Worst MMO Ever? - Star Wars: The Old Republic

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Somehow, Palpatine returned.

The old Republic is a Star Wars MMO by Bioware, the studio behind Baldur's Gate, Neverwinter Nights, Dragon Age, Mass Effect and Knights of the Old Republic.

So we know they can make RPG's, but can they make MMO's?

eh, kind of, they've basically put an RPG online, and it's...pretty good.

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Silhouette أشهر قبل
Oh man, I remember when companions were class locked. The game was genuinely hard back then and the bosses at the end of the class chapters would WRECK you.
hengry 25 أيام قبل
If you want a challenge, do the expansions KOTFE and KOTET on master mode, you will experience true despair there.
Dragnarok 🏆
Dragnarok 🏆 28 أيام قبل
ah yes the time where i had to explore the map to unlock fast travel and walk slowly because running wasnt unlocked for free to play until lvl 15 so the first 2 planets you had to walk i remeber i had the worst time exploring tatooine and came to love anakin because he hated sand i know his pain
AzureLion 28 أيام قبل
I played back then. The only bosses to wreck me in all of the Sith Assassin Playthrough was Darth Thanaton and some of the heroics bosses.
Patrick5087 28 أيام قبل
@vladdx i did Jedi knight storyline after the great fall off. After the free month of the SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE to play it all but died the next day. My first Christmas was bounty hunter. Second was Sith warrior tank And I started leveling My Jedi knight 3rd during the tine i wasn't playing with friends.... Was going to use it to troll them but, the way PvP was set up it was 100% optional until end game The bosses wasn't nerfed then, it was only after they went free to play that they got nerfed into the ground
vladdx 29 أيام قبل
@Patrick5087 Lol nice lie, at launch you would be lucky to play 10 hours a week due to long queuing times
ModerateWhovian أشهر قبل
To be fair. . when this game first came out, fights WERE harder. They took longer AND your companions roles were locked so it was tougher. At times it felt like a slog too. . . .
Zero Grey
Zero Grey 6 أيام قبل
Back then if you had "Treek" you could put some reasonable gear on "it" and it could solo a mission for you like a rabid dog.
Masp 22 أيام قبل
This honestly is a mistake a lot of old MMOs make. They give the new player a metric buttload of high-powered items to start with, making any quest rewards useless and not worth doing and then also trivialize any combat content. This should not be how to approach it, especially in a story-driven MMO like SWTOR. FF XIV shows that you still get lots of players if you don't do it and they will enjoy it BECAUSE its not trivialized.
Brohan from Rohan
Brohan from Rohan 23 أيام قبل
This is how every MMO is now. They're all geared toward the casual player.
Sekiberius Welkesh
Sekiberius Welkesh 23 أيام قبل
Yeah, i came back and i couldn't believe how different the game felt compared to 7 years ago, at least now FTP players have access to more things, I remember it being much more harsh on FTP players before.
TiJ 23 أيام قبل
I remember at the end of the Jedi Knight story I had to drag a friend with me to help out with the final boss because I couldn't beat him alone lol guy straight up used a move that one shot me at the end of the fight
Kersten Godfrey
Kersten Godfrey أشهر قبل
Swtor is the only mmorpg that ever really HOOKED me after learning the mechanics. The role play is so much more immersive. The fact that EVERYTHING is voiced makes a huge difference. The dialog options and infinate ways to design your toon's "look" really help you get into character. Plus, I really love dungeon content, and swtor has some seriously excellent dungeons. Also, the player base IS really nice & welcoming.
Bioshyn 3 أيام قبل
I never got into endgame, but i played through the story with all classes.
Zstead one
Zstead one 12 أيام قبل
@Uhavenoright toask Sure, and this game especially lacks beyond the story. I'm just saying they did a good job there.
Uhavenoright toask
Uhavenoright toask 12 أيام قبل
@Zstead one An MMO needs to be more than a good story.
Uhavenoright toask
Uhavenoright toask 12 أيام قبل
"EVERYTHING is voiced" except the tutorials apparently.
Azar Shadakumuktir
Azar Shadakumuktir 19 أيام قبل
@Mano 35000 XD, I didn't knew that but I'm on the french server, its perhaps different.
7 Rhymes
7 Rhymes 28 أيام قبل
I remember playing this with a friend. We flipped a coin, went Dark Side. they were a Sith Warrior, I was a Sith Inquisitor. It was actually pretty cool seeing these two Sith who had very different backgrounds see each other as a good partner for each to rise through the ranks. It was also cool how when we did side quests we each could speak up and change things for each other. Friend may of been trying to be peaceful, but I possibly insulted the guy's mother and now we're stuck fighting because I couldn't shut my mouth.
7 Rhymes
7 Rhymes 4 أيام قبل
@Tohtori T Swallowing your pride isn't the Sith way.
Hoodoodle 4 أيام قبل
I did the same but as a bounty hunter and agent. At one point with a mission on tatooine my character said "what's a jawa". We turned into a running joke. Ending up with him going berserk if he saw anyone who was from corellia. Ye, doesn't make sense. It just got there somehow
Cronch 8 أيام قبل
@Tohtori T Thank you, this made my day. 😂
tim klafke
tim klafke 16 أيام قبل
@Tohtori T lmfao thats a pretty funny misunderstanding actually
Tohtori T
Tohtori T 20 أيام قبل
@Nick Andres Oh. Lmao.
Smultanius أشهر قبل
Note on that first flashpoint: IIRC, it was originally presented as an alternative route from the tutorial world to the capital city. The flashpoint entrance was on the space station above the tutorial world, it was narratively integrated into the rest of the game, and once it was over you would arrive at the main story's next destination.
Omahdon أشهر قبل
Not only is the voice of Solid Snake (David Hayter) the voice of the male Jedi Knight, but the voice of the very first NPC you meet in the Jedi Knight questline is voiced by Cam Clarke AKA Liquid Snake! Someone in casting knew what they were doing, the cheeky bastards
Eric Paunović
Eric Paunović 2 أيام قبل
imp agent is also vocied by ciri from witcher 3 voice actress, so that can't be bad the voice even fitted my chiss agent.
Oluf The Explorer
Oluf The Explorer 29 أيام قبل
@Paolo De Marchi Silva At least the male Jedi Knight is voiced by David Hayter, a.k.a Solid Snake
Fenris Vermundr
Fenris Vermundr أشهر قبل
@Nora Scholar Also first season Meg Griffin and Eliza Thorneberry.
Jedi Spartan 38
Jedi Spartan 38 أشهر قبل
And the female Trooper is voiced by FemShep (Jennifer Hale)... or if limiting it to Star Wars: voiced by Bastila Shan, Satele Shan, Aayla Secura and female Jaden in Jedi Academy.
Fake Geek
Fake Geek أشهر قبل
Its a game with good vas but get funny when they start reusing vas having the same conversation with each other.
drkickyoface 26 أيام قبل
Josh: "flirting is always the correct option" Josh once he plays through tatooine with his imperial agent: "I have made a severe lapse in judgement"
Junkfood man
Junkfood man 22 أيام قبل
OMG, I remember that. On my second playthrough I did better though lol
icelandic1717 29 أيام قبل
Having played SWTOR at launch, and trying to come back to it a few times (I also started Imp Agent, and wholeheartedly agree with it being a phenomenal story), I feel like this all really does encapsulate my experiences. Extremely good game, but terribly managed. Guild Wars 2 and this have to be the two 'biggest potential, most mundane execution' in modern gaming
obyone878 12 أيام قبل
@Rin's little sheepling Guild Wars 2 is being handled a lot better, though. Besides balancing issues, the game is improving, and a lot better than launch.
Rin's little sheepling
Rin's little sheepling 19 أيام قبل
So much this. Played both for a decent time at launch, both had great foundation, which wasn't expanded enough to actually make them great games.
The Golden Knight
The Golden Knight 25 أيام قبل
"Biggest potential, most mundane execution" actually sounds like *THE* best-case scenario these days! 🍺
HistoricFlame أشهر قبل
22:45 Ironically, you were actually MEANT to take part in this like 5 seconds after, when you kill the Syreena you're then sent to Coruscant, this random ship was meant to take you there AS PART of the story Course they just let us skip that bit to beat up a fat droid In terms of the chat, I managed to get past that after a while, I think it's just level locked From flashpoints the gear is actually, uh really really bad as time goes on, the highest I could find as a f2p was outclassed by ziost gear from the final f2p chapter
Manuel Schurig
Manuel Schurig 23 أيام قبل
chat is level locked for free to play players, preferred players and subscribers don't have that limitation
Buggo 25 أيام قبل
My favorite part of this game has to be Co-op cutscenes where you and your friends both talk and both have a chance to choose what you do leads to some cool roleplay moments
Kineela 24 أيام قبل
This! This so much! ... with that said... it is so damn shame, that you cannot do that after the core game and once you enter the expansions. The expansions are designed to be a 'solo experience' tailored for your character. Your friend won't be able to join you or have any input in the story. You're left with your follower to finish the story.
J D 18 أيام قبل
I remember playing this when it came out, and the main story, even at the beginning, had some actual challenge to it. A few years later I played it again and some point in the meantime, it seems they have completely dumbed everything down and now everything was ridiculously easy, as you saw when you played for your review. Didn't even play for 12 hours on my 2nd time as it was all boring me out of my mind.
Saber 12 أيام قبل
you know you can change the difficulty setting of missions? lmao
Eclipse 28 أيام قبل
Just some common tips 1. In the map you can enable extra missions, called exploration missions 2. In the settings you can have it identify alignment choices(dark and light side) to make faster decisions when talking 3. The map problem of only being ale to see shops or taxi are also changeable in the settings menu 4. The plus sign near your health and energy bar can be used to expand how many bars you have and allow you to use more abilities 5. Like everything tutorials are turn off-able 6. When using AOE type attacks you can press the key or icon twice to auto target a hostile 7. The green people are cover opportunities that when you click either F on your keyboard or the crouching icon you will roll to said location and be in cover automatically 8. You can have cool downs have numbers present(in settings) This may be a lot, if not sweet. If you use any of these just spread the love of knowledge :)
Darkhorsedan 16 أيام قبل
I've played this game for years on and off and didn't know that about the AOEs!
Falkor 20 أيام قبل
One of the coolest things about SWTOR that wasn't mentioned was, as a Sith, as you accumulate dark-side points, you can watch as your character changes too. Like more red eyes and distressed facial features. Very immersive.
Mobius 23 أيام قبل
Played this game many years ago, if i remember right, the flashpoint "the esseles" was something you first would get access to in the main hub, the space station. After you followed your class story to that point, the story quest would lead you to coruscant, however if i remember right you had the choice to go to coruscant via the flashpoint,since the entrance to the flashpoint is close to the space shuttle for coruscant. Its supposed to be an optional story segment of you travelling to coruscant. I liked it much better like this as it made sense, i had no idea you could now just teleport to it. That sucks.
Dscvry Dave Judd
Dscvry Dave Judd أشهر قبل
I think you nailed it when you said that SWTOR was an MMO for people who've already played MMOs. I never looked at the tutorials and I just googled whatever info I needed for whatever system I was working on when I needed it.
MysticFate 12 أيام قبل
Googling info on an MMO is honestly the only way i learn systems because it means i actually care to learn them lol. Unless the MMO is so well designed that i'm forced to learn it
Just Watching
Just Watching 21 أيام قبل
It was also an mmo for us refugees from SWG.
MikeyXSuicide 22 أيام قبل
It was for people who liked KOTOR and MMO's.
Adrián Fernández
Adrián Fernández 26 أيام قبل
Ante Prs
Ante Prs 26 أيام قبل
@Prof Pwnalot fully true
Grayzel FX
Grayzel FX 27 أيام قبل
My first character in the game was the Jedi Consular and I stopped playing after a few days. I tried playing again after a few months, as an Imperial Agent, and weeks of my life disappeared as I was so immersed in the story. There were multiple times I would forget I was playing an "MMO" game. The Imperial Agent story line is just that good.
Amulrei أشهر قبل
Virtually everything I experienced with this game could be summed up with "the Imperial version is cool and the Republic version feels like a complete afterthought". Then the developers were confused why they had a massive population imbalance the second the game launched...
Hoodoodle 4 أيام قبل
Nobody talking about the bounty hunter story, specificaly the part on Alderaan where you can earn some quick cash of you do the bad. You know if you know.
Jay Skywalker
Jay Skywalker 16 أيام قبل
Exactly I’ve never completed a republic storyline, I always end up getting bored.
Eddie the Head
Eddie the Head 21 أيام قبل
@Styx Zero Personally I find the bad guy's boring. When you have two different equally viable options the evil option makes the character unlikable. Not that everyone needs to be likable, but the ultimate problem with evil is that it tends to be pretty stupid. So we get stupid unlikable people great if I wanted that I'd go to Twitter.
Viy Snjór
Viy Snjór 21 أيام قبل
@Tetricus I don't think it's bad, it's just... well it competes with Inquisitor, Warrior, and Knight, which are all just better overall imo. I don't think there's any origin story that isn't worth doing at least once
Tetricus 21 أيام قبل
@Viy Snjór I'm currently on Act 3 of the Consular story (completed every class storyline except for Consular and Trooper), and I think I'd actually put it in my Top 3, with Sith Warrior and Imperial Agent. The female voice acting is great (although I'm not a fan of the male's performance), and the stories are unique and interesting. I've heard that it can be a little weird if you run through it full Dark Side, but Light Side or a mix works well.
Dovahshark 29 أيام قبل
25:02 as someone who has played this game to max level and completed every story in the game, can confirm its not only early game. for most of the game as long as your companion is set to healer it's almost impossible to die unless your literally trying to, fighting a World Boss, or accidentally pull an entire room of elite enemies. pretty sure I died like once on each character if I even died at all, and usually it's because I did something that I already knew was a bad idea, before doing it. I think one of my complaints about swtor is that your options don't seem to matter much for the story except for if you get mail from NPCs, and who it was from. if I remember correctly your choices actually do matter for some side quests and Flashpoints though. For example at 41:33 if you choose to kill the captain you they will fire things that the crew mistakes for escape pods, and you will be boarded by the droids that were inside of the "escape pods" and have to fight that giant droid boss, but if you choose to spare the captain, the captain will recognize that they weren't escape pods and the droids will never board you, you are instead boarded by a republic boarding party, and have to fight them as your boss fight, so it doesn't really change that much, but still thought this was pretty cool. not a huge change, but most of the other quests in the game only have dialogue changes depending on your choices my biggest complaint about the game overall though is actually something you didn't cover in this video. once you hit level 20 the game puts TONS of childish restrictions on your character, in an attempt to force you to buy a subscription. your xp is reduced by half, which is not enough xp for you to stay at the same level as your story quests (assuming you don't pick up side quests, and only do class story, and skip planet story missions) which just makes the leveling process much more boring nd take much longer. you can't hold more than 1 million credits (credits are the currency of swtor), not a huge deal, but it means you can't buy most things off of the auction house, which is one of the only 2 places to get cartel market items without paying real money. you can only sell 2 items at a time on the Auction house (subs can sell 50 at a time) can't use purple loot at all, even before level 20, and you have a limited number of flashpoints and PvP you can do per week (you get 1 of them, but some expansions, including one of the free ones require you to clear flashpoints to progress), and you also cannot participate in Operations(raids) or Ranked PvP at all. TL;DR playing as F2P in Swtor sucks. would definitely recommend buying a sub atleast once, as upon purchasing a subscription you get access to all expansions, and some of the restrictions listed above are removed even after the sub ends. 39:05 also you could have used your Quick Travel ability to fast travel around the map, and probably get out of the stairs. the game just doesn't tell you that you can do that.....for some reason
Bjørn Egil Hage
Bjørn Egil Hage أيام قبل
I played this game from launch and played all classes on both sides and had a sub, but then I got less time to play, so I didn't want to pay sub anymore. But the F2P limitations just ruined the fun for me and I stopped to play it. I hope the F2P restrictions are not as bad now as they were.
JKDOS 14 أيام قبل
Not sure. Level 80, 230 gear, healer comp, you will struggle to solo some heroic missions on harder planets.
Dovahshark 26 أيام قبل
@taavidude I haven't heard of any companion heal nerfs, but I'll take your word for it
taavidude 26 أيام قبل
Actually it's not so crazy anymore. Companion healing before 7.0 was really op indeed, even in heroic missions it was like impossible for me to die, but ever since 7.0, I've actually died several times on heroics missions. It seems that they heavily nerfed companion healing.
Dovahshark 28 أيام قبل
@Azar Shadakumuktir yeah, just did it mostly for the achievement since I was bored with my main character. Went and started playing other class stories, back then I had a sub so the xp wasn't a problem and I stuck to just the story, and could get them done relatively quickly. At least quickly for how long they are lol. Trooper and gunslinger I did more recently though, and I just tried the same strategy, but it didn't work as well without a sub lol. I didn't play at launch but gonna have to agree as I don't really like having to do tons of grinding to progress lol. I can deal with it for side content, but I don't like main story stuff to be super Grindy. I took some pretty long breaks in between some of the classes too, and I don't play Swtor as much as I did when I started. Was already starting to get bored, and then came back for the new expansion which was super buggy, and also super short so I finished it in like an hour or 2 and got bored again lol
Bottle of Greed
Bottle of Greed أشهر قبل
I dunno, I kinda liked how your character felt alive. And that you could have your say through dialogues and your actions to shape your story.
Haans_Job أشهر قبل
Playing a light side Sith Warrior was probably one of the best Star Wars experiences I ever had, all the NPCs are just flabbergasted, I am a Sith who is Schooling Jedi Masters on the Jedi Code, kicking their teeth in and sparing their lives as I go on with my mission
rpsyco 17 ساعات قبل
And on the opposite end playing a dark side Jedi Consular is an amazing comedy. Basically everything thinks you're a wise jedi going around saving everyone, but in actuality you're an insane sociopath killing everything and everyone that inconveniences you. Eventually you join the jedi counsel despite slaughtering everyone in your way for little-to-no reason whatsoever.
joshua kim
joshua kim 23 أيام قبل
@Icanthas Jedi and Sith: "How?! How are you this clever and powerful?!" Light side Sith Warrior: "Dafuq are you talking about? I just choose to not be a maniac."
Helminth Combos
Helminth Combos 24 أيام قبل
lightish 24 أيام قبل
Light side with worrier especially in kotfe is so brilliant, i loved the neutrality of it all
Connor MacEntee
Connor MacEntee 27 أيام قبل
I had the distinct pleasure of reinstalling on a whim and I finally finished out the base Sith Warrior storyline. I got a bit choked up when it finally happened, because I had installed the night it released and crossed the finish line with that character a full decade later. Great story, tough game to keep interest in.
Venmis أشهر قبل
This was my first MMO lol It was also my only MMO, since I isolated myself for over two weeks to play it and then decided that the game and the genre were "too addictive".
Josh Harvey
Josh Harvey 12 أيام قبل
@Vederian L wow! you are so cool!
Vederian L
Vederian L 22 أيام قبل
@Kwa ndo what can I say? I was 19. I regularly spent 10 hours a day playing. I once spent 18hours straight. Now that's being addicted.
Kwa ndo
Kwa ndo 22 أيام قبل
@Vederian L Good for you.
Vederian L
Vederian L أشهر قبل
You barely touched the genre. In 2 years of Everquest my total hours spent playing was over 130 days.
straswa 6 أيام قبل
Great vid, Swtor was my first MMO as well and you nailed it on the head with the tutorials, or lack thereof. I really wish there was a better ingame tutorial for modding gear, glad Swtorista has tons of vids on that subject. I enjoyed the Jedi Knight and Sith Inquisitor storylines, Agent is an epic story as well. I'm working my way through Fallen Empire/Eternal Throne on my characters now. (the game becomes much more friendlier when you unlock preferred status)
Greenskull أشهر قبل
"A massive thank you to all the supporters..." omg there's a lot of supporters. WELL DESERVED, JOSH!!
Soul Vessel
Soul Vessel أشهر قبل
Hey bro
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt أشهر قبل
contain shock troopers targeting the generators, giving the player a better way to complete the Flashpoint.
M.H.W. Weckseler
M.H.W. Weckseler 29 أيام قبل
25:32 That is one of the biggest pet peeves I have with the companions. The game is really inconsistent in acknowledging them. For most of the time you could actually roleplay as if they were some ghost you imagine, since the game mostly totally ignores your companions. But ever so often, suddenly an NPC will acknowledge your companion in a cut scene, which proves they are there... only to totally ignore them standing beside them in the next scene.
Eric Paunović
Eric Paunović 2 أيام قبل
i also hate how DLC companions like theron or lana don't really react or comment when you do non DLC stuff, for example if you come to dromund kaas with mako she'll comment on it while for example lana or theron who im guessing would have much more to say about it do not comment becuse they're post class story companions i was always sad about it, i'd love to hear their reactions about different places you go to, especially my sith space wifes :P
Sekiberius Welkesh
Sekiberius Welkesh 23 أيام قبل
It's mostly the class story missions where they are acknowledged, though some world story missions give them dialogue as well. I think this is a limit of the games budget, fully voicing dozens of companions and incorporating them into the stories would take a crap ton of resources and time. But yeah, it is a shame.
TiddyTwyster أشهر قبل
This is the only MMO I've ever played that really felt like a roleplaying game, where I could pretend all the other players were just random people in Star Wars and I was the main character, where my choices mattered and the story was really solid Unfortunately, it's still an MMO and the cracks start to show pretty quickly, I still recommend this to anyone but it just didn't hold my attention
BigZorich أشهر قبل
@Supadrumma441 yes, this. I agree with this. ESO is a great game story wise, and I love the world/environments, but the gameplay/combat is so incredibly underwhelming.
L. A.
L. A. أشهر قبل
Same, I finished all the main game storylines and the quit 🤷
Funkmaster General
Funkmaster General أشهر قبل
@ikoukuhn Yes. You can do all 8 story missions for free. Expansion content and the raids cost $, though.
Bearical أشهر قبل
@Draeckon I just want to consume more Star Wars content, I'm not interested in FF.
KingOfNutella أشهر قبل
@Draeckon I wish we could express ourself more freely, like the choice of dialogue is piss poor but in swtor is pure awesomeness because in comparation with ffxiv in swtor you can: 1. Flirt with most characters (just imagine if in ffxiv you could flirt with yshtola, thancred or Venat lol) 2. Be a total asshole or a goodie two shoes (you have such personality freedom).
DarkTiger83 أشهر قبل
Josh: "Early combat is pointless because you literally cannot die" Me: *Looks at the four deaths in a row I had on my early smuggler run then back to **25:04* Excuse me but what the fuck? In Josh's defense though, I'm absolute trash at video games XD
Lemmi, The Rat King
Lemmi, The Rat King 23 أيام قبل
companion on healer duty is all you need. has nothing to do with your skill :P
Gemma أشهر قبل
Maybe this game has its flaws, but it was the first MMO I really got into, and I love it. These stories are compelling, and the characters are (somewhat) likeable. But maybe I'm biased, this game got me through lockdowns and holds a special place in my heart. There are 8 different stories, and all of them are drastically different. My personal favourites are Sith Warrior and Sith Assasin.
Samuel Wolfe
Samuel Wolfe 29 أيام قبل
I played SWTOR at launch, actually even before that as I got into several Beta's. I absolutely loved the original combat, stat, and tutorial system. They were awesome. It really felt like I was playing a newer version of the old Star Wars Tabletop game. The only time I ever had an issue was right at the beginning when it tries to teach you how to mod your gear. I figured out, naturally through simple player exploration, that you could click a specific utility provided nearby the merchants on the starting planet to mod all my gear at the same time. So I thought I had done it. But as it turned out, I had to click a faintly blue glowing square of blue gray metal to actually complete that tutorial quest.
Red Dragon
Red Dragon 26 أيام قبل
Yeah I remember that, that was a complete melt. I could never work out how to use it lmao.
Xeros Morningstar VII
Xeros Morningstar VII أشهر قبل
That fight reminds me of trying to play elder scrolls online. I thought it would be basically something like Skyrim: but online. Turns out no. I snuck up to some giants which usually one-shot you in Skyrim. In ESO? I walk up to them, spam the 4 key, and barely take any damage through the fight. This is at level 1.
Dapper Changeling
Dapper Changeling أشهر قبل
Regarding the shared overworld items, I remember when there was a casino event, but due to the shared overworld, if too many players tried to use a slot machine at once, the machine would bug out. It was the first time I've ever seen players politely, and of their own volition, form an actual, honest to god line in game.
Joe G
Joe G أشهر قبل
I have heard a lot of hilarious and weird MMO stories over my years as a gamer, but this one unironically takes the cake. I have never heard of this happening ever and I love it.
Empire DNW
Empire DNW أشهر قبل
Lol I remember that, sometimes it would happen during the relics of the gree event to.
Albert Martinez
Albert Martinez أشهر قبل
@Bullshit Merchant Same thing in the Dwarven starting zone. People lining up to loot an object and waiting for the respawn. And anyone who skipped the line was verbally bitchslapped and put on an ignore list, so they would have trouble teaming later.
AScrubGorilla أشهر قبل
​​@Sithoid In my experience you get an empty gree Pylon and other groups just try to come in and swipe it from you and interfere with your quest. I've never seen anyone be anything but selfish greedy assholes during the gree event.
Aiveq أشهر قبل
i find lines in mmo quite common
Jimmy56 Hashtag78
Jimmy56 Hashtag78 20 أيام قبل
I freaking love that game and IM SO GLAD you mentioned the Imperial Agent. It’s just soooo damn good. In fact the Sith stories as a whole are just better than the republic ones from a writing perspective.
Ryedarn 20 أيام قبل
This game is definitely worth a playthrough of each of the 8 classes 1-50 just for their stories alone.
Keefan1978 أشهر قبل
A great video, thanks! Brings back memories... I played this game for several years. And also as an imperial agent. And I played as the worst A-hole always "relieving people of their duty" and giving them the opportunity "not to think anymore". Yeah, a great game storywise, but in the end I got tired of thousands of different mechanics layered upon each other and all the senseless micromanagement of my character and its sidekicks.
Michael Hurston
Michael Hurston 4 ساعات قبل
As someone who played through all the main stories, my favorites were all the empire side ones. Sith Warrior was my favorite, followed by Imperial Agent then Sith Inquisitor and Bounty Hunter were tied for third.
Madison Brown
Madison Brown أشهر قبل
I also want to point out how good the story decision making is. For instance, that last Flashpoint you showed where you kill the captain and the Lieutenant has to take charge. If you kill the captain, she believes that the pods are a distraction and allow them to attach to the ship. However, if you let the captain live, he is experience enough to know that they contain shock troopers targeting the generators, giving the player a better way to complete the Flashpoint.
Justin Thyme
Justin Thyme أشهر قبل
@Agustín Prieto Well, when the droid introduces itself, it lists "manslaughter" in the list of his specs, so....
Schnieder6 أشهر قبل
@Agustín Prieto I don't remember all of the dialogue, but there is a path you can follow, kill the captain but stay on the crew's good-side, with no indication of the crew being spooked, but they "mutiny" without any survivors. Also, there's a bit of dialogue when you first encounter the droid that implies that it's more than a protocol droid.
EvilFookaire أشهر قبل
If you play a male agent, you absolutely must kill the captain. You'll get a dialogue option where the voiced response to one of the crew is just the most perfectly delivered "Tell me you're not going to cry".
Agustín Prieto
Agustín Prieto أشهر قبل
@George Blair well, it tells you there was a mutiny. it's possible it lied, but nobody dies in the good ending, so I don't see why the droid would kill them if you kill the captain, or refrain from killing them if you don't.
Revenante the PseudoBrit
Revenante the PseudoBrit أشهر قبل
There are also multiple points where you can talk your way out of combat. Several encounters shown in this video you can avoid battle with a slick enough response, such as the separatist with the droid where you can convince the idiot to "fix" the droid's faulty sensors.
Herio Henth
Herio Henth أشهر قبل
I've played this game a lot, because I love the setting, but my main criticism is that the game doesn't challenge the player at all with any sense of danger or tension, so there isn't a lot of incentive to really engage with its game mechanics. This puts the emphasis on the writing and role-play elements, which would be fine, except in a lot of ways the writing is little, or a lot, on the nose and the actual RPG decision making is shallow. The incredible ease of the gameplay also makes much of the experience feel like tasteless filler.
Bailey Kelt
Bailey Kelt 29 أيام قبل
I do a lot of solo runs on world flashpoints on master difficulty, if you are looking for a serious challenge - Illum will kick your ass
Verpine 29 أيام قبل
I've been playing since launch. Totally agree with pretty much everything you say here, especially in terms of the new player experience and the tutorial system. I've been saying for YEARS how the game is not good for teaching new players how to play the game in terms of combat, moving around the world, ending up in places you don't belong/don't want to be in. There is a LOT of good stuff in this very (VERY) buggy game, especially in the original storylines, with some being much better than others. Agent is widely regarded as one of the best, but I think Sith Warrior is right up there with it. Inquisitor is pretty good as well. Imperial side is much more interesting most of the time, and much more enjoyable to work in, either as someone who is mostly dark side or someone mostly light side. LOTS of good choices for the story there. The Esseles Flashpoint you did on Republic side is... fairly meh. Whereas the Black Talon is much better. They also added all of those cool camera angles and motions to make it feel much more cinematic a few years ago, they both used to be a lot more static like most other conversations in game, especially other group ones. The developers basically don't care anymore. People routinely end up stuck on the Imperial/Republic fleet because the game led them there through the awkward way it tries to get people into flashpoint content. I'm glad your group for that Hammer Station flashpoint was good to work with and they explained things. I know a lot of the people that do lots of veteran flashpoints (the role neutral version of them) tend to be not accepting of people who don't know every fight and every skip to get around mobs of enemies, its good to see the others, which are what I typically encounter but.... Most of the remaining community is centered around a very large population of people that play the story and very casual group content, lots of Roleplayers (I know virtually nothing about them or their communities honestly btu I know they exist), and smaller groups very focused on the different sub-types of group gameplay, the PVP, the Galactic Starfighter, and the Operations. I mostly do the ops (raids in other games) myself because I like having fun with friends playing the game doing the difficult end of the large group content.
Denise Betegh
Denise Betegh 18 أيام قبل
This was my very first MMO ever and I loved. it. I started playing in 2014. It's changed so much since then but I still play it every so often and it will always hold a special place in my heart.
Jordon Dunkerley
Jordon Dunkerley 11 أيام قبل
Man I absolutely love this series! And that you enjoy playing SWTOR, great taste! I would love to see you do a video on Destiny 2. I've been hooked by this game since it was released in 2017. Destiny 2 feels like a sort of hybrid MMO. Now that it allows cross-platform along all platforms it's just even better. There are overworld maps that you can enter but missions require fireteams anywhere from 3 players to 8 for raids. Rewards are all personal, no trading, which I like because I don't horde items for friends or trade value and it makes having rare gear feel like a medal of honour. There is new story and missions every season and they have adapted a method of removing old story content as it progresses, as to not take up too much system space and to move new players along with the rest of the community. No game is without it's complaints and people seem to always have something to say about this game but I love it for what it is. I would enjoy an epsiode about it.
Trey Chambers
Trey Chambers أشهر قبل
The story is so good I played it through two of the classes just for that alone. It is a bit grindy though, like most MMOs, so I couldn't make it through the other six though part of me wanted to.
DARK CUCCO أشهر قبل
Newly came across this series and I love it! I love the history behind these older games that you’ve done that are just long forgotten, one game I’d love to see is Ultima online had one friend that played it at school meanwhile everyone else was on runescape or wow so i’m curious how the game even played out.
NinjaOstrich أشهر قبل
I highly recommend Absolver for this series. Its decribed as an action adventure mmm and is based around martial arts combat and building a moves at to fight in pve and pvp
Vishal Nagaraj
Vishal Nagaraj أشهر قبل
Earlier this year, it was my first time playing. I was an Inquisitor. Asked some stuff in planet chat and one experienced veteran decides to just give me a million credits, a rare lightsaber crystal and a bunch of other goodies. Unfortunately I stopped playing due to college, but on my break I will definitely hop back on and try to help someone else the same way he did to me.
The more I play this game the more I realize that it really doesn't need to be an MMO lol. I barely notice other people, I never found myself needing to find a group (I did mostly beginner stuff though), and it just feels like the highlight is the story which only really involves the player.
Joy Apparatus
Joy Apparatus أشهر قبل
@Michael H I totally agree with this. They should have added two companions to form a full party and have a role for each companion along with banter. Meeting them throughout the story through different events would have been so cool along with having the ability to edit their skill rotations. Maybe in a expansion in the future, but thats prolly just dreaming.
Justin Lacek
Justin Lacek أشهر قبل
I always wished that one day, they would "remake"/remaster SWTOR as a single player game. Unfortunately that's likely impossible.
SHC Demolisher
SHC Demolisher أشهر قبل
Yeah I personally see sometime in the future a single player offline version of the game that the devs make, or even a sequel! Like the final part of the 1000 year long war as see the fallout of it, and eventually into the 1000 years of peace till the movie timeline.
Supadrumma441 أشهر قبل
@Nostromo The limited number of skills the beorning has makes me greatly dislike that class for some reason. Levelling to 1-120 was such a bore because you are using the same 4 skills at lvl 30 as you are at lvl 120. Other classes get a whole bunch of new shit, the bears don't.
Rick Reason
Rick Reason أشهر قبل
@George Blair I can agree with that, and I'd also put ESO in there.
Deags89 18 أيام قبل
Honestly I put my companions in passive mode for 90% of combat. That way it feels like you can actually die in combat if you take on too much at once.
FuckPutin 10 أيام قبل
Loved this game, the solo story gameplay was incredible fun once I got off the starter planet and the handling of story dialogues in group content was fun too. ESO should have taken notes. Too bad the graphics and animations were already outdated when the game released and the combat was sometimes borderline insufferable (you happened to pick one of the classes with the most fun combat).
Connor Nay
Connor Nay 19 أيام قبل
I remember when this game first released, the onboarding of new players was actually pretty organic. Most everything felt like it was a part of the character's main storyline, even that first weird flashpoint is *supposed* to be the character's dramatic trip from the faction's main fleet to the next planet, and you couldn't just teleport to it until you had actively finished the events of your starting planet, (Ord Mantell, Typhon, Nal Hutta, or Korriban) Hell, there was even a small little story quest where your character got to select their class specialization where you talked to an npc representative of your class and they actually explained the role of your expanded class specialization in a way that felt organic and interesting, (now days you select the specialization at character creation and just are that subclass from the start). Not to mention that companion NPCs actually had specifically assigned combat roles, which made the decisions of which companion you were bringing with you actually feel legitimately important, as if you had the tank npc, and you were playing a dps class, then you were about to learn the definition of genuine pain, when both you and your tank got fucking melted by enemy blaster fire almost immediately with no healing in sight. It's worth noting that the combat encounters on the tutorial planets were also more difficult in that early time, and if you were not careful, you would die and need to retry mission beats over and over again until you could get through them. Cut to... Jesus... eleven years later, now and the game has been "Streamlined" to make it more immediately accessible to more people, yet it feels more like a mass produced generic copy of the vibrantly interesting game that it began as. All in all, I miss the early days of Old Republic for it's immersiveness, but I'm still glad that it exists today.
Sarshu 26 أيام قبل
This series is equal parts inspiring and terrifying. I really want to make an mmo (a pipe dream, I know) but my worst fear is it being featured on your channel
roboczar أشهر قبل
The worst part is that originally the tutorials were story linked, but after a few years and some probably one-sided player feedback about the lack of new players, they ditched the existing flow and replaced it with what you experienced.
212Blackace 28 أيام قبل
@Jimmy Smith agree getting your healer was always like a big deal when I played
matt81093 أشهر قبل
So weird
Jimmy Smith
Jimmy Smith أشهر قبل
@kolim jone Right? Not having a healer for most of the game sucked SO hard.
Mello Bazz
Mello Bazz أشهر قبل
I remember playing this in 2015, it was one of the best mmos I've played back than, tho i see it was much more simple, for example there were credits and some features you can buy but almost everything you will want you can get from grinding if it isnt a dlc item or special weapons and cosmetics, but you can buy them from the auction
King Kaiju
King Kaiju أشهر قبل
I use to really love this game, I still think the combat is just super fun. The power fantasy of playing a Sith was perfect lol.
Danny Gontu
Danny Gontu 11 أيام قبل
personally when I played swtor, as my first mmo, the text dumps tutorials didn't bother me, in fact, I skipped them all and figured the game out by playing. It honestly lays everything out for you in a simple way. get quest, go to quest, press buttons, kill things. easy game lol
Stone Ownz
Stone Ownz 21 أيام قبل
I started playing again two weeks ago. I played on release and then after a bit, stopped for a while. I would say, some of the issues you are having are quite literally the f2p function unfortunately. There are plenty of bugs and I think you encapsulated the whole thing when you said the community cares more than the developers.
Matthew Beardface
Matthew Beardface أشهر قبل
The most fun i have had with this game was playing through the bounty hunter story with my friend playing an imperial agent. we played as if our characters were actually working together from the chance meeting on hutta.
kolosmenus أشهر قبل
@Kaotiqua I wouldn't say it's "underground", cross-faction is fairly common in RP. But yeah, you can communicate only through /say chat.
Mr أشهر قبل
Me too man with my friend I played Jedi Shadow and he was Smuggler Scoundrel and it was like we had an unlikely alliance, setting aside our differences taking on the empire. This game did group questing better than any other MMO.
Kaotiqua أشهر قبل
@Ditch Food It is worth mentioning however that, as in most faction-based games, you cannot play on opposing sides and still play together. There IS a sort of RP underground for cross-faction play, though it's complicated, because you can't whisper or pm cross-faction, so you have to arrange contact points via discord or something, then only communicate face to face at neutral or contested-zone meeting places.
Josh أشهر قبل
And honestly, I can see this being canon.
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi أشهر قبل
Different classes have different personal quest zones, that only a certain class can enter. But you can enable an option in settings that allows party memberse to enter said zone with you. Meaning you can go with your friend, help him fight and then watch him go through the dialogue. But you won't have a quest in the same zone because you're a different class. But yeah generally it's totally plausible to go through all the quests with a friend, you'll just be doing more traveling. Swtor is a game which you shouldn't rush anyways, the story is the best element and having played through all the class stories and expansions except for the newest one, i must say it's definitely worth it and will be more fun with a friend.
Ben Simons
Ben Simons 29 أيام قبل
Once you each the expansions, even the first ones, the quality of npc variety, animation and voice acting goes waaay up, along with the variety of mission types and general look of the levels. You can really see the technological advances the studio had access to when making these and it makes for a much more enjoyable experience than the early game.
Shushin Fushin
Shushin Fushin 25 أيام قبل
it's actually the complete opposite in my experience lol
Tiffany Smith
Tiffany Smith 20 أيام قبل
I remember Beta testing this and we said it's not ready for release. My favorite storyline was IA. I'm surprised it has lasted 10 years.
QuiveringPotato أشهر قبل
I wonder if Josh recorded this shortly after the 7.0 update, because I've been playing since launch and never really encountered any of the bugs he's getting here. I know 7.0 was super buggy when it dropped.
Animus Nocturnus
Animus Nocturnus 20 أيام قبل
Spot on. I remember the fights (at least the story important ones) in the early game being a bit harder when I tried it... 10 years ago? Wait... came out 2011... ok so 8 years ago. Close enough. Not so much that you actually struggled to complete them, but you needed to at least be aware of what you can do and use those abilities without wasting them so that you wouldn't die. Simply main click attacking an enemy wasn't enough and your abilities neither overwhelm the enemy so much that you needed only one, nor was the cooldown so fast that you could spam it. At least that's how I remember it to have been and I assume that the devs went "huh, not enough people stay invested long enough to buy our shit" and made the start easier to retain more of the even more casual players than me.
Oso Peluche
Oso Peluche أشهر قبل
I like Swtor, it's such a nice chill MMO set in one of my favorite settings. To be honest I hate raiding and PvP and Swtor is casual enough that I can reach max level and actually have options! *cough* Unlike WoW's raid or die mentality*cough* Love the Roleplaying aspect of Swtor, I can go hunting for new outfits, I can go decorate parts of my Stronghold to fit my current character, they are big enough that I can section parts off for different characters. My biggest issue is the lack of actual alien species to play, most of them are just spray painted humans and Cyborgs are literally just humans. I want to play as a Wookie like I did in galaxies!
Oni1975 24 أيام قبل
I enjoyed this review, thank you. It was, in some cases, sadly accurate. I played it at launch, and recently picked it up for a bit again, so I can relate to this review. Some additional observations from my perspective as a launch and much later return player: BioWare can't even really take credit for the gameplay fundamentals, as so much of it was lifted from WoW. Comparing them side to side, there's so much that is literally copied from WoW. The universe setting and generally good cutscene design are the only things that make it stand apart. SWTOR's biggest flaw though, is that BioWare have made almost no effort to modernize the game. Your compliment about the map's fade feature amused me, because the map design is horrible. It takes up almost the entire screen--it can't be moved, resized, or even zoomed, and it is an absolute pain to read (it doesn't translate elevation at all). They added a "magnifying glass" feature which is equally useless and cumbersome to use. This is exactly how it worked at or soon after launch (I think the magnifying glass function was added soon after launch). It is representative of BioWare's attitude of not tending to the game to keep it even moderately in line with more modern MMO game design.
Furkan Kutlu
Furkan Kutlu 27 أيام قبل
11:24 you can change it from the settings so you can actually have multipe legend icons active on your map, i know it's a bit of a hassle but still it exists.
Shady_Knave 22 أيام قبل
Really enjoyed the review, I played this quite a lot a few years ago and I'm not sure how you got that flashpoint quest too early or maybe, I just ignored it when it was introduced too early but, how I experienced it (I completed 6 of the classes main stories by the way) I didn't get the flashpoint until I was at the station where you respawned, it definitely intends for you to do that flashpoint as a small dungeon that actually is within the story and makes sense as it's how you get to the next planet. It just kind of sucks because, if it worked as intended it wouldn't break the story flow so horribly. Edit: rewatched that part and you actually explained why the flashpoint was thrown at you too early.
Andronikos (Wends of Change)
I laughed when you realized you would rather be the villain you're chasing. I think I agree. It would have been a better story for a smuggler.
Father Kratos
Father Kratos أشهر قبل
@Chunky Coffee As the knight you can kill half the NPCs you talk to, hell you can get 2 before leaving tython. Alternatively, you can turn pretty much everyone you come across to the light. The smuggler just doesn't feel like it has the same variety, you either go "get outa here" or shoot and continue on anyway. It just didn't feel like player choice mattered much for it
Jan Kostrhun
Jan Kostrhun أشهر قبل
​@Father Kratos Funnily enough Inquisitor is probably my favorite class story (I guess I am a bit of a contrarian), brutal enforcer, insane sorcerer or a light sider hiding amongst darkness, all can be RPed and make perfect sense and get plenty of opportunities to shine. Also femquisitor has the best psycho voice. Consular was the first class I've played and it hit perfect spot of this more spiritually focused Jedi, you get to heal people from the dark side corruption and play a diplomat. You get your Padawan and do a bit of training, quote obscure philosophers at people and have a bit of Obi-wan like flare in tone and dry wit. My least favorite is probably Knight story as while having few cool moments, it really feels a bit pedestrian to me, there's nothing conceptually bad but it really failed to grab my attention. Maybe I've grown soft due to a lack of any decent SW games, but I think none of them are really bad but they are all fairly railroaded (as MMO is the weakest part of the game and prevent any story branching) so it depends on the personal tastes if you can get into the correct mindset and ignore the seams.
SHC Demolisher
SHC Demolisher أشهر قبل
@Zhiroc Plus any money you get from conversations and reward credit-boxes are actually the amount of pocket change you get from junk you sell, YOU GET MORE MONEY DOING PVP THEN THE PLOTLINE! I am not joking! (outside of junk selling and money you loot from bodies, that does not count) I'm sure someone out there has kept track of all the money you get from each story mission in the class and did the math.
SHC Demolisher
SHC Demolisher أشهر قبل
@cwalda cwaldovic Wow! That is some real high level luck! And maybe you are some long lost brother taking him down for the real honor of your family, or something that would sound just about right in star wars.
Zhiroc أشهر قبل
IIRC, the story design wasn't around a "class" specifically, but around being an "iconic" character of the class. So "smuggler" was "being Han" and his smuggling stories were all in the past. "Rogue" might have been a better name.
Franklin Turtleton
Franklin Turtleton أشهر قبل
One thing I want to point out, most of the unlocks from the subscription are permanent after only paying for it once. Saying that the F2P is a "demo" is really cutting it too deep, you get 8 full stories, 16 subclasses, 48 specializations, space battles, and multiple types of endgame activities. There is more content in this game for free than every dragon age game combined.
Málek أشهر قبل
I started the game at the early release back in 2012. It was a wonderful experience. Since then i´ve always loved getting back to it and play for weeks / months.
Abdul Lawal
Abdul Lawal أشهر قبل
This review is spot on man! I loved the SWTOR back in the day when there was Australian servers. They removed them and basically killed the game for me.
Akaneosu أشهر قبل
Would love to see a tierlist of all the games you reviewed in this series so far
Shatterhand2049 أشهر قبل
Probably one of the best and most honest reviews of SWTOR I've seen in quite a while. Well done, Josh. I've played the game off and on since beta, so I've had the pleasure and displeasure of riding the waves of changes that either were a benefit the game, or served as a detriment to it. I still love it and I go back to it for short periods of time, but only for the story. PvP? HARD pass. Flashpoints? Meh. Events? Can sometimes be fun, but it depends on which event it is. Space combat with your class ship? Not worth bothering with, really. So, yeah, your perspective about how this serves better as an RPG with multiplayer elements is spot-on. The story is where it's at in this game, because unlike other MMOs, where the "story" of your character is as thin as a post-it note because all the devs (and other players, usually) care about is "EnDgAmE!1!!", SWTOR's class storylines give you a reason to care about what you're doing...at least, it does for me. I see other people play the game on streams and in YT videos and they skip the dialogue and cut-scenes, and those people annoy the bejeezus out of me. The one MMO that actually gives a shit about story, and you're skipping it to get to the combat? Even if you've played them a bazillion times, skipping over what sets this game apart from others in its genre just seems wrong. You're completely right about the Imperial Agent storyline; best one in the game by a mile. I do also recommend the Bounty Hunter one, because for a good chunk of the progression, you're actually doing bounty-hunter stuff. I'm also fond of the Sith Warrior and Jedi Knight storylines, because if you want to be either Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker, those are the paths to follow, and the expansion content just works better in those classes. Honestly, there are great story moments throughout all of them, but a few are just more entertaining than others.
Snidget أشهر قبل
@AscendantStoic I feel like I'm the only one who can't force myself through the story on FF14. Idk, I MUCH prefer SWTOR.
kolosmenus أشهر قبل
@GeorgeMonet I personally thought that Consular act 1 was super boring. Maybe plot itself wan't that bad, but Consular character, like their dialogue lines, are the worst in the game imo. Chapter 2 for the most part was even worse, but the whole sith hunting and chapter 3 are one of the better ones in the game. For most classes they start of super cool and then get somewhat tedious. In case of consular I feel like their last part of the story got better than the beginning
GeorgeMonet أشهر قبل
I disagree about IA being the best. For my money I think SW is better and Jedi Consular Act 1 is the best Act 1 out of all the classes. Although Jedi Consular Act 2-3 are the absolute worst.
AscendantStoic أشهر قبل
@RMX Sure A Realm Reborn starts quite slow-paced but if you are going to be skipping cutscenes in FF14 then you are definitely playing the wrong MMO. Also something tells me you never read a novel in your life if you can't handle the few excperts of text in FF14.
kolosmenus أشهر قبل
@RMX FF XIV has a very good story, but the downside is that it really picks up only near the end, and despite the plot in general being good, all the dialogues are horrendous
Kaelon أشهر قبل
"Then I run into this NPC who looks the human-form of Shrek..." absolutely hilarious! Love your humor as always, Josh!
Tango Fett
Tango Fett أشهر قبل
I love SWTOR. I’ve been playing since launch. A lot has changed since then, but it’ll be hard for anyone to find better storytelling and voice acting from any other MMO
Rudolph Antler
Rudolph Antler أشهر قبل
The game has tons of bugs, and some elements might be boring but they were put aside to focus on story narratives. But you went to the first flashpoint too early because the stupid game offered it up to you too early, but not random. You reached a required level. But the devs have turned the game into such a trivialized casualized mess to focus on endgame to squeeze out more money, that newcomers require a literal GURU to guide them through the first like 3-4 planets not to temporarily get soft-locked into a stupid place which you should get to anyway but not how you got to! XD That's the money world for ya!
Matthew Arant
Matthew Arant أشهر قبل
I love this game so much simply because I max leveled every class in about 2 weeks one summer when I was younger. Found a way to absolutely cheat the leveling system. So fun. The imperial officer story line is actually fantastic. Best story line in the game by far.
Dhamp أشهر قبل
Its interesting, because at launch, most of the things you suggested... were in the game. There were (some) quested tutorials, Flashpoints were sequential and often part of the story progression, you were narrative locked in most places and couldnt sequence skip through things like Flashpoint groups. People hated them, and they changed it to emphasise the MMO, and made it much worse worse. Most of the problems with the game are directly resultant from player feedback.
Telhias أشهر قبل
@matt81093 That is the thing though. People are naturally inclined to speak up about their grievances but stay silent about what makes them content. It is not about me and my particular likes. When large amounts of diverse enough people are involved, statistics will make sure that their feedback will turn into noise.
matt81093 أشهر قبل
@Telhias It feels like you could prevent that silent majority issue by requesting feedback in-game about future changes, or a feedback roadmap. Anyway.
Nemesis Nidhoggr
Nemesis Nidhoggr أشهر قبل
@Telhias not sure why you replied. As it does not contradict my statement. Which is reference to that exact same vocal minority on blizzcon asking for WoW classic and developer's replie. And developers were right, classic wow was fun 1 year and now it's dead. And not only it's dillema of appealing to wider audience. But also each individual change may seem good on their own. But together they may be horrible. So yeah, gaming development is a complicated thing to do
Telhias أشهر قبل
​@Nemesis Nidhoggr Nope. It is the problem with mass appeal. The silent majority did not want all this stuff. However because some loud mouth-breathers were too whiny, the devs assumed that it was something everyone else wanted. No. In a group of 3 people you will scarcely find their opinions aligned on most topics. In a group of a million you are guaranteed to have all possible opinions widely represented. If you do not go for a niche appeal and tailor your audience, you as a developer turn feedback into noise. It is a direct consequence of choosing wider appeal in the quest for more money. Those 100 mouth-breathers may very well love each change they individually championed. It is just that all the people who did not voice their love for things as they were, started complaining. Suddenly the developer thinks that their audience doesn't know what it wants. Yes they do. You just have to listen to the same person twice. Two different people will want two different things. Sometimes I feel like people who use statistics don't understand their limitations.
RobCoxxy أشهر قبل
@Supadrumma441 yes, I know. I got bored of waiting for the flashpoint queue, queued for other stuff instead, selected stuff that was closer to my recommended level, and was punted into endgame stuff instead. Sucked.
verionger أشهر قبل
It's sad to say that over the years more and more bugs have happened. Bugs that didn't exist in the vanilla game up through the first expansion. A LOT of them are newer which is disappointing.
mrmiffmiff 4 أيام قبل
It's actually unfortunate we've never gotten any official adaptation of sabacc. Unlike pazaak which would hypothetically be played on physical cards, sabaac's cards periodically change and therefore it could only really be replicated on a video game.
Idanthyrsus أشهر قبل
Hutball was my favorite part. Pinning people in fire pits and hooking people in a friendly end zone for insta kills was fun. Dropping the cantana jukebox and Dancing on their corpses was a bonus.
FRIDAY 7567 أشهر قبل
34:40 the community is amazing. I had a whole team in PvP that taught me how the system worked. It is not toxic, and I am super happy
kyuven أشهر قبل
The Flashpoint system made a lot more sense, especially the first one, when they required you to get to a certain point in the story to unlock. The first one, for example, is actually woven into the narrative as something that happens while you're going from the planet you start on to your faction's hub zone. It's an example of changing something for...really no good reason other than "GROUP CONTENT EARLY HURRAH!"
Maxwell Lee Sterling
Maxwell Lee Sterling أشهر قبل
And then the poor level 15 player joins Hammer Station lacking most of their skills and it's extremely painful. I still can't believe the second pull with the two big droids is one of the hardest I've seen in any flashpoint of that game.
Stinker4583 أشهر قبل
Yeah, when I started playing this game back in 2015 it made alout more sense. Sad how they missed stuff up like that, and trivialized combat. I still play it today, and I love it, but they really messed up alot of things for no reason along the way. I also dont remember having so many text dump tutourials back then...
RescueRex70 أشهر قبل
yeah with Flashpoints I tend to do them when I encounter them on the map like the Essels Flashpoint I don't do it till you see like the Essels Ship in the Fleet and can go on the Ship to the next planet instead of taking a shuttle
Narethian أشهر قبل
Oh I was wondering about that. Because I played the game way back when it released and was certain that you could not just join a flashpoint until you had done the quests.
Shezua أشهر قبل
Understandable from a Story enjoying player but to be honest.. On the German server were struggling to get a group together for FPs imagine now having to consider levels into the equasion. Its a sad reality. But if you really want to enjoy the story there are also Solo/Story flashpoints.
Kenan Tutsi
Kenan Tutsi أشهر قبل
I shocked you didn't bring up the magic pistol that shows up when you're gun is too big to be used in cutscenes
Joy Apparatus
Joy Apparatus أشهر قبل
Less fetch quests and two active companions with being able to edit companion skill rotations would have made this the perfect starwars themepark mmorpg. Its still a damn good one tho.
Edwin أشهر قبل
Because of this video, I went back (played back on release for 1 year before stopping and continued WoW and stopped WoW around Battle for Azeroth) to play SWTOR and having a blast! Thank you Josh for reminding of how fun this game is. (yes, I went the subscription option, the 180 days one) Is it worth at least trying subscribed for 1 month just to feel it out? YES!
Harvester86 أشهر قبل
Unless you want to give EA money (dont) you can play trough plenty of the stories for free, dress up your character in various ways and enjoy the game as is, theres no need to pay money for this other than to make things easier for you in terms of leveling and inventory management.
Deleted User
Deleted User أشهر قبل
20:36 Fights like that *used* to be significantly harder because you had a fraction as many powerful abilities which *used* to come later, after picking an advanced class - which you only had access to after leaving the starting area. I.E. Smuggler could be gunslinger or scoundrel - but not until you made it off Ord mantel and onto the republic fleet station where you would get the quest to *pick* an advanced class. As a result, you literally didn't have access to the aoe ability you just used to down those npcs. Also, companions could, previously, only have one dedicated role. So that fight was much - much - harder, once upon a time.
jj48 أشهر قبل
@Justin Lacek Yeah, I don't think it was necessarily a bad move, it just depends which direction they want the game to go in. It'll turn off the players wanting a challenging MMO, but it actually helps those of us who are more casual and focused on story.
Justin Lacek
Justin Lacek أشهر قبل
unpopular opinion but I'm glad they made it easier. This was my first MMO and back in 2011/12, the game was so difficult for me that I didn't enjoy playing it and it felt like it took forever to level
gmu_alum08 أشهر قبل
Yep, they just totally dumbed down the game and that killed it for me. I guess EA decided to cater to the lowest common denominator
Deleted User
Deleted User أشهر قبل
@jj48 Yeah, at some point an adjustment was made which allowed people to reach level cap from primary storyline alone: without "exploration quests". meaning - without side quests. So for those of us who played before that adjustment, and would do *all* the quests, including the hidden out of the way ones which only have minimap quest icons if you get close enough to them: we were all blazing through levels like mad there for a hot minute. Further adjustments had to be made as a result. The last time I played, (a few months ago), if you 1) played by means of doing absolutely all the quests, 2) including the out of the way ones, and 3) the heroic quests, and 4) using one of the free xp boosts, and 5) being part of a guild which provided an xp boost: you could hit mid-lvls by the time you cleared capital world. I turned that in and of itself into a minigame all it's own to see how fast I could hit level cap and began screen capping my /played time to test myself and test my xp/ph optimization like 'ye old tbc power lvling.
jj48 أشهر قبل
@Deleted User I went back and started a new character when the Nautolan species released. I forget if it was a bonus XP event or what, but it almost seemed I was going to reach lvl cap before finishing the capitol planet.
Princess Ozzina
Princess Ozzina أشهر قبل
A lot of the story battles USED to be harder. They all got dumbed down to ensure you could solo the whole story and to speedrun people to the newest content.
cryzz0n أشهر قبل
oh myyy... after playing this game for over 10 years, your "score" still cracks me up. Very on point, and very apt summary. Nailed it, my dude. :)
Cair Does Stuff
Cair Does Stuff 16 أيام قبل
This was first MMO(esque) back in 2013-2014. I remember there being a lot more tutorial style quest that were meant to introduce certain systems (such as weapon mods and flashpoints, among other things). I remember these quests because you were basically required to do every side quest on the map in order to be gaining enough XP to be high enough lvl to survive the next group of combat encounters and quests. A lot of updates were meant to speed up the leveling process and a majority of those tutorial quests and other smaller side quests are hidden by default. You have to tick the "Exploration Missions," box in the map in order to see them. I personally feel like that should be the opposite for new players, having the Exploration Missions be on at default instead of off. Also I haven't played in almost a year so I may have some info mixed up. Also Also, I started as a F2P player, and I was certainly able to use a lot more of the chat when I started. The only limitation I remember was that you couldn't put a message in Gen chat within a few minutes of your last one. I know this because I stuck with this game for awhile because I joined an RP guild (would be pretty hard to do RP without /say and /e). They should definitely undo those limitations for F2P players, because at first I believe it was meant to be a countermeasure against spam, but now it seems totally arbitrary.
Yo Human Frisk
Yo Human Frisk 21 أيام قبل
That score and explanation that goes with it is sadly incredibly accurate. . . I've seen interviews with George Lucas since selling Lucasfilms to Disney, and there's clear regret in his choices.
MakoRuu أشهر قبل
A lot of the problems Josh points out, actually only started with the recent 7.0 update. Bugs and UI stuff. They really took a step back with 7.0 in terms of usability. It's why I stepped away from the game currently.
Jon Zander
Jon Zander 29 أيام قبل
@Rey Of Light You will love Endwalker--you come away feeling like the ultimate hero (and let the credits roll to the end). I did the 2 hours of SWTOR story content and I am still not sure what is going on.
Rey Of Light
Rey Of Light أشهر قبل
@Jon Zander I’m totally loving FFXIV as well! Never a dull moment, frequently more content added and if there is any issues, they apologize and then get it sorted ASAP. The initial cost of the game and the relatively low monthly cost is well worth the money because of the quality you get. The attention for detail is just immaculate in FFXIV, even the soundtracks of the game just out of this world! I’m currently in Endwalker on my main toon, and have been loving the game more and more with each expansion. The basic stuff was nice, Heavensward was pretty cool with it being different from before, Stormblood was just amazing and then came Shadowbringers and just totally blew my mind, and I can tell that Endwalker is about to do the same (I’m still pretty fresh into Endwalker)
Jon Zander
Jon Zander أشهر قبل
I have played since Beta and loved this game......until 7.0. My sub is running out and I will let it lapse but will probably come back for new story later, even though the latest story was pathetic. Currently I am absolutely enjoying FFXIV--a game where a minor patch has more content than a SWTOR expac.
Rey Of Light
Rey Of Light أشهر قبل
7.0 killed it for me as well. Been playing on and off since late 2019 and been subscribed most of that time. Now I haven’t played since March or so and last month (for the first time) I cancelled my subscription because at this time I feel my break from the game may or may not be permanent. I prefer to play on my own and 7.0 pretty much forces you to team up for heroics once you’re lvl 80 and that’s just a no go for me. I’m also no fan of how much is stuck behind the pay wall in SWTOR, there are other games that are just so much better than SWTOR and that are friendlier towards F2P (such as Star Trek Online) or at least makes the subscription fee more worth it (hello there FFXIV). I’ve also been annoyed to all hell with how consoles and stuff works in open world in SWTOR and the toxic behavior from people when they dash past you and steal something so you have to wait for it to spawn back again. The only real improvement in 7.0 compared to before, is the shared mobs so you at least don’t get the issues with people stealing enemies, so it’s easier to get your kills in open areas. But yeah, SWTOR is pretty much dead to me now
TwoToxic أشهر قبل
@CrispBaker yes, 7.0 bricked the game
foxypoxi 25 أيام قبل
Now that Josh reviewed TOR I would love him to dig up and review Star Wars Galaxies mmorpg. I believe that would be possible with Legends server.
Direnova أشهر قبل
I played it recently and really enjoyed playing a Sith sorcerer. The story was great and I managed to "best in slot" in a couple of months with about 4 characters. I was playing with a friend and had a lot of fun doing flashpoints.
CT Rdnaskelo
CT Rdnaskelo أيام قبل
I've been playing on and off for almost 8 years, I think. Completed all classes multiple times, became millionaire through trading... Never moved past f2p content, because all subsequent expansions share single story for all classes, and I never decided which class story is MY story.
Tal 23 أيام قبل
I played SWOTR years ago, maybe around 2015 if I remember right. It's sad to see how many of the issues that you're reporting now are things that were problems back then as well. Back then, though, a lot of the early fights you've shown were much harder and took a lot more tactic and sometimes you even *needed* another player to beat some of them. I remember dying multiple times to those enforcers on the Smuggler quest you insta-killed - looks like a lot of those fights were tuned way down. I don't know how I feel about that, since a lot of the grind and running around could feel soul-crushingly tedious - the cutscenes and storylines were the real draw, after all. This does kind of make me want to go back and see what it's like now, but I remember the running around and the mob after mob after mob and fetch quest after fetch quest after fetch quest and I'm like "mmmmmmmmmmmm, I don't know..."
Friendly Neighborhood Lore Nerd
SWTOR is my main mmo. I love it, I'm so glad this video exists! A note to potential new players: Please don't worry about the in-game tutorials. Look up tutorials on AR-vids instead. I'd recommend looking up Swtorista and going through some of her videos.
Lasher أشهر قبل
@Anna-Flora If you have played mmos before, especially wow or wow clones, no.
Tohab أشهر قبل
There's an option to turn off the tutorials. Highly recommended.
Rithela أشهر قبل
@Anna-Flora I mean the game is super easy and straightforward so it isn't difficult to understand. I think they mean go to her channel for tutorials when you need them. You don't need any tutorials to start playing. The text-dumps in-game is kinda lame but it gets the job done. Plus it's free. Try it out.
Anna-Flora أشهر قبل
So it's a game that I have to do homework to start playing? Thanks for the warning, I'll go elsewhere
Tim Davis
Tim Davis أشهر قبل
@Lasher The problem - and this is what Josh gets at when he has this complaint about many of the MMOs he tries - is that you're looking at this as someone who *does* know how to play MMOs already. When you're trying to get new players into a game, you need to design things such that it can draw in someone who has *never* played that type of game before. Every time the game throws something at you without an explanation, it's a quit moment for that player. You can look back on some of Josh's older videos and find achievement statistics for some of the most basic things - things that you would get in the first 20-30 minutes of gameplay, automatically, if you stick with it. And those achievements often have relatively low completion rates. If you have an achievement that you get *automatically* in the first tutorial areas of your game, and only 70% of people have that achievement, that means your game is failing 30% of its playerbase. So, yes, these things are actually pretty important. Especially when the vast, vast majority of these early quit moments could be fixed by tiny, miniscule changes to the game.
Viktor Suuta
Viktor Suuta أشهر قبل
When I used to play the game, I believe you levelled up slower (or the story enemies were stronger). I found that super annoying since I just wanted to play through the story, but kept having to go grind to be able to progress. I believe when I forced my way through the story by sneaking past enemies, I ended up 5 levels below the intended level, and thus I was killed in a few shots by the bosses. Then I went back and did all the sidequests and was still 2 levels too low.
Roupen Agnerian
Roupen Agnerian أشهر قبل
Hey Josh, love the reviews, and been looking forward to you getting to SWTOR for some time now. But honestly…I don't think you were critical enough and missed (partially due to your limited time with the game) the biggest problems with the game. The introduction is absolutely not great, and there are too many systems, but those issues pale in comparison to 1) the lack of content and 2) the game engine. SWTOR straight up has the best story content of any mmo currently available (yes, even ff14, which I say as a current player) and having 8 full stories to play is great, but once you're done with those the content begins to dry up very quickly. Everything after the primary class storylines is streamlined to be almost entirely the same no matter what class you're playing (with only small snippets pertaining to your class and its story sprinkled throughout) which is highlighted best in the two eternal empire expansions, which are incredibly polarizing as they are essentially single player expansions that only really make sense for Jedi or sith classes. Beyond those, the 6 other "expansions" consist of little more a couple flashpoints, one raid, and about 2-3 hours of story, the release of which is stretched out over a year or more. The majority of the raid content (which is actually quite good and a significant portion of it is actually a story arc in itself) is over six years old and even now still contains many bugs that have never been fully dealt with. It's extremely easy to literally run out of content even when taking the higher difficulty operations into account and completing all story content 8 times. The game is ten years old and has not introduced a single new class or even combat style tied to an existing storyline. Every new "expansion" has taken about a year to reach something resembling a stable state (at least until the next content update introduces a flashpoint or operation that is so buggy it literally cannot be completed) all of which is due to the number one thing holding the game back: the Hero Engine. It was a flawed engine from the start and the Frankenstein's monster they had to create out of it for the game is embarrassingly bad. For something supposedly set up for an MMO it buckles under the mildest strain even on high end rigs. Lag in 8 man raids is usually tolerable, but people have been complaining about 16 man content being so laggy and desynched as to be completely unplayable for many (an issue that has never been resolved) since the game launched. Graphical glitches are one thing, but having long standing bugs like bosses running erratically backward and not being where they are visually is just not acceptable in an MMO. But there's basically nothing they can do about it. They apparently are missing a big part of the original data used to build the game and would have to rebuild the whole thing with a new engine…which, considering how expensive it was in the first place and how much the player base has shrunk, is never going to happen. Al of which is just so maddeningly frustrating, because the story and voice acting - even at its worst - is so far above every other MMO out there it's astounding. Galactic Star fighter may have a steep learning curve, but it's honestly a fantastic space dogfighting game that's really just a less refined Squadrons. And the combat and visual design of the styles is really satisfying. But after a while, having to just keep doing the same buggy content for the hundredth time while knowing that you have so little to look forward to and so long to wait for even that, it just wears you down. With a better, stable engine, and a publisher that has any interest at all in investing money in it, it could have been so much more.
Dranlia 28 أيام قبل
I tried this game once and played Imperial Agent and had a great time with that. But a lot of the systems bogged me down and made continuing a chore. Honestly the game would work better as a single player RPG. Also was annoyed because I started to like the companion but found out I couldn't have a romance with her as a female character.
Bradley Barnes
Bradley Barnes أشهر قبل
that review was spot on. It's so sad to see how what the game is now though. I remember back in the day when the tutorials were linked to quests etc and when all the content weren't as easy as it is now. Even the heroics that literally say +4 on them you needed to find players to help you complete it but now literally everything can be done solo. I get this for solo players and new players but it should never be as easy as what it is currently...I literally did level 1-50 without dying once on my own which shouldn't be a thing unless I'm a god which I'm not. Game never use to be like that and things were actually a challenge. I remember doing flash points just to get xp because I was stuck on a boss fight, was brilliant!
Michael Magee
Michael Magee أشهر قبل
The community is very welcoming; every time I dip my toes back into this game I always find amazing people that are willing to help and explain things.
SurlyAndroid أشهر قبل
I see this in lots of mmos. When you need a healthy player base to keep the game alive, veteran players are very helpful. Not saying they’re helpful cause they have to be but I do think it’s kinda motivated by fear of losing the game you play hrs everyday
Cody Moore
Cody Moore أشهر قبل
Until you run out of free general chat uses and every time you try to enter text it tells you to subscribe
Butteredpooper أشهر قبل
@Adoring Fan that’s what makes it good
Sadsen MMXVI
Sadsen MMXVI أشهر قبل
@Adoring Fan DK chat is always a treat when levelling an alt, good times
Game Plus
Game Plus أشهر قبل
I'd like to recommend a game for the "Worst MMO Ever?" series, and it would have to be Spiral Knights, given that I've played the game since 2014 in my younger years. The game is great, the art style appeals to me greatly, but I can't help but notice that Grey Haven, the current owners of Spiral Knights, seem to be doing nothing at all with the game at the moment, and content wise it apeears to be quite dead in the water. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this!
Missouri Johnson
Missouri Johnson 29 أيام قبل
As a person that played off and on since the 1st expansion. It was difficult. I learned the hard way that Legacy unlocks, and Crafting were always key to this game. Especially in end game content. Nowadays, a blind monkey can stumble though the Storylines and rarely fail.
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