WWE Worlds Collide Q&A with Triple H and Shawn Michaels

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Join Cathy Kelley for a live, exclusive interview with WWE COO Triple H and WWE Hall of Famer and NXT Trainer Shawn Michaels immediately following Worlds Collide.
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Arsalan Asif
Arsalan Asif 10 أيام قبل
SyedArsalan Asif Ýes Shawn Michaels TripleH Dx and 2020nd wwe TV Next
rachel diane ames
rachel diane ames 18 أيام قبل
GEEZ! HBK and the game look a lot older
sumit gupta
sumit gupta 26 أيام قبل
HHH and Shawn redefine friendship. such great buddies, did a lot of things together, they run NXT together too.
Neo Klauss
Neo Klauss 28 أيام قبل
Hey Mikey
Hey Mikey أشهر قبل
IMO World's Collide was wayyy better than the Rumble!!! The Rumble was Kool, but WC was Awesome!!! 👌...
CPA أشهر قبل
Adam Cole defending against...Killer Kross maybe?
Kamal Kannan
Kamal Kannan أشهر قبل
Triple h and shawn talkin about DIY❤️❤️❤️ gargano is the hbk of nxt and triple h is ciampa's dad🤣 so DIY VS DX??
Tony Learns To Swag
Tony Learns To Swag أشهر قبل
Hunter and Michaels Starring in When Balds Collide
mr monster
mr monster أشهر قبل
nxt Canada
Luis Fraga
Luis Fraga أشهر قبل
So Jordan Devlin only won the Cruiseweight Title because WWE is going onto BT Sport? 🙄
I wake up to regeneration
Mr. Triple H was previously better ... he was a great professional wrestler ... now he changed, he became a businessman ... he left fans and lovers for money ... why ??😠😧
Karl91 أشهر قبل
Cathy Kelley has a great personality
Alfie Jones
Alfie Jones أشهر قبل
Hbk getting older and smaller
Sachin C
Sachin C أشهر قبل
American fans like to say Triple H buries careers, but praise him over the moon since he runs nXt (a brand of their favourite wrestlers, who Triple H according to the {fans burial policy of Triple H} is who got buried the most) When Triple H was the WWF & the world heavyweight champion.
Bilal Efe Kılıç
Bilal Efe Kılıç أشهر قبل
Triple H with Shawn Michaels vs ? At WrestleMania 36
Unfunny Rabbit
Unfunny Rabbit أشهر قبل
Bilal Efe Kılıç would love to see him put over an nxt superstar in his final retirement match. Tyler bate/ pete dunne/ jonny gargano are my top 3 choices for a one on one
Rahul Choudhary
Rahul Choudhary أشهر قبل
Who is he?
M1ster Bl4ck :3
M1ster Bl4ck :3 أشهر قبل
mr count
mr count أشهر قبل
Brock lesnar is my favorite nxt Superstar 💝
Vipin Kumar
Vipin Kumar أشهر قبل
iblackfeathers أشهر قبل
worlds collide 2021: x.f.l. vs. nxt u.k. nxt vs w.b.f.
XD 24
XD 24 أشهر قبل
I was surprised by Mr. Triple H .. Why don't you divorce Stephanie and marry this beautiful woman😅😅
CofffeeJoe أشهر قبل
Triple H needs to take over all of WWE, he is a genius.
Avetor UAC
Avetor UAC أشهر قبل
DX = )) people love arena) friends)
sebastian cares
sebastian cares أشهر قبل
Felicitaciones narigon y calvo no asumido 👌👌
uts m
uts m أشهر قبل
Uk gets more attention because of their language. The whole country is overrated.
uts m
uts m أشهر قبل
@Lee Raynold asslickers everywhere these days......
Lee Raynold
Lee Raynold أشهر قبل
That’ll be the language you wrote your comment in. You’re welcome btw.
MissRedDevil7 أشهر قبل
Um no. The country is just better at everything, including wrestling.
Dave2801epic أشهر قبل
I only really find the time for NXT:UK but now I am going to have to find time to watch 205 live and NXT
bray wyatt
bray wyatt أشهر قبل
I wake up to regeneration
Hi bray wyatt
The J-Man
The J-Man أشهر قبل
World Collide will be a much bigger Event when we got more NXT Brands like NXT Japan, NXT Mexico .....
That Guy Over There
That Guy Over There أشهر قبل
MR_ MASHUP أشهر قبل
love you cathy
t717mck1 أشهر قبل
Shawn needs a drink
صالح اودفي
صالح اودفي أشهر قبل
i like you vidios 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😁
صالح اودفي
صالح اودفي أشهر قبل
ilike you
Caine Te Whare
Caine Te Whare أشهر قبل
Hey look, it's the Grizzled Old Veterans. Nah jj. Nothing but respect.
Caine Te Whare
Caine Te Whare أشهر قبل
I cannot wait until the first-ever NXT World Cup. HHH is a genius.
Caine Te Whare
Caine Te Whare 25 أيام قبل
@GK Jay 07 If there are still people who want to be pro wrestlers, then those promotions should have no problem finding new talent and keeping business good. Obviously, we'll see how scheduling will work in time, but I'm sure eventually there will be multiple NXT shows from different countries airing on the same day. I'd say most fans wouldn't watch every single NXT brand, like how some sports fans only watch their team play and not really the others so much, but will tune in more during World Cups.
GK Jay 07
GK Jay 07 25 أيام قبل
@Caine Te Whare understandable but hhh acts like none of the good promotions will get harmed even in the slightest bit, which is not true. also yeah of course indian fans would tune into nxt india and same with the other countries but how will they air all these nxt's, would they just air 3 different nxt's on one day and 2 more on the other day? its a bit excessive.
Caine Te Whare
Caine Te Whare 25 أيام قبل
@GK Jay 07 It didn't kill the UK indy scene. You clearly haven't heard HHH's response regarding that perceived criticism. HHH doesn't want to harm the promotions like PROGRESS, who help UK wrestlers develop. He's against the even smaller indy feds that don't pay their talent properly and mistreat the wrestlers. Of course there will be obstacles in his path, but HHH's concept is cool, even if there are the people who are against it because of it being a monopoly. HHH would clearly hire people knowledgeable in the Lucha style to help run NXT Mexico like he did with NXT UK and those who are experts in the UK style. Obviously the people who would be watching these shows are people from their respective countries amongst others. I mean, NXT UK is still a growing brand, but is still clearly a success and they continue to sign more talent. With the Japan situation, I'd say HHH just needs to be more persistent, sweeten the deal with more cash and give the essential employees a job with the company.
GK Jay 07
GK Jay 07 25 أيام قبل
@Caine Te Whare lol its so genious that it killed the uk indy scene. i like the idea but look at japan, they know hhh is there to terrorize the scene and create a monopoly, 4 promotions denied selling their soul out to the nxt machine. same with mexico, they want to bring in a gentrified lucha style nxt and mexico denied them. who's gonna watch all these shows?
Caine Te Whare
Caine Te Whare أشهر قبل
@Adam Phillip Not by forming multiple brands across the entire world in places like Mexico, Canada, Australia, Germany, Japan, India. Develop all those multiple NXT-level brands into such a big deal that the best from each brand are facing eachother. The other world cups that have been done so far will pale in comparison to an eventual NXT World Cup.
Dire Wolf
Dire Wolf أشهر قبل
Men’s Royal Rumble; Keith Lee (pounces someone over the top rope) Walter (chops someone over the top rope) and Roderick Strong (backbreaker on the top rope and push over) as surprise entrants but Roman wins, Women’s Royal Rumble several from both brands and Shayna Bazsler wins it
That Guy Over There
That Guy Over There أشهر قبل
Nope drew macyntire or kevin owens wins the mens rumble
Laaiq Hameed
Laaiq Hameed أشهر قبل
Tonight's the royal rumble so excited!
Chineketed vinlyz GH
Chineketed vinlyz GH أشهر قبل
Let's the Game begging
عطر الورد
عطر الورد أشهر قبل
رومان احبك
LabRat أشهر قبل
That main event was amazing.
JOHNELITE45 4LYF أشهر قبل
Roderick Strong needs that North American Title back.
Tino Tse
Tino Tse 29 أيام قبل
@AcetylsaliciIique I don't watch much of NXT. Assuming theirs a ton of Talented Wrestlers in that Locker Room
AcetylsaliciIique أشهر قبل
Keith Lee deserves that title so much. The only reason to take it from him is to give him the NXT Belt.
JOHNELITE45 4LYF أشهر قبل
@Tino Tse so you're basically telling me you want Undisputed Era on the main roster??????????
Tino Tse
Tino Tse أشهر قبل
Roderick Strong IMO should come to either Raw or Smackdown. Considering we already seen both Bobby Fish. Kyle O Reilly . And even Adam Cole.
Carl Whittaker
Carl Whittaker أشهر قبل
Roman Reigns and Charlotte flair to win
zzzz أشهر قبل
cathy awesome conversationalist as always
ermal merkaj
ermal merkaj أشهر قبل
triple h and shawn michaels will be friends to the eternity
ermal merkaj
ermal merkaj أشهر قبل
@XD 24 from 1995 to eternity
XD 24
XD 24 أشهر قبل
Triple H is a fantastic legendary and wrestling man from 1999 to 2011 😇
Daniel Mills
Daniel Mills أشهر قبل
Nice to see Karma has caught up with Sean Michaels. :)
Omi Luna
Omi Luna أشهر قبل
Poindexter's Heel Turn I mean so are we but we don’t act like retards about it lmao
Poindexter's Heel Turn
Poindexter's Heel Turn أشهر قبل
Dont mind Daniel hes prob a Bret Hart fan.
Omi Luna
Omi Luna أشهر قبل
Daniel Mills like from 20 years ago?
Daniel Mills
Daniel Mills أشهر قبل
@Omi Luna His disgusting behaviour over the years.
Omi Luna
Omi Luna أشهر قبل
Daniel Mills karma for?
orderyourshoes8 com
orderyourshoes8 com أشهر قبل
I’m so excited for tomorrow too😀
bd baker
bd baker أشهر قبل
Regal was talking to who cause raw and smackdown don't have gms
Rajiv Nair
Rajiv Nair أشهر قبل
Probably to heyman and prichard
Clay أشهر قبل
I adjusted to triple h cutting his hair pretty quickly. But shawn... seeing him without it throws me off every time
WATU أشهر قبل
0:35 I "see" what you did there.
1K Subscribers In 2020 Challenge
Kudos to these two men for giving us 5 star matches in NXT and NXT UK
Dave أشهر قبل
What's with Shawn Michaels eyes????
Unfunny Rabbit
Unfunny Rabbit أشهر قبل
Dave hes high/tired
Tyler Joseph Smith
Tyler Joseph Smith أشهر قبل
Why are these a thing?
Ainsley Gainsley
Ainsley Gainsley أشهر قبل
Tyler Joseph Smith why are you a thing? You fat neck bearded virgin!
Ziad Khaled
Ziad Khaled أشهر قبل
Can't wait for the 2nd biggest show of the year later on today!!!
Chirag Rajguru
Chirag Rajguru أشهر قبل
Cm punk
Chirag Rajguru
Chirag Rajguru أشهر قبل
Cm punk
Chirag Rajguru
Chirag Rajguru أشهر قبل
Ziad Khaled
Ziad Khaled أشهر قبل
Man I loves these Q&As with HHH after NXT PPVs
Ziad Khaled
Ziad Khaled أشهر قبل
Again HHH is such a damn brilliant genius at building stars Worlds Collide was a pretty damn good solid show with great matches and moments
Chirag Rajguru
Chirag Rajguru أشهر قبل
The cult of personality is comeing 😲100 percent
Suyash Sharma
Suyash Sharma أشهر قبل
They should have World's Collide during Survivor Series weekend. And War Games during SummerSlam
Entre Patas
Entre Patas أشهر قبل
Roderick strong is my favorite, needs Walter vs roderick strong
Usha Suyal
Usha Suyal أشهر قبل
Yeah I was impressed how he held his own against walter and went toe to toe with him.
Caine Te Whare
Caine Te Whare أشهر قبل
That'd be sweet. A chop battle for the ages. We saw a preview to that on this event.
Lebron James
Lebron James أشهر قبل
Tommerow I’d the best day
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