grey (roast were okay) and the liver still gives me nightmares. Elasticated, needed whittling around the massive vein running through it. Bacon had bone in it. Spam fritters, a sponge of grease. Found a big hairy caterpillar in my salad once, and no, it wasn't extra protein. Most desserts okay, apart from whatever the sauce was they used on the ginger pudding, that was just nasty.
grahvis 29 أيام قبل
When I was at school in the late 40s-early 50s, the three schools were together on the same site. Couldn't really complain about the meals as first my grandmother and then my mother were head cooks. I have a cookbook from those days, great concentration was placed on the balanced nutritional value, protein, vitamins, etc, of the meals.
Ruth Foley
Ruth Foley أشهر قبل
I'm 46. Our meals were always actually cooked by the staff. There were salad options as well. We had no set day menu. The food was really good.
Paul Guise
Paul Guise أشهر قبل
Hiya Ruth, read my entry at the top of the page
Reece Swaby
Reece Swaby أشهر قبل
When I went to school they had set menus for the week for logistics reasons but the students would just find out on the day. Wednesdays and Fridays were always roast and fish though.
Eleanor Maddocks
Eleanor Maddocks أشهر قبل
The early days of Jamie Oliver lunches were dark times. I’m a trainee teacher now and things have got much better, especially with the wider availability of free school lunches. Schools weren’t equipped for the sudden change towards healthier food and it took a few years for things to get better which is why I almost never had school lunches as a kid, because I was ridiculously fussy and even if the meal on offer was something I’d eat at home it usually wasn’t cooked very well and it would then put me off having it again at home. Pretty much every kid in my class had a packed lunch, and they almost all followed the same formula that I still pack sometimes as an adult because in my brain it’s what a packed lunch should include. It was a sandwich (ham, cheese or similar if your parents made it, chocolate spread or jam if you did), a flapjack or cereal bar, bit of fruit, a yogurt, lunchbox chocolate bar and maybe a bag of crisps. There was some variation on that, I knew one girl who got jelly pots instead of yogurt, but that was pretty much the standard.
Luna the espeon
Luna the espeon أشهر قبل
I'm definitely looking forward to the high school lunches video. I remember some of these American meal options being the same in the higher grades, so... that's fun. I personally don't remember my primary school lunches that well, and I don't recall actually having a choice between anything besides what type of milk you got (and maybe between two popsicle flavors for dessert, which were either strawberry and blue raspberry, but if there was a choice it eventually just got traded out for blue raspberry entirely, which I hated). While still not entirely good for you, one thing I do remember liking about lunch one year in my school was that they had cookies which had the names of US presidents, (I think) a portrait of said president, and what number in the presidential line that they were (not sure if they put down what years they served as president, but it would make sense if they did). It still wasn't healthy, but at least it came with some trivia.
Lucy Sullivan
Lucy Sullivan أشهر قبل
As a British person, after Jamie Oliver, I was a major lover of school dinners. Atleast at my primary, they where always freshly made and you could tell. They tasted like care had been put into them, and we had 2 options every day, with two options of desert aswell. So there was alot of choice. Chicken pie was always a favourite of mine.....the dinners definitely went down hill in secondary
Ryah أشهر قبل
Im an american, my school lunch experience was very different than this lol. i lived in a fairly large city and the food we got was usually some kind of meat, maybe like pasta or rice sometimes, and then mush vegetables and fruit that wasn't ripe. and then of corse there was pizza. all of it was prepackaged though and heated in an oven. at one point they gave us chocolate milk but then they decided it was too unhealthy so they took it away. desserts were never a thing at school lunch, but sometimes there was apple sauce. there were literally no vegetarian options because nuts were banned from the entire school, so i had to pack my own lunch when i became a vegetarian, not that the food was any good anyway though. all of it was free though because my city has such a high level of poverty that they just decided to make it free.
Jase Curtis
Jase Curtis أشهر قبل
As a British primary school kid in the 90's I can definitely say that our school dinners were nowhere near as sophisticated as they are nowadays. It was food that could best be described as beige, with occasional inclusions of boiled/microwaved vegetables like peas and carrots. Dessert would often be that iced bun thing with sprinkles and a side of custard. I can't say I ever had the "delights" of the Turkey Twizzler though. That being said, as processed and unhealthy as it was, it's still nowhere near as comically terrible for you as the current American school dinners are. I believe this is more for inner city high schools, but I've seen many a story going round of school lunches in the States being basically rotten and not fit for human consumption. Even if the food is in date and perfectly edible, it's still the sort of stuff I'd expect a Uni student getting themselves after a night on the lash. Not food that should be given to young children in a country where healthcare isn't a given.
Dutchandfrench أشهر قبل
Both of these are quite different from my experience. We never even had dessert at my US school haha. And I'm 90% sure all of the food was frozen and then heated up. We also only had one lunch lady, so basically all of the 5th graders rotated lunch duty to pass out food (yay free child labor). Several people would get spoiled milk as well (I got some on my first day fun times). At least we had a salad bar though
Netrophensis أشهر قبل
This brings a lot back to me from primary school, we mainly had school dinners cause my mom considered packed lunches more expensive - we had pizza squares, turkey twizzlers, smileys, those mini 4 square waffles, sponge cake and those little ice cream and cake dishes. It was waaay unhealthy but I used to absolutely love it. It's weird that it got kinda worse when we got to secondary, where you either had a choice of fast food level burger or pizza and fries, or baked potatoes
Katie Mullee
Katie Mullee أشهر قبل
One thing I loved during school dinners was the Cheese Flan, chips and beans! Then cake amd custard for dessert 😁
Raphaella Badua
Raphaella Badua أشهر قبل
One thing that I think that wasn't mentioned is that when you're at primary school (below Year 3 I think) they used to give us free milk and fruit during break time. And then when you're older your parents can pay for your milk. I remember being jealous of all the ones with milk. This is in the UK in a Catholic Primary school though.
Kimberley Stuckey
Kimberley Stuckey 25 أيام قبل
@meeptherat I remember being given a whole raw tomato every day in about nursery and reception for snack which sounds really wierd but strangely it helped me grow fond of them at a younger age because they were the on the vine , sweeter kind rather than the sour ones at home i didn't like at all.
MiniKipp أشهر قبل
i got milk in reception and then fruit up until year 3
Kayleigh Kimberley
Kayleigh Kimberley أشهر قبل
00's uk primary school attendee we got milk and a biscuit and then fruit was for the afternoon break :D and then if we wanted to pay something like £1.80 a week we could get milk in juniors
Amy Kate Art
Amy Kate Art أشهر قبل
It’s the same still, kids get free milk until they turn 5 across all of England and then you have to pay for it, my sons school does free fruit at break time but not sure when that stops, possibly when he hits key stage 2 (year 3) and when his free school dinners ends
V1 The Creator
V1 The Creator أشهر قبل
We had it free until year 3 as well but my school had an apple tree so everyone got free fruit
memandylov 29 أيام قبل
I went to school in a pretty low-income area in Alabama and my school lunches weren't entirely pre-packaged like Evan describes, but we did have a few things in packages, like uncrustables and fruit cups and such. Everything else was bought in bulk and cooked and served in giant trays and containers buffet-style. Entrees were either loose on the tray with tongs or portioned into cheap little paper baskets, never in fully pre-packaged containers. We always had some sort of fruit/vegetable available and we were required to put it on our tray, even if we didn't intend to eat it. For anything that wasn't pre-portioned, we were given a limit of how much we were allowed to take, usually not more than one piece/one scoop, even for vegetables and fruits, and as we left the lunch line, the lunch ladies would check your tray to make sure you didn't have too much or too little of anything, and would send you back to get what you don't have or even take your tray away if you got too much of something. We had salads as an option in case we didn't want what they were serving, and they always came in pre-portioned sealed containers, so it wasn't like a salad bar or anything. We even had fruit salads and I loved those, but they were in such a limited supply that if you were near the end of the line, you had no chance of getting a salad of any kind. The only time we were ever allowed "seconds" was if you were lucky enough to be in the last lunch wave, after everyone has already eaten, and they had a surplus of foods that they couldn't just save for later. This happened with me once when they had a ton of leftover kiwis, and they told us we can go up and get as many as we wanted. I ended up getting 7-8 kiwis and eating them all within the span of about 5 minutes. That was the day I discovered kiwis are surprisingly acidic and I spent the rest of the day with the entire area around my lips itching and burning like crazy. They rarely, if ever, allowed seconds of entrees but it was always appreciated when they did
Soph_252 29 أيام قبل
As someone who was at british primary school 3 years ago, I'll say how my more "modern" British lunches worked for me(I started year R in 2013 for reference) So our menu worked on a 3 week rota so there's 15 unique days, it was mostly random but fish was always Friday (each of the 3 weeks rotated with fingers, battered and breaded) Every day we would have the blue option, the yellow option and the green option. Blue meant meat (regular food), yellow was vegetarian, green was jacket potato (if you picked jacket potato you'd always have the choice of cheese, baked beans or tuna on it and you could have all 3 if you really wanted) In the morning during the register, instead of just saying you were here you had to say if you wanted blue, yellow, green or had a packed lunch. Then when lunch time came around, you would go into the hall and there would be a dinner lady with the registers and you would say your name and then she would give you a blue/yellow/green wristband (if you had a packed lunch you could just skip the line and sit down somewhere, or eat outside) and then you'd grab a tray and the kitchen staff would see your wristband and prepare your meal for you and put it on your tray and off you'd go. And then there was the dessert bench which mostly had gross yoghurt and fruit on OR on lucky days it might have ice cream pots and then there was also the salad bar you could grab stuff from too. edit: nuts and eggs were completely banned (our deputy head had a VERY serious egg allergy and nut allergies are just so common) and you weren't allowed to take these in in your packed lunch either
Tyrannosavage Rekt
Tyrannosavage Rekt 7 أيام قبل
I'm 30, so I was in school a fair while before the "Jamie Oliver Revolution" kicked in, and despite the fact that there was some deep-fried food, and turkey twizzlers and the like, it was *never* as bad as what you're describing in the States. At least not in my experience with school lunches. Even then we had multiple options for our meals, and there was always a selection of vegetables to have with your lunch. The "salad bar" thing wasn't really a thing for me until we got to secondary school though.
Rosie Loker
Rosie Loker أشهر قبل
I was going into 6th form when Jamie Oliver did his thing, so I had 12 sweet years of pre-JO school food (although it wasn't as bad as Evan is describing - there were at least some healthy options even if kids mostly picked the unhealthy ones!) The vending machines with fizzy drinks and chocolate bars disappeared over the summer. As did the greasy sausage rolls (like the Greg's ones but worse quality - they were a morning break time favourite), the triangle pizza with the orange grease dripping off it, the turkey twizzlers, turkey drumsticks, burgers, chips etc. all gone by September! In my school, they were replaced by a Subway-style sandwich/salad bar which actually turned out to be quite nice. The tuckshop lady who was everyone's best friend had to go and work in the kitchens though as her sweet/crisp/chocolate selling skills were no longer required.
Kathryn Tyley
Kathryn Tyley أشهر قبل
I grew up vegetarian and until about year 3, if they ran out of the vegetarian main I would be given a couple of scoops of the pre-grated cheese instead (with the usual vegetable side and pudding)! Thankfully at some point they introduced a pre-order system so that they had enough of each option haha
Sophie Cleverly
Sophie Cleverly أشهر قبل
My daughter's pre-school menu sounds amazing to me but I don't think she would eat any of it 😆 I wish I could order it for myself tbh
Quicksy أشهر قبل
The US menu sounds really scary, to be honest. I think because of very many carbs and fried stuff. We used to have school in the morning or afternoon so we would usually have lunch at home, after or before class.
Lady K
Lady K أشهر قبل
I'm 33 and from the UK, so pre Turkey Twizzler era (yes I remember eating this in school!) the sprinkle cake was amazing!! I still get this from bakeries now to re-live the school dinner memories! We had potato smiles and beans and were always given an option and one was always veggie friendly even in the 90s! we also had chocolate cake with chocolate custard (lumpy but yummy!) and we called them Dinner Ladies and not Lunch Ladies as we had school dinners not lunches! We never had a salad bar that sounds mega fancy to me, lunchboxes were also restricted in later years so you couldn't have a sandwich, crisps, chocolate and a fizzy drink, you had to have at least one piece of fruit or veg and if you didn't have that in your lunchbox your parents would get a letter from the school to tell them about this rule. Capri sun was what the cool kids had but wasn't an everyday thing, usually reserved for school trips along with lunchables and dairylea dunkers!!
Family Minahan
Family Minahan أشهر قبل
One time at our school, a kid threw a slice of pizza at the wall as a joke and it stuck to the wall. And stayed there for like two days. So I’d like to say our school lunches were pretty great :)
Wendy Kelly
Wendy Kelly أشهر قبل
I knew someone who went for interview to be dinner lady and serve the food... interviewer asked her... what would you do if a child threw a burger at you... she said I'd catch it and throw it back!!!! . She got the job . X
clown bones⭐
clown bones⭐ أشهر قبل
i remember one time i dropped an entire thing of chocolate milk on the floor and no one ever cleaned it up and they talked about it in the whole school assembly 😭😭
Omniscient Nescience
Omniscient Nescience أشهر قبل
In my High school, there were 5-or so Haribo Love-hearts stuck to the dining room ceiling. Nobody knows how they got there. They'd been there for at least a decade (literally, they were there when my brother started High School, and still there when I left)
Topaz Wolf
Topaz Wolf أشهر قبل
My dad said at his high school the fries were so greasy that kids would throw them at the wall and see whose stayed the longest
Reece Swaby
Reece Swaby أشهر قبل
None of the staff thought to clean it?
Julie أشهر قبل
In my elementary school in the Philadelphia area, we had multiple options for the entree, but you had to tell your teacher what you wanted in the morning so they would have it ready for you at lunch. If you missed the lunch order, you got whatever was left over. Also, of course, we had cheesesteaks on the menu regularly. I never had one, but they looked gross.
Rebecca Rayne
Rebecca Rayne أشهر قبل
I grew up in New Zealand and we didn't have a cafeteria, we had "tuck shops". Majority of children brought their own lunch and then could buy small snacks at the tuck shop if your parents gave you some spare change to spend. You could put in orders for things like pizza and sandwiches and pick it up at the tuck shop at lunch time but that was like a treat once a week or so, and not everyday. We ate our lunch outside wherever we wanted, there was covering for shade and for rain, or they would unlock the classroom if it was raining too much.
Belinda أشهر قبل
It’s similar in Australia. We typically have a canteen where you can buy drinks and snacks before school, at recess or lunch. You can place an order for lunch from a rotating menu but this is generally a one-off, infrequent event and is definitely not the norm for most students, who bring their own food from home (we call it a “packed lunch”). The main exception is for boarders who are students from remote, rural areas or overseas and live at school during the school term. They have their own cafeteria for lunch (and I can’t speak for the quality of the food as I’ve never properly experienced it) but they are a minority. Boarders and boarding also only occurs at private schools. Most schools - public or private - have a canteen, however. In terms of the standard of food itself: By having “packed lunches” (this includes snacks for recess etc.), the quality and “healthy-ness” is left largely to the parents of the individual student…so it varies. Some people eat well, others don’t. I was lucky enough to have pretty health-conscious parents but I was sometimes jealous of the snacks other kids brought in as food 😒 I can’t speak for people who attended other schools but my own school’s canteen was not particularly known for being healthy. That was part of the treat of it though, as it was not an everyday occurrence. Parents would give you lunch money as a treat or if they were pressed for time. You would use spare change for buying ice-cream or icy-poles in summer to cool down (it gets really hot here in Oz ☀️🥵) and roll-up, chicken strips or pumpkin scones at any other time. I sometimes got to order my lunch on Fridays when stuffed potato was on the menu. It was my favourite…Think of a big jacket potato stuffed with bacon bits and spring onion and baked with a generous layer of cheese over the top - yum! 😋
KuroiandNoukon أشهر قبل
Man, I remember my elementary school lunches being mostly steamed except for the pizza. There was always an entree, a fruit, and a milk (white or chocolate). If there was a vegetable, I don't remember having it. I mostly remembered eating a lot of hamburgers, cheeseburgers, grilled cheese, fish sandwiches with the cheese under the breading, half frozen peaches in syrup, and two types of pizza (french bread or my favorite, circular with three pepperonis on top). Those ice cream cups were saved for special events and they were just as likely to serve lemon Italian ices instead.
Will Caine
Will Caine أشهر قبل
Sounds to me like there's a lot more waste in terms of packaging with the US meals, at least in some cases like the preportioned meals. The only thing I remember about primary school lunches was having to sing a song before we were allowed to open our lunch boxes. "thank you for the food we eat, thank you for the birds that tweet" will forever be burned into my memory!
hanaasbananas أشهر قبل
I work in a primary school and their school lunches are pretty good-better than the stuff I bring for myself some days lmao. We have a week 1, 2 & 3 menu that just keeps rotating all year and they have great stuff like curries, pasta bake/bolognese/lasagna, beef or bean burgers and chips, roast dinners, pizzas, fish and chips . The kids even have the option for a jacket potato every day as well. Its honestly great and I remember having this sort of stuff when I was in school as well so I don't think these lunches are a recent development either
Silentgrace7 25 أيام قبل
@I am curious I mean, in the situation where it was viable we would have paid for our own lunches, but it was still the matter that they had to keep a final count of the meals "sold" (whether by the free lunch module or with an actual transaction), so it wouldn't matter either way.
I am curious
I am curious 25 أيام قبل
@Silentgrace7 Well they should make teachers pay for their lunches then.
A 26 أيام قبل
@Jodiice1981 Yeah, we always had one teacher per table in primary school who would make sure we were eating properly, teach us to use knives and forks correctly and give us proper table manners. I even remember we used to say grace lol, but I doubt that school does that anymore.
A 26 أيام قبل
@Mdx personally I always had them at school but didn't like getting them at home because 2 jacket potatoes a day is a bit much!
BearMugs 28 أيام قبل
@Jodiice1981 Yeah, I remember there was a 'teachers table' and a few staff supervising the lunch hall. They just ate what we ate seen as it's just normal food. It was funny seeing fully grown adults hunching over tiny tables because they had to make sure the tables were the right height for the little ones.
SleventyFive أشهر قبل
RE: US meals being prepackaged is mostly due to slashing education budgets, the choice between a math teacher and a cook is easy, since you can serve food without making it yourself. So good meals go away, everyone gets steam-tray food at best, and the state balances it's budget so they can give a tax break to Amazon to build a new warehouse!
Topaz Wolf
Topaz Wolf أشهر قبل
From what I can remember my elementary school lunches consisted of hamburgers, chicken patties, things called fish treasures (I dunno if they were actually fish but they were really good), chicken spring roll, pizza, and occasionally burritos. My favorites were the chicken patty and the fish treasures. Pretty much all the entrees came with french fries. PB&J was the only vegetarian alternative entrée. We had a salad bar but there were basically just peas, salad, and apples that tasted like they weren't ripe. We got milk and a fruit cup with each meal and on special days a couple times a month we would get the packaged ice cream cups or sprinkle cake. If you came to school early enough you could sign up for breakfast. I remember there being french toast sticks, pancakes, waffles, and breakfast burritos. Also I remember that we only had 15 minutes for us to get our food and eat it, and the cafeteria supervisors would get angry if we talked with our friends too loud and would punish us for doing so. They would pick all the noisy tables and put us all on cleaning duty for a while.
ad3z10 أشهر قبل
Can't remember much of my pre-Jamie primary school meals but I'm pretty sure it was still all cooked fresh at least. The one highlight I absolutely remember though is Apple Crumble with Custard. Instant custard is still a guilty pleasure of mine that the (by all means better and tastier) properly made stuff can't match.
Reyhana Patel
Reyhana Patel أشهر قبل
Still love cake and custard and apple crumble, classic.
aim-to-misbehave أشهر قبل
I had a couple of years of pre-Jamie school meals, fond memories of the instant custard (including pink custard and chocolate custard), cornflake tart, ginger cake with toffee sauce, chocolate concrete...
Molly Gumm
Molly Gumm أشهر قبل
As an American kid living overseas, I went to a Brasilian public school and the lunch was the the traditional dish. The dish was black beans, rice, meat, salad, bread and juice!! Later on in middle school, I went to an American bilingual school and it was the same but on Fridays we had spaghetti!! Nostalgia!! Great topic!!
Amie أشهر قبل
The fish on a Friday is an old Christian tradition - abstaining from eating the meat of warm blooded mammals for some reason or other. It’s more significant in church schools but a lot of other non-church schools still do fish Friday menus in the UK
Decently Smart For An Idiot
something i remember having in primary school was a buffet every two thursdays, we'd get sausage rolls and popcorn chicken and cookies and all sorts of things. because we're in scotland we'd also have this on daisy the highland cow's birthday (i think her name was daisy) she was implemented to encourage healthy eating or something like that. you'd also get cakes and stuff too. our salad bar had cold baguette sandwiches, vegetables etc and at my second primary school they'd give the salad bar stuff to you in little paper bags. we'd get milk in the mornings when we came in to school if you paid for it and at my first school they would provide fruit for break time.
UnknownGaming أشهر قبل
In my primary school we did get smileys and I use have ketchup on the side with it 🤤 but after Jamie Oliver all the sauces disappeared and we got mint sauce which was still nice tbh😂 I really did like the salad bar cause I loved coleslaw and it went well with the roast potatoes 😂 The thing that annoyed me most about Jamie Oliver is that our slushy machines turned into chocolate milkshake and strawberry milk shake slushies
Neion8 أشهر قبل
As someone who went to 3 different primary schools I always found this kindof interesting; my first was a fairly working class school and... well, it was bad. It used to be a running game to distract the dinnerladies (and this one guy who's main job seemed to be sternly making sure kids ate everything) so you could chuck the nearly inedible food in the bin and escape the hall without getting caught - I'm still not sure how you can mess up a jacket potato so badly. Then I moved 4 miles down the road to a far posher catchment area and went to a very sheltered countryside primary school (a weird experience for me; from 3 classes of 30+ students to 1 class of 20ish students per year and virtually no violence) and it was like being upgraded on a flight/train from economy to 1st class - for one, the food actually looked the right colour! Was only there for 3ish weeks but the food was one of the few pluses. Then I went to my 3rd school which was fairly posh for an urban school (but was closer) and it wasn't so good or bad that I can remember it, I'd say at least 85% of it was at least on the level of a microwaved readymeal. Secondary school was where it was at though! Actually having some choice in what food you got and some of it (usually desert items) being cooked in-house rather than just being reheated meant comparatively little was ever thrown away by students - and that usually only because a passing Seagull/Pigeon decided to roleplay a German bomber.
Amorky 29 أيام قبل
I was in school on the 80s and 90s in the US and our lunches at my school were not horrifying like this. But I went to a small town school so the lunch ladies were literally the aunts and grandmas of the kids. They could cook really good. We always had a large salad bar option, one main entree with two or three alternates. Whatever sides and the daily dessert. Then as an option you could also buy fries and milk shakes on the daily. I still wish I knew some of their recipes.
Robin Date
Robin Date 15 أيام قبل
I went to 3 different British primary schools (all post Jamie Oliver) so I feel like I’ve got a good perspective on this. My first primary school (Reception - Year 2) had food that was cooked on site - because it had a Poor from Ofsted so no one wanted to send their kid there, so there weren’t many kids to cook for. We were allowed packed lunches, but no PB+J because of allergies. My second primary school (Year 2), I don’t really remember because I was only there for a term, but there was just Chartwells or packed lunches (no PB+Js bc of allergies). My third primary school (Year 2 - Year 6), had Chartwells or packed lunches (no PB+Js because of allergies). It’s a lot better than the American stuff but it was essentially microwaved mush. Our school didn’t have the fish fingers, we had fake battered fish. The chips was not ‘scrummy’ however, none of my friends or I liked them and they actually got stuck in my throat several times because they were greasy and undercooked. We had yoghurt and fruit as a desert and occasionally sponge and custard. Our school didn’t really have a salad bar, the dinner lady would just ask you if you wanted salad with it and they’d pop some lettuce on your plate. I don’t think we ever had curry. Again, I know it’s a lot better than the American stuff and we were privileged to even have the option of vegetables, cooked food and a main meal. I just personally despised it because I hated the tastes and the textures and I’d often end up not eating lunch because of it.
Sam West
Sam West أشهر قبل
I'm a little older than Noah but when I was in reception I remember refusing the compulsory little carton of milk at breaktime. Took another 17 years to discover I was lactose intolerant 🙃
Phiyedough أشهر قبل
I was at school from 1965 to 1976 so things will have changed but there was certainly nothing designed to appeal specifically to children. A typical meal would have been some kind of meat with mashed potato and cabbage. Desert would be something like jam roly poly with custard. The only drink was water but that was from a big jug on each table and quite likely to be contaminated!
King Pizza
King Pizza أشهر قبل
I never knew about pizza being classified as a vegetable in schools in the USA 🍕🥦🤷🤣
HappyBeezerStudios - by Lord_Mogul
ketchup is a smoothie
lucas gunnell
lucas gunnell أشهر قبل
Too bad it isn't true, it's apparently just a misunderstanding of the discussion in congress of how much tomato paste counts as a serving of vegetables.
Lucie أشهر قبل
@roguechevelle That was one of Jamie Olivers arguments here the government was spending less money on children's food than they were on prisoners. it was probable heading in the same direction until that point.
roguechevelle أشهر قبل
well I'm not at this point. Companies make lots money off peddling this slop to school districts here. My mom use to be a lunch lady back in the late 80's and early 90's and remembers when the food started changing here. The schools use to have lunch ladies that actually cooked real food; cooked trays of roasted chicken, real potatoes for mashed (now it's instant boxed), and various veggies. But the schools got pitched they could save money buying premade foods that anyone with little or no training to heat up so you needed less staff at a lower skill level so less pay. Then they started getting contracts signed with these premade food companies and it was all down hill from there. Most these companies are the same that supply prison cafeterias in a lot of areas.
Suzanna x
Suzanna x أشهر قبل
😂 Ikr, that's pretty bizarre
always procrastinating
always procrastinating أشهر قبل
Some things I remember from my elementary school lunches: square pizza, milk cartons (sometimes expired & soured), hard fruit (sometimes peaches that were crunchy because they had gone really stale or were frozen), frozen orange juice as a treat, tiny “ice cream” cups, tiny “shaved ice”/Italian ice cups, little sauce packets (especially the taco sauce that everyone loved), fruit cups with the sugar syrup
PurpleHat026 أشهر قبل
Even as a kid I'd prefer the London school menu. My parents gave me a very varied diet and I was always allowed fruit and vegetables. My aunt fed me a lot more freezer food and I really just didn't like it as much as homemade fajitas, curry, chilli, bolognese, Norwegian meatballs etc
Aly J
Aly J أشهر قبل
My elementary, middle, and high school lunches were literally all the same. Same company I guess. What was different was that high school had an a la carte option (which was separate money and not included in free or reduced lunch) which had a second entree choice and like gas station snacks.
johanna Yaffe
johanna Yaffe أشهر قبل
Apparently French school lunches are very adult in style. I'd love a video comparing them.../ European school lunches in general- are they very different/ healthier than UK ones. I think we can agree that US school lunches dont qualify as healthy. When I was at school the lunches were pretty healthy, but no salad bars, but that was more than 50yrs ago..and we had '"dinner ladies" - and always fish & chips and peas on Fridays
Liv أشهر قبل
I went to an elementary school in a pretty affluent neighborhood in Maryland (my neighborhood was surrounded by a bunch of rich people lol) and even there, our lunches were just awful. The hotdogs often had green spots on them lol and the square pizza was so greasy you could place a napkin on it and soak up the oil
Honestreflections أشهر قبل
I went to school in a shitty part of Los Angeles and we had pretty good food. Chalupas, pizza, burritos, idk it was never bad really
Simon Waters
Simon Waters أشهر قبل
Fast Food Nation the book noted that McDonalds had higher standards that the US department of agriculture, so US schools can serve food in that the home of fast food wouldn't accept.
Skylar Derouen
Skylar Derouen أشهر قبل
@ noah It was LJ Alleman (I think I spelled it wrong) That school sucked
noah أشهر قبل
@Skylar Derouen oh god, that sounds exactly like louisiana. what school was it?
Skylar Derouen
Skylar Derouen أشهر قبل
My friend in Louisiana went to a school that was supposed to be really nice and for gifted kids (you could go for things like dance, theatre, guitar, etc.) but there were tons of fights and horrible food. One time there were maggots in the food and someone sprayed a whole can of Lysol on it then someone walked in and ate it not knowing what was going on while the teacher wasn’t looking
PythonPlusPlus أيام قبل
I vaguely remember pre-Jamie food, and it wasn’t unhealthy. I remember the food being rather normal, like jacket potatoes where you have a range of filling choices. There was also spaghetti bolognaise. Fish fingers and chips. Bangers and mash. Chicken nuggets and chips. I think there was also a very basic salad (tomato, lettuce and cucumber).
Video Diary
Video Diary أشهر قبل
I am from Los Angeles, my lunches were very different from Evan’s. I also had breakfast at school. Our food was made fresh everyday, we had vegan and vegetarian options as well as regular food options. We also had food options from major food restaurant chains. The cafeteria was set up like a AYCE buffet.
David Henderson
David Henderson 26 أيام قبل
It's interesting to see Noah's take on British school dinners given how early in his education the healthier "Jamie Oliver" food was introduced. I'm a fair number of years older so remember things like sprinkle cakes and the deep fried and/or breaded meats very well (turkey drumsticks in a bread bun with ketchup were my favourite as a kid). Looks like we weren't far from the US in that regard, though I also recall a wider variety of food each and every day which doesn't seem to be the case across the pond (least not based on the examples above). We also got milk regularly in primary school, including getting it with a piece of fruit as an afternoon snack during the first few years of school (pretty sure that's still the case). Certainly wouldn't have been happy if Jamie had triggered those changes when I was at school, but it was the right thing to do. Those "unhealthy" meals might not have done me much harm but I was also privileged in my home life and my parents engaged with knowing and judging what food I should eat - don't think everyone is that lucky, so school should be a safe environment to learn about and partake in a more varied and balanced diet. With that said, this also needs to be done in a way that isn't classist, and having a celebrity chef present it via a channel 4 reality TV show was probably not the way to achieve this! Also: yeah, they're called "dinner ladies" over here, as demonstrated by the comedy show of the same name (but without the space). Also also: I'm appaulled yet not all that surprised to find that pizza is classed as a vegetable still... it's a ridiculous country!
Meg Conroy
Meg Conroy أشهر قبل
I was pre Jamie Oliver and our lunches still had healthy options. Such as pasta with different sauces. Salad. Vegetables. Baguettes. Sandwiches. But you could also choose pizza, chips, lasagne etc. What I did notice change is that the tuck shop and vending machines went during secondary school. They used to be filled with baked goods, crisps and chocolate bars. Xx
mirkwoodian أشهر قبل
I went to elementary in the 90's so I looked up what the lunch lists look like these days. The main difference for me is the veggie option being an option at all. Here's an example of the lunches served in a Finnish elementary school (ages 7-15) these days. All meals include the warm lunch, salad, bread, something fresh to put on the bread and a drink (milk, water, maybe juice). All dishes are also available in non-meat versions (in brackets) if one or more students have asked for one in advance. MONDAY: Sausage soup (soup w/ veggie & seitan sausage), Hilde bread w/ cheese and iceberg lettuce TUESDAY: Wholewheat rice, curry gravy, chicken filet with parmesan cheese (spicy veggie patties), blackcurrant jam WEDNESDAY: Minced meat gravy (veggie bolognese gravy), spaghetti, a warm vegetable side dish, ketchup THURSDAY: Fish fingers (beet patties), potatoes, sour cream & chives gravy, beets FRIDAY: Wholewheat rice, chicken & rosé pepper gravy (chickpea gravy), a warm vegetable side dish, chilli gravy In addition to these there are daily snacks: yoghurt, watermelon, cucumber, banana, pasties, kissel (a viscous fruit/berry dish), quark (a sour milk based yogurth-like thingy). In secondary school (ages 15-18) in the same town the list is the same but the veggie option is always available to everyone without the need for a prior notice. That is still needed for a vegan dish.
linden أشهر قبل
I felt appalled at the American menu even though I’m American too, I was like, “it wasn’t really that bad, was it??” So I tried to find my school’s menu online and couldn’t… probably because parents would complain if they knew. I honestly can’t remember it that well either due to memory issues, plus I packed my own lunch for most of high school anyway.
SophaPlays أشهر قبل
I was in school before and after Jamie Oliver came into the conversation. The UK meals were very unhealthy when I was young with some exceptions. I loved the carton milk, I don't know why but it tasted superior to any other forms of milk xD Also, the tray cakes were amazing. I think my favourite was the chicken tikka masala, the queue for it would be HUGE. Also, it was in school that I learnt that bread and butter dipped in gravy is amazing. I remember dinner ladies not letting us leave unless we finished everything on our plate, so if you didn't like something, you had to hide and then throw it in the bin later 😂
rainboGlobes 29 أيام قبل
its really interesting to me how other american schools only have the hot lunch and pb&j . at my school there was always the hot lunch , pb&j , at least one salad option , and maybe a cold sandwich / wrap / yogurt cup . my school was fairly wealthy so that may have been a contributing factor
Kyrie أشهر قبل
31 year old UK person here. I didn't have school dinners that often, but I was always excited about bangers and mash day with peas and gravy. If you got in the canteen late and there were leftovers you could go up for seconds! I remember there was always a dessert option of 2 jacobs crackers and a packet of butter as the 'healthy' alternative to cake/apple pie/ice cream swirl
Soph_252 29 أيام قبل
god ive forgotten about crackers and cheese and then the little year 1s and 2s had to ask the dinner ladies to help them open the packets
Decently Smart For An Idiot
we had crackers too, but they were served with a laughing cow cheese or a cheese stick
Imogen Rippeth
Imogen Rippeth أشهر قبل
At my Primary School, sometimes the food ran out and the people who were last or second to last had to have some weird alternative meal (if I could call it that).
ashlie higgins
ashlie higgins أشهر قبل
It was dairylea in mine instead of butter.
Areeba Rehman
Areeba Rehman أشهر قبل
As a person from Sheffield, I really feel represented. But I do have to add that in my school, there were a normal main, a halal version and a a vegetarian option which I think was usually jacket potato.
Soph_252 29 أيام قبل
thats cool that you had a halal option! we always had a meat option and a veggie option and jacket potato
Toothless 24 أيام قبل
As someone who recently left secondary, I can confirm that this is all accurate. We didn't have a salad bar though we would just have a bowl of salad that that was optional. Although there would also be more unhealthy stuff like pizza and packaged paninis that they would heat up. There would be the 2 main meals (one vegetarian), sandwiches (pre packaged), pizza / paninis, jacket potato with beans, cheese or tuna mayo (plus sweetcorn) a main pudding (cake, flapjack, crumble ect), a biscuit or a pre packaged brownie, flapjack or cake.
eliza s
eliza s أشهر قبل
My kids are in elementary school in US in one of the 10 largest districts in the country. Food choices for them are very different to the food options I had as a kid in school in the late 80's and much of the 90's. Most food (save for Thursday - hamburger or chicken burger and the bi-monthly pizza days) was slop. Or at least it seemed so to kids. Much of it was frozen or canned, though the lovely cafeteria ladies made fresh bread and rolls and rice. All fruits and veg were canned except for the apples. Breakfasts were a lot better, but it was always paid. If you didn't have money, you got 1 free meal, and then if you forgot/lost/didn't have lunch money again that week, you got a cheese sandwich (two slices of bread and slice of american cheese) and a wizened apple. Then middle school was totally different and I mostly subsisted on Little Debbie snacks and/or pizza purchased at school. My kids though - while a lot of the menu looks like what was read, the balance and choices are much broader and the quality of food is vastly improved. Their district offers a main and an alternative and have to offer meal accommodations for religious or allergen issues (so there are separate halal or allergen-free options that aren't publicized). There is always a fresh fruit and fresh veg option, in addition to other frozen or canned options. The meals must meet nutritional standards and that includes caps on sodium and sugar content. They also ask the kids what options they want to reduce food waste. My daughter has occasionally doubled up on fruit/veg and skipped the main or had the main but brought her own veggie options. The bigger deal was that until this year, breakfast and lunch were provided free to all students because the district was part of an expanded test case for the USDA and lunch programs. Congress didn't provide funding to continue the program (which was available nation wide to all schools during the pandemic) and it's a huge mistake. The district has reallocated resources to make all but 9 schools free to all, but those 9 schools will no longer be free to all unless you meet poverty qualifications. There are reduced cost meals, but the schools are too affluent per current guidelines so they have to do individual waivers. The district learned over the 5 year experiment that they saved enormous amounts of time and money not having to process all the waiver requests and forms and kids performed better because they were getting fed. There was no stigma around who had free or reduced lunch, because it was just available freely to everyone. My son won't eat it (he only eats a few things because of sensory issues), but my daughter looks forward to 75% of the school menus.
queen jeski
queen jeski أشهر قبل
i’m swedish and in every school i’ve ever gone to our lunches were served buffét-style. we had massive sallad bars and 3 main courses to choose from (with one of the options being vegetarian). i’m just now realising how spoilt we were.
Matt Romana
Matt Romana أشهر قبل
The cooked dinner wasn't available when I was in primary school, but was for my siblings but it was still a packed lunch for them. In secondary school I had the option which I took, and as post oliver it was much like the British options you have shown
Rhianalanthula أشهر قبل
I was in primary school in the late 70s / early 80s. We had one main, one desert, and water. No options. I think some may have brought a packed lunch, but we could go home if there was someone there. BTW, when I looked up French toast, the description was of eggy bread! Reminds me of scout camp breakfasts.
Dark Cat
Dark Cat 17 أيام قبل
Way before Jamie so called Oliver I experienced EXACTLY what a kid going from a UK school to a US style menu would be like. Our school board made a unanimous decision and heavily processed food shapes where completely removed from the menu, with only tinned fruit on merit of, despite the syrup, being a fruit escaped. Year six we went to camp, where the venue had its own catering provided. 1/4 of us were desperately ill from only being offered processed foods and little to no veg, certainly no green veg. I honest to God, was rushed to hospital with constipation so bad they thought I had a burst appendix. We would also be offered seconds of the healthy stuff if they had any left because, some people refused broccoli. Super epic for me, I bloody love it.
LollyDolly أشهر قبل
I went to a village primary school and we just pulled out the tables and benches in the hall where we had assembly and did PE. I also had brownies and guides meetings there in the evenings. I loved the food, especially getting seconds and third. The American ones literally just look like additives and sweeteners I’m not gonna lie 😂
Susie Thomas
Susie Thomas أشهر قبل
I remember at my first primary school we had to go to the village hall for lunch that was across the road because our school was so small. The food came from a company but it was surprisingly really good!
Erica Gamet
Erica Gamet أشهر قبل
I went to elementary school (ages 6-12) back in the 70s and we had real food! It was all cooked in-house (in 6th grade I was a lunch helper, even). You'd go through the line with your little plastic divided tray and point to which things you wanted. I think we only had one main per meal. I remember when I moved across the country in 7th grade and we had an option to buy a "milkshake" with every meal (it was actually iced milk, which I think doesn't have all the milkfat like a real milkshake... and had a wooden spoon ICK)... we thought we were pretty fancy then. I don't remember much about my high school meals, but I think it's because we went to McDonald's or the grocery store for lunch... you could get what you wanted and get into all sorts of mischief on the way!
Peter Vaughan
Peter Vaughan أشهر قبل
I’m from the pre-Jamie Oliver era in the UK, and whilst we did occasionally have some questionable food, it was not a patch on the food the Americans provide in schools. I wouldn’t mind betting that prisoners of war get better food! For some good viewing though, look up the original TV series that Jamie Oliver did looking into food in schools and you’ll get to see what it was really like 👍
Reece Swaby
Reece Swaby أشهر قبل
I think prisons have to meet certain nutritional standards and they're just better funded in general because they turn a profit.
Becki M
Becki M 16 أيام قبل
i was in secondary school when the changes to school meals came in we went from having fried food for every lunch meal to once a week which then created up roar and lead to an up take of students get permission to go of site for lunch so my school made a deal with parents and students that they would serve chips twice a week instead of once a week which work as the amount of people going of site for lunch dropped only really affected me for two years before I left for sixth form where we had our own canteen that was separate from the rest of the e secondary school it was attached to
Alice Jade
Alice Jade أشهر قبل
Going to school in the UK, my schools always offered the choice of Red (meat option), Green (veggie option) or picnic (basically a packed lunch). That's aside from your own home packed lunch if you decided to bring one. The food was always freshly made on the day in the kitchen, I always remember really enjoying the food and looking forward to Wednesdays because that meant a roast!! The puddings were also known for being reallllyyyy nice like the love (sprinkle) cake and apple crumble with custard😍 My mum works at a primary school now and says it's a great day for staff when they're offered a hot school meal as they always have a great variety and are all super nice. Also, pizza is a vegetable?! I've heard everything now 😂
Hikari Yumi
Hikari Yumi أشهر قبل
Now I’m sad that my schools never had school lunches. It sounds kinda fun, we only ever brought packed lunches. Have to say though, breakfast/lunch in primary school was the best. Every week it was two kids’ job to bring the milk/cocoa/strawberry/vanilla milk to the classroom and pass them to everyone. Then everyone would sit down and take out the lunch boxes while our teacher read one chapter of a book. Loved it so much, still love the brand of milk drinks we got. *~*
Kay أشهر قبل
I'm from the US. I ate 80% of my school lunches eating peanut butter and jelly because most of the food was so greesy I'd feel nauseous afterwards. I also qualified for the free lunches and I remember they'd charge you if you didn't have a fruit or vegetable. The apples and oranges were usually so unripe they were inedible. I was so excited whenever we got bananas in.
Alexander Brodeur
Alexander Brodeur أشهر قبل
Next episode it would be great see each of you try to cook and taste some of these school lunches.
durabelle أشهر قبل
Liked this before I even started watching, with this combo you just know it's going to be hilarious. But this is even better! I mean, pizza's a vegetable?! I seriously wonder how any American kids it make it through their childhood alive 🤣
Romy sews
Romy sews أشهر قبل
I don’t think school dinners were that good at my primary school, I definitely remember Turkey twizzlers and the mix of peas and sweetcorn. Everything was pretty bland. We did get jam roly poly and custard though. I usually had packed lunch. At secondary school it was a bit hit and miss, we could buy Belgian waffles and bagels at break which were amazing, plus the big slabs of iced cake and cornflake cookies 😋 but I just looked up the menu for my old school and it looks a lot better now. They created a fake Subway sandwich bar too because kids kept leaving at break to go to the actual Subway up the road 😆
Beck 24 أيام قبل
Yeah, as someone that just finished year 11 in a Catholic secondary school in the UK, we had three separate sections of our dining hall which had different types of food. We had one for cold premade pasta (such as cold pesto pasta, tuna pasta), as well as sandwiches and cakes and fruit. We had another for burgers, paints, hot bread kind of things, as well as chips and cakes there too. And finally we had a lunch bar that served hot meals specific to the day (they changed often and it was rare to have the same meal within two weeks), as well as the salad bar which could be your entire meal. They also sold cakes there, alone with breakfast food in the morning, and pretzel, and even hot chocolate if you got there early enough. However, all our food you had to pay for and there were no free school meals.
Matt Fraser
Matt Fraser أشهر قبل
As a canadian: elementary school lunches? We had no cafeterias in elementary schools. Everyone either brought bagged lunches or went home for lunch.
Kuul706 أشهر قبل
I went to a state school in Merseyside (UK) and the changes Jamie Oliver brought in happened whilst I was still in high school - so I got to experience both sides Pre Oliver, there was a lot of pizza, burgers, chips, turkey twizzlers and baked cakes with custard. There was seperate areas of the canteen for multiple types of food. Very food court style. We also had a "tuk shop" consisting of all types of chocolate and crisps. Prior Oliver, there was still an "unhealthy option" but not as bad as it used to be, they also introduced a permanent pasta (pasta king) bar, along with a sandwich/panini area. If we came in early enough, we could also get breakfast.. toast, bacon, sausage..
Eilidh Rodden
Eilidh Rodden أشهر قبل
Apple crumble with custard were the best! Also chocolate cupcakes were amazing, until they decided that it was too unhealthy 😭😭. The cupcakes were such a big deal that for the leavers last day we got these cupcakes specially made for us.
Hedera Helix
Hedera Helix أشهر قبل
I worked at a school in Wales in an exchange program in the 93/94 while I was at uni. They had a great salad selection. I almost never went to the regular cooked food - which was generally more unhealthy stuff, mostly fried. However, you could always choose to get a jacket potato and combined with coleslaw from the salad bar, or beans and cheese, that was good too. And this was not a rich district at all. Rather a fairly working class comprehensive school. So it was OK even before Jamie Oliver. 🙂 The kids did have a lot of Ribena though.
Rey's Got Plans
Rey's Got Plans أشهر قبل
I love when Noah comes to visit the channel 🥰 more please!
Mikel Díez Buil
Mikel Díez Buil أشهر قبل
As someone originally from Spain living in the UK I usually hear/read complains of other Spaniards that have kids about the food they get here at school and they usually ask what do other parents do to avoid their kids from having a bad diet. To be honest the first UK menu didn't sound that bad but right now I'm 33 and on all my school years I can remember the one time we had pizza at school. The company that catered our school also catered the health center my dad works at and we did get the same meals 99% of the time, of course this meant that many kids didn't like the food they were getting.
Valerian أشهر قبل
90s' Baby here that went through school in Texas - I lived in a middle-class to upper-middle class neighborhood. Primary through high school, the schools I attended had lunch ladies that prepared the lunches; can't confirm if all or any made the food on-site, though, because I always packed my own meals. However, there were always a selection of options from what I can remember my friends telling me about. My schools all had Magnet programs and pre-school day classes for the extra-dedicated students, so there were breakfasts available as well.
Lisa Lea
Lisa Lea أشهر قبل
I grew up in the 70s - we had amazing school dinners at primary school. My favourite was braised heart. I doubt they’d serve that now!
Lilian Angel
Lilian Angel أشهر قبل
I started reception in the uk in 1999 so we had pre-Jamie lunches and I remember it being turkey dinosaurs, beans, smiley faces. I don’t recall turkey twirlers but it was, from what I can remember, a processed meat, mash/smileys and beans/peas and cake and custard for desert😅 but my mum cooked a homemade meal every night plenty of veg and all from scratch so I think I had a good balance. My children both went to nursery from a young age (I work in the nursery) and we do a main cooked meal at lunch time which matches the first set of uk lunch menu you showed the closest. Packed full of veg and very little processed we alternate the fish for fish and chip Friday so one Friday it would be salmon then a white fish (not battered) then fish fingers. We used to do deserts but get extra funding for food if we cut down on sugar we gave the children so now we do a starter which is always fresh veg sticks. I’m not sure why I’m typing all this like you care enough to read hahaha! Anyway as a last add on to this as a mother and working in a nursery from before I had children as a family we have naturally gone with big breakfast, medium lunch and small dinner routine. I don’t do deserts either but kids get to pick up sweets from the shop at the weekend. America needs help 😅
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